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  1. Thought I was done buying these, but they were on sale so I couldn’t resist.
  2. Although discontinued, I love Juan Lopez PC’s. Doesn’t seem to be a favorite here.
  3. ‘02 dippy 5 late last night after fixing some hot water heater issues, the joys of being a home owner lol.
  4. ‘14 PC. Thanks to @KnightsAnole Great stick, my first ever CC purchase was a ‘14 box of these. Will always be a favorite.
  5. Just curious, I’ve never had one but they’re so cheap I keep thinking I should grab some.
  6. I see them now and again, but damn they’re not cheap.
  7. How do these compare to the Mille Fleurs, if you have had both?
  8. ‘01 Monte tubos, thanks to @KnightsAnole . Really enjoying it. Smoked the ‘99 Du Roi yesterday, and it was excellent. Found a few boxes around, might be time to pick one up
  9. My first ever FOH trade, excited to try the du roi and Monte tubos. Thanks again Jon

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