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  1. Loved Seinfeld growing up! Really like his Netflix show too. Easy choice! Plus he likes cigars!
  2. My first Du Depute. I’m impressed! Started out just like a Du prince but didn’t stay that way! Less woody, more sweetness. Will be buying more!
  3. Will do Mickey! I couldn’t find any good comparisons between the two so i figured I’d buy some and compare myself.
  4. I do this dumb thing where I try discontinued stuff and end up loving it..... then I spend too much time and money trying to find and stock up on those!
  5. The last box I’ve been waiting on. Love the Du prince, figured it was about time I tried these.
  6. Had to try one. Lots of twang! Can see these getting better and better.
  7. I’ve spent way too much on cigars the last two months! So I figured I’d end with a bang lol. Really need to take a break from buying now.
  8. Don’t see these too often, but they’re a personal favorite so I jumped on them. Thanks to @Astar20 ! Looking forward to trying these! 👇🏻
  9. I was wondering the same thing! First I’ve seen it myself too. Anyone else?
  10. Another NC today, not great but not horrible either. Way bigger RG than I like though.
  11. Went NC to switch things up, and clean out the NC stash. Not impressed.

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