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  1. I had a ‘14 box a couple years ago that was amazing. Didn’t see any real changes over the couple years it took me to go through it though. Haven’t had any more since, however. They were 5-6yrs old when I smoked them.
  2. Haven’t been around here much, work and hunting season have me pretty distracted fall and winter. Now that hunting is wrapped up I’m back to cigars, and I finally put in a garage heater, total game changer! HU Coronas minor after shoveling snow today.
  3. Been smoking the crap out of these lately. So good. From ‘17 as well.
  4. ‘17 du depute. Been smoking the heck out of these lately. This one has been the best so far. Guess it’s time to stock pile....
  5. Been a while since I’ve bought anything. Made two purchases in the last couple months, one still has not shown up. This one came today, never had one before.
  6. ‘16 HUPC, really good! While I smoked some bacon today. First try at it, overnight in the fridge and gets sliced up tomorrow.
  7. From last night. Darkest one on the top row, ‘15. Everything I hoped it would be, fantastic stick. This box won’t last long!
  8. Grabbed a NC today, gift from Christmas. No idea what it is but it’s pretty good! Pleasantly surprised.
  9. Du Depute should get me through a work conference call.
  10. Glad I’m not the only one! And extra omphff is right.
  11. Was going to wait a while since I have a few boxes of the old bands, but what the hell. So far not bad! Could use some more time as is expected thought.
  12. ‘06 Du prince doing some work. These are so good, it’s hard to stay out of them.
  13. ‘16 PC. Best one I’ve had in a while, sweetness for days.
  14. ‘17 Choix supreme for my work conference call. Must have dropped this at some point, was pretty beat up, so I tried out some “cigar glue” I got as a gift a long time ago. Worked okay until the burn hit it, smoking well regardless.
  15. ‘14 Des D. In the garage working and watching it rain. Won’t be back in the field for a while!
  16. On a serious note, I got this as a gift from the old lady. So I’ve been using this.
  17. 90% of the time it ends up right here on my lap....
  18. Coronas minor in the garage, got my TV set up out here last weekend.
  19. Just snowed here in Chicago land... wtf! Got the heaters going, working out in the garage with a QDO corona, nov ‘15. Oh my! Just what I was hoping for.

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