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  1. To anyones knowledge, Are there any examples from the days of old where they fancied up Cuban boxes?
  2. @Elpresidente Hola prez. What are dates on Sancho Beli? Thanks !
  3. Hope it was a good birthday. May you be fortunate enough to enjoy the little things in your own time since you spend the rest managing our mess
  4. El Pres - I have seen a few posts lately containing videos that go longer than I have time for right now. A cigar and nugget like this would be nice to enjoy in a few months when I have more time. Would it be worthwhile to have a section dedicated to these where we could access down the road without extensive research or dumb luck to run across such a thread?
  5. Prayers bud. May a victory cigar be in your future.
  6. Incredible lyricist, thanks for all of your wise words!
  7. March 19’ Coloniales. (More of the PSP 🙄)
  8. @Edward7 They come in 12 counts if that justifies your purchase 🙂. How do larger format Trinidad fair with prolonged aging? I recall @JohnS saying Reyes hold their own. Does that say something about the size, blend, or marca?

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