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  1. May all of the wonderful memories shine through the loss
  2. Monte Petite Edmundo. It’s easy enough to enjoy the blend and doesn’t appear to intimidating.
  3. This is young at UBM ENE 19 but it is really encouraging how rich it has become in such a short time. I typically wait 3+ years before smoking my sticks but I can’t stop on these. 93+ now. Lovely!
  4. To anyones knowledge, Are there any examples from the days of old where they fancied up Cuban boxes?
  5. @Elpresidente Hola prez. What are dates on Sancho Beli? Thanks !
  6. Hope it was a good birthday. May you be fortunate enough to enjoy the little things in your own time since you spend the rest managing our mess
  7. El Pres - I have seen a few posts lately containing videos that go longer than I have time for right now. A cigar and nugget like this would be nice to enjoy in a few months when I have more time. Would it be worthwhile to have a section dedicated to these where we could access down the road without extensive research or dumb luck to run across such a thread?
  8. Prayers bud. May a victory cigar be in your future.

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