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  1. Prayers bud. May a victory cigar be in your future.
  2. Incredible lyricist, thanks for all of your wise words!
  3. Sir David in 2-5 packs for the common man.
  4. March 19’ Coloniales. (More of the PSP 🙄)
  5. @Edward7 They come in 12 counts if that justifies your purchase 🙂. How do larger format Trinidad fair with prolonged aging? I recall @JohnS saying Reyes hold their own. Does that say something about the size, blend, or marca?
  6. Nice review and thanks for reviewing this particular box code. El Pres listed these back in January as a lucky find so I snagged a box. Best cigar I’ve ever had was a 2000 Punch Punch. Glad to know these are smoking well!
  7. @nKostyan I may do just that. I have a friend that works leather, but as i believe with many of them, time is hard to work in for a one off. Let me ask you folks, what would you pay for one of these with a wood block insert, and leather cover crafted by an expert? Perhaps a 6 pack in size...Flat design or Rectangle for 8-10...
  8. Does anybody have a pocket travel case for these or recommendations? I'd like to keep it classy with leather but perhaps a larger cigarette case is the only option.
  9. Had my son in March 19’. I’ve snagged a couple boxes including Sancho Beli, CoLa, E2. When talk about aging boxes surfaces, it doesn’t seemed to get mentioned as much, but don’t smaller formats - PC’s, etc- tend to hold well for the long haul? I bought 06’ BCJ and they are wonderful. Older HUPC similar date, excellent (can’t get these unfortunately). Any input on aging different marcas here? Sancho, Sig2, trini colo.?
  10. Newark has pissed me off multiple times as has LAX. Can we start talking positive. Maybe a best airport thread.
  11. You mentioned Magicos. A friend gave me one and it was very rich, full, and excellent. While I have not tried the Medio Siglo I think I’ll love it. are there any similarities between the two? Are magicos very underrated? Perhaps the price puts people off?

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