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  1. I can’t believe it!! I had just been watching a bunch of YouTube stuff about Pink Floyd recently and just learned this; I hadn’t known before. So, I couldn’t believe it when I saw the question! 😊
  2. The answers to your questions are, of course: NO and YES! 😆
  3. It’s Cigar Register. Most people seem to use Cigar Scanner, but this works well for me! With all the Coolidors and Tupperdors, I know where everything is.
  4. Completed the summer stockpile with these:
  5. You talkin’ to me?? 😉 It just arrived and I have yet to crack the bottle. So, this jury is still out.
  6. A few more! The Ardbeg to replace a soon-to-be empty bottle, and a couple of new ones.
  7. Thanks so much...I will look forward to cracking it open. 😋
  8. Well, prices in Canada are probably secondary market prices everywhere else!! 🤪 Thanks though!
  9. Last little bit of 🥃 shopping for the summer!
  10. Decided to replenish the malty stockpile recently (in case of 2nd wave of The Covid)!! 🖖🏼😷
  11. My first car, bought in 1990, was a 1959 VW Beetle. I loved that car so much and was crushed when it blew a connecting rod and I had to let it go in 1995 (starving graduate student with no funds to fix it). I’ve always lusted after another one, so why not make it a convertible!?! 😊

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