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  1. …and the dog ain’t bad either! ☺️🙏🏼 She has the disposition to match her good looks; such a sweet puppy! ❤️
  2. Should be getting this (?) shepherd/border collie mix next week. A rescue from a neighbouring community. “Nova” will be a great addition to the homestead!
  3. I use Cigar Register. Does what I need it to do.
  4. Had a private meeting with former President Bill Clinton. The rest is history! He said that he felt my pain, but I’m not sure that he really did?!? ☺️
  5. Didn’t have too much time today to enjoy a more complex cigar while my daughters were out enjoying the sunshine and picking up a few groceries. This offering from AJF was easy to access; in a tupperdor, so I didn’t have to go playing Tetris to dig something out of my various coolers. Purchased in early 2016, this was a pleasant enough smoke; delivering a woody (cedar) creaminess with a little spice and subtle leather. No real transitions to speak of, but the construction was spot-on. There is something very satisfying about smoking a cigar that requires no work. Although it’s ultimately
  6. My letter to my MP. Dear Minister: I am writing to you not only as the Minister of Health, but also as my elected representative for the riding of Thunder Bay-Superior North. I have recently come to see first-hand the effect of the Federal Government’s “plain packaging” requirement for the sale of tobacco products in Canada. I understand that this requirement, among other measures, is to further the goal of reducing tobacco use among Canadians to less than 5% by 2035. Although I support this as a laudatory goal with respect to cigarette smoking & vaping among young Can
  7. I contacted my Member of Parliament, who also happens to be Canada’s Minister of Health, and asked her to provide me with the evidence showing the health risks associated with the smoking of premium cigars. I suggested that the use of alcohol is undoubtably far more deleterious to the overall health and well-being of society than cigar smoking is, so why not do the same thing with all alcohol sales?!? What I got back was ? chirping (while I’m sure she was sipping on her Chardonnay). ?
  8. New top secret anti-counterfeiting feature....invisible holograms!! ?
  9. I have a Colibri Quasar Punch and it meets most of my needs. It’s basically my go-to cutter, and I’ve been quite happy with it; sharp and reliable.

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