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  1. True, Cuba does a good job of this anyway... The RASS from the last competition that measured like a hermosos #4 instead of a robustos 😤
  2. Haven’t sampled this in awhile so why not. After a punch cut, the cold draw was a bit spicy barnyard 1st third: cream, coffee. Slight hint of honey. 2nd third, coffee honey and grass but honey in the main. I really really hit the honey pot. Last 3rd, honey and grass but only slightly. Still a bit of rough edges towards the last inch or two. The second third was really exceptionally good. Construction and burn was excellent so probably around 92 overall. If the entire stick was like the second third, would have been even higher score for sure.
  3. I have a PSP box with the same code but have gone through 3/4 of the box already. The pungent aroma from the box is out of this world. Jealous you still have 24 to go. I got another JL2 box, different code, later production date but it doesn't even compare.
  4. This was from the host store when I couldn’t score any from the 24:24. Lucked out in a nice box that had good aroma, mottled wrappers and some nice sheen I v-cut to get a nice draw which tasted like sweet barnyard. First third was all Cream, sourdough, baking spice. Towards the end , I would get Hints of cocoa. Second third was still mainly cream and sourdough. Now, instead of cocoa, I would get a sweet floral component that I couldn’t put my finger on but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Last third was the same cream and sourdough which was fantastic. Add to that now some leather. I think the leather taste was from all the rich oils that concentrated towards the end, not my favorite flavor but I can suck it up due to the main stay of cream and sourdough. construction and burn was excellent through and through.
  5. Close to a year ago, there was an aged 12ct boxes of Reyes (OCT 13) that was listed for $100. If memory serves, I've seen them for $89/12 and $178/24.
  6. Cold draw was Sweet barnyard First half was mainly fresh baked bread. Then hints of cream and then coffee would come in and out. Very very good, breakfast in a stick. Was really nice burn in the first half. Second half was still the same baked bread but hints of fermented fruit would appear making it taste similar to a Christmas Fruit cake. Had some wonky burn but the flavors were on point through out. This was my second time smoking this and the experience this time around was outstanding. 96/100. Would have been higher if the burn as better but still very good.
  7. I think it is, it’s a competition using hand eye coordination. Pretty much any game can be considered a sport because of mental or physical skill required to compete. Now, competitive eating on the other hand, is a little tough to swallow but by my definition, it is a sport. and if input is a sport, so is output... http://southpark.cc.com/clips/1cgdy1/crap-verification
  8. I noticed that the RASS had been bid up to $550 or there abouts and thought wow, a three year old PE box of rass has doubled in price. But now it’s back to ~$400. If we ‘accidentally’ place a wrong bid because of fat fingers, is there recourse?
  9. With a lot of mentions of Richard Pryor, surprised no one has mentioned Paul Mooney.

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