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  1. My QC was good... My first. From the xmas sampler. Pretty dang tasty.
  2. ‘Only the cigars that were released less than two years ago were eligible for selection.’ So most regular production is not eligible on their list. But the ones that they did roll out, should have been on the list like punch short de punch.
  3. So the MdT 6102R is out right now at Warped retailers. ~$13/stick or ~$1200-1300/box
  4. 2016 El Laguito PSD4. Warm before the storm. Getting one in before the cold and rain hits Enjoying the fall smokes. Most of the sticks are burning amazingly well for me.
  5. Box of Cohiba Espys, Lanceros, or Siglo IV. A walk-in humidor attached to a waterfront or mountain chalet home. (home included)
  6. City of Chicago has a quarantine/travel ban. https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/sites/covid-19/home/emergency-travel-order.html If you are coming in from 'red' state then you must quarantine 14 days. If you are coming from 'orange' state then you can get a Negative COVID test 72hr prior to arrival and you do not have to quarantine for 14 days. There is a monetary fine for the violation of these quarantine rules. There is also an exemption rule if you are deemed essential. Having said that, the city does not have the capacity/willingness to enforce these rules. ( if you are de
  7. The Onion is the only news I trust. Their headlines are way ahead of the game.
  8. Lucked into getting some discontinued SLR DC. Love my Serie A and I also love my DC’s so expectation was high. Cold draw: Oaky aged tobacco. Firm draw. First third was Cream, coffee, and baking spice. Very crisp flavors. However was missing the stone fruit that I was expecting with SLR marca, specifically from the Serie As that I’ve smoked. Burning quite nice, a bit slanted ash but no touch ups were necessary up to this point. Second third was now Charred Wood and spiced cake. The wood flavor was taking over. Last th
  9. I heard that Warped was re releasing the limited edition MdT 6102r, the one with the medio tiempo leaf. I had few of the original release and it was really good. My local tobacconist love it too before it sold out. It also came in a Cajon so buying a box was a bit pricey.
  10. Got theses year and half ago from the host. Got a half box of PSP offer and had a few within the first six months....and they were a bit rough in terms of flavors. Haven’t smoked any of these since and was looking to smoke cigars with sweet chocolate flavor profile. So here I am trying to see if these settled down. Wasn’t prepared to write a review but this was an enjoyable smoke and wanted to praise it. My recollections were that these used to be darker in wrapper color but again it’s my recollection and that’s not saying much. I prefer lighter wrappers because I associate montes with

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