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  1. Diabolicalpherpher

    best ever ads

    Since it’s legal in some states...
  2. Diabolicalpherpher


    I noticed that the RASS had been bid up to $550 or there abouts and thought wow, a three year old PE box of rass has doubled in price. But now it’s back to ~$400. If we ‘accidentally’ place a wrong bid because of fat fingers, is there recourse?
  3. With a lot of mentions of Richard Pryor, surprised no one has mentioned Paul Mooney.
  4. This is tough... I'm gonna go with Eddie Murphy Dave Chappelle Dave Attell Too many others to list as honorable mentions.
  5. From a locker sale almost two years ago. Smoked through almost half i the first year but had not touched any for awhile now. Cold draw was Slight barnyard. Perfect draw, not too tight, not too loose. 1st third: cocoa and wood. Second third: More wood but now with sourdough, cocoa is now a distant memory. Last third: Sourdough, wood, and now leather. Great construction and smoked great but was expecting more chocolate and cocoa notes like the previous from this box. Instead I got sourdough for the first time. Still have some legs to stand on as people say.
  6. Diabolicalpherpher


    I had an overbid dollar amount before submission but the site updated with another bid and automatically placed the next minimum bid which was below what I wanted to bid. That kinda sucks.
  7. Diabolicalpherpher


    https://fohauctions.com/product/view/42/ See the ‘42’ in the link? Type in 41, 40, 39 etc. All the listings are sequential. Another note, saw some snipping for those BHK54s, hot diggedy
  8. From our host as aged stock. Cold draw: cedar with hint of barnyard 1st third had a strong hit of coffee and a cake aftertaste. 2nd third, the coffee turned in to tea and biscuits with now floral notes in the retrohale. Last third was all floral biscuits. This stick just felt like an afternoon tea/coffee with baked goods experience. For how complex and tasty these are, it’s incredible how reasonably priced they are even with 5 years of age at the time of purchase.
  9. You can always see how oily the cigars are from the pictures but we still haven’t been able to convey aroma and the pungency very well unless you are able to physically smell them yourself. For me, any pungent cigars that I acquired have been outstanding smokes. My most aromatic boxes were/are: Ramon Allones Superiors ETP FEB 16 HdM Epi2 OBM MAR 17 JL2 MEL FEB 17 These boxes once opened, fill the room with it’s wonderful aroma. My question to you, is what is your most pungent box of cigars and do they equate to outstanding smoking experience?
  10. This was a psp offer from our host. Cold Draw: Sweet grass and hint of barnyard Bit tight but manageable. 1st third: Sweet and salty cream with wood finish. Nice burn. 2nd third: wood is more pronounced with an undercurrent of cream. The ash shows a nice and steady burn after the first half inch. I started to get some tar buildup from the punch cut so I v-cut further. Made the draw a lot easier for the last third which was mostly wood with a peppery finish. Still can age a bit I think as the last third could use more mellowing out. this box is coming along nicely and hope that the future sticks will have more sweet and salty cream element further in.
  11. If I get sniped, I just look at it as saving me some coin... aka sour grapes.
  12. Diabolicalpherpher

    cohiba piramides limited edition 2014

    There is no such cigar. Its a fake.
  13. RyJ petite royales rott was great. Can’t imagine after they get some rest for a month or two. Montecristo leyanda was a big cocoa/chocolate hit. Very tasty. Didn’t care for Connie B. One I’ve smoked was a dud, perhaps it was a one off but hesitant to try more as of now.
  14. Diabolicalpherpher

    Game of Thrones... who's a fan?

    I rewatched it last night and I think hbo heard everyone’s gripe about it being dark that they brightened the stream it seems. That or there’s less people streaming so it’s not compressed as hell. So if you believe in prophecies, who’s gonna choke the crap out of Cersei? Daenerys? Arya? Tyrion? I don’t think it will be Jaime but that would be sweet. Even sweeter would be Sansa getting down and dirty but that’s probably improbable. Or perhaps after the Clegane bowl (sirens going off), the hound gets to do the deed after he kills the mountain who’s protecting Cersei.
  15. My condolences, may her memories be a blessing.

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