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  1. Got theses year and half ago from the host. Got a half box of PSP offer and had a few within the first six months....and they were a bit rough in terms of flavors. Haven’t smoked any of these since and was looking to smoke cigars with sweet chocolate flavor profile. So here I am trying to see if these settled down. Wasn’t prepared to write a review but this was an enjoyable smoke and wanted to praise it. My recollections were that these used to be darker in wrapper color but again it’s my recollection and that’s not saying much. I prefer lighter wrappers because I associate montes with lighter to be closer to milk chocolate and a bit more sweeter profile, so these were a tad darker than what I prefer. I think it goes without saying but, can’t judge a cigar only by the wrapper. Construction is good and I used a v-cut. The pull is just right and didn’t notice any specific tastes in the cold draw. I also didn’t notice anything special in terms of aroma at cold. But once I lit it, the smoke arising from the foot was heavenly. Very aromatic and not harsh at all to sting the olfactory senses. First third consisted of semi sweet chocolate, not overwhelming, but enough sweetness for me to scratch the initial itch I had when I decided to pull this stick. This is what I like about the #2. Second third got a little more dry in terms of sweetness and tasted more like bitter chocolate. But this only happenEd for about half an inch and the sweetness returned. I particularly noticed the retrohale here to have a spicy undertone. Last third was the continuation of the first third with the body building a bit but still on the medium full side. Also adding some coffee notes as well. The retrohale now has a floral component without any spiciness. Only the last inch showed a bit of elbows but I think these are turning the corner now. A little touch up with the torch here and there but it smoked well, no tunneling or having to relight. Been having rains for the past week and this was a nice addition to a gorgeous fall sunny day.
  2. My guess is Heat and Scarface (1983) is gonna be in the top 2.
  3. The A team miami vice X-Files The Simpsons Walker Texas Ranger married with children And so much more... it dawned on me that I watched too much TV back in the day. Probably have a shadow behind where I used to sit to watch tv at my parents house.
  4. I listen to podcasts more than music now. 1) JRE... I like the comedic guest episodes more than anything else. 2) This American life. 3) the Daily by The NY Times 4) Serial 5) freakanomics radio 6) Kill Tony... open mic comedians get one minute spots and the panel critiques the set. Since the pandemic tho, it’s just been with the panel Talking and not the same. 7) Radiolab 8 Behind the bastards... talks about worlds worst people. 9) Ari Shaffir’s skeptic tank...good conversations with interesting people and topics 10) The Legion of Skanks. Raunchy comedy.
  5. After my first Serie A from a box pass, I’ve been on the hunt for them and was lucky enough to have the winning bid on the FOH Auction. The price was comparable to what I had seen on the secondary market so I felt very lucky. Even more lucky that every single one I’ve smoked has been stellar; construction, burn, and flavor wise. Punch cut to find the draw to be my liking with a slight barnyard. 1st third: wood, cream, and a floral note at first. Then after a 3/4 of an inch in, the sweet sweet stone fruit made its appearance. This was the flavor profile that got me hooked on these treats. 2nd third: tangy stone fruit and spicy wood on the retrohale. It was a back and forth with tangy stone fruit, cream, and wood. Last 3rd: The stone fruit had disappeared and it was mainly a wood flavor profile but that of an oak cask that had been used to age whiskey. The construction, burn and flavor development was great. Razor sharp burn and consistent flavors from the previous sticks from the box. Enjoyed the ride and will savior every single stick left in the box. 93/94.
  6. Mini polar vortex on the way so a bit chilly but this stick is burning the house down.
  7. The most memorable RASS was from the blind tasting pack a few years back. I got the stewed fruit flavor but based on the size (closest to Hermoso #4), I thought that it was the SLR Regio. Should have trusted my palate. A few other RASS here and there from box passes and they all had hints of the stewed fruit but they were all pre 2016. However I never got around to buying any until recently. I bought a 1/4 of 50 cab PSP grade RASS that was advertised as a 2019 box. Great looking wrappers with sheen and aroma to boot, but lacked the flavor in question when I fired up a few. I hope it develops the flavor profile as it ages. Currently smoking a Gigantes from 2018 with a lilting of stewed fruit finally.
  8. I love the stewed fruit profile of Ramon Allones. But most of the RASS or other RA vitolas for that matter has not scratched that itch recently. The Silver Jubilee came close but it was brief. Only box that consistently delivered was the Superiors from an DEC 2016 box. Chasing the dragon since.
  9. For Colorado, it was because of skiing/snowboarding. It could also be for VT but I’m not for certain. One of the hotspots was Eagle County, home of Vail Mountain which is very well known internationally. The operators of Vail mountain also own other ski resorts around the area and offer discounted season passes that are valid to all of their ski areas. This deal is very popular for the people of the front range area which include Boulder/Denver/Colorado Springs. Now imagine all these people congregating and packing the ski lodge for lunch and bars at night. Then spreading the virus back down to the population center of CO. As for MA, I believe it all started with a Biotech conference. Boston area has lots of Biotech companies and research universities.

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