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  1. I have always said if I can only eat one animal for the rest of my life it would be the pig...
  2. One of my favorite passages was about the jelly doughnuts that had the jelly sucked out. At first I was thinking why would Ignatius leave it alone. Then it hit me as I read the description of said dougnuts when his mom offered it to the guest.
  3. Bought a 6pk of HQ offer from the host. Cold draw was sweet barnyard with hints of vegetal/hay notes. 1st third: cocoa and hay first but turned into chocolate as it got sweet. 2nd third was chocolate and burnt toast. Hints of faint raisin here and there. Towards the latter half, the chocolate turns into cocoa and wood. Burn got wonky but it essentially corrected itself. Last 3rd, bitter chocolate and wood. Burned great and produced some volumes of smoke. Glad to have experienced this now discontinued line.
  4. Was a HQ offer from the host. Been dabbling in these since acquisition and they had been all excellent. Cold draw: Sweet barnyard First third: cherry note straight away. Then it was like licking a wooden ladle dipped in cherries and cream. Very nice. Second third: Cherries and cream with a bit of baking spice. Awesome. Last third: bit more baking spice instead of cherries/fruit note which dissipated. Bit of mongrel at the end. A very nice smoke, tasty and burned great for a relatively young cigar.
  5. Cold draw was a bit of sweet tobacco, very faint. 1st third: espresso and faint cinnamon. Towards the end, hint of fruit but not very sweet. 2nd third coffee hint of raisin. Last third: cinnamon espresso, hints of sweetness but towards the end pepper and leather. If I were a RA fanatic, this was a dud. There were much better tasting examples from this box where the stewed fruit profile was up front and center from the beginning to the end. Ended up with a ‘dry’ version, quite the let down when you know how it should taste when it’s on. Goes to show can’t base all your thoughts on just one sampling.
  6. This was a psp offering from the host from earlier in the year. Was lucky to score a box that had two plus years of age already and psp to boot. Cold draw was spicy barnyard. After lighting, I got an immediate leather and cream. Subsequent puffs, the leather portion turned into cloves with cream undertones. second third was much the same, cloves and cream. The cream portion was turning a bit sweet which was great. After this pic was taken, rain started to sprinkle but it was light and periodic so I toughed it out a bit more for the slightly sweet cream with spice. Unfortunately, the spiced cream turned into tannic leather which wasn’t too pleasant so I called it good. Just in time as the rain came down steady. The spiced cream with a hint of sweetness in the first two thirds was fantastic but the tannic leather at the very end was off putting.
  7. Partagas is generally not in my rotation because I don’t seek out its flavor profile. However, once in awhile I will revisit and think to myself, it’s not bad, then forget about it again. Mostly smoke the PSD4 but this time, I decided to smoke the Lusitania. This was from a 10ct box clearance offer from our host. The cold draw was good with a hint of sweetbarnyard. First third was the very typical partagas flavor profile of sourdough, sweet paprika and wood. I noticed the body was fairly light. The second third was pretty much the same flavors except the wood was less pronounced. The body of the smoke was building. The last third, sourdough was still up in front but the sweetness of the paprika left and turned into more of the green pepper profile as the sweetness turned into a bitterness that people love or hate about green peppers. As a kid I used to hate the bitterness but as an adult, I don’t mind it as much. Now the body was full and enjoying the smoke production. The burn was good, nothing major other than a relight after forgetting to take a draw for sometime. The smoking experience was good but probably won’t be smoking this marca for sometime again.
  8. This was from a clearance offer from our host. I chose the ugliest and most beat up stick from the box. I had a few sticks from this box already and they smoke and taste pretty well except for one when it had a tight draw and it forced me to pull too hard and made the taste a bit bitter. After a v cut, the draw was good and it had a slight barnyard taste. First third was cocoa and bitter chocolate. Second third was coffee with milk. Last third, I tasted a brief sweetness which made the smoke taste like milk chocolate but that was only a few draws and then it went back to coffee/ bitter chocolate/cocoa. The flavors missed the mark of the others I’ve had but at least it smoked well. It won’t stop me from smoking more out of this box tho.
  9. For a second, I though the post was about growing meat in culture dishes and wondered how the King had zoomed past other companies in R&D. Then realized it was just making soy to taste and feel like meat.
  10. It really depends on your personal preference. I feel like a great CORO tastes like a good HdM Epi#2 (cream and baking spice) with grass and honey flavors added. A good/great CORO for me is worth it. But I've also have had bland or just grassy CORO which would not be worth it for the price. My ratio of good to mediocore CORO and being almost double the price of other robustos, I'd say no.
  11. Really good. It was from OCT 11 and the burn and construction was excellent . I got the full on 'stone fruit' that I've been hearing about with Serie A. Just reminded me of the saying, better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.
  12. My first and only serie A obtained through a box pass. Now the hunt begins for more...

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