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  1. 1) Montecristo 2) H Upmann 3) Por Larranaga 4) Quai D’Orsay 5) Bolivar
  2. This was from a clearance box from our host. The offer was supposed to be from UEB ABR 18 but got a pleasant surprise with the box code and date. I have had a few OBM boxes and they are all great and this one did not disappoint either. The box is one of the most fragrant/pungent boxes that I have, in your face barnyard. The cold draw is a Sweet Barnyard. The draw is a bit loose and feels a bit underfilled. First few buffs were a bit of bitter coffee, I guess I torched the foot a bit too much but after a few puffs, it settled in for the typical Hoyo cream and spice and the first third settles in for mostly cream and clove and hint of cinnamon. Second third was cream and shortbread. Smoke production is awesome and the reason why I’ve been hitting the box more often than not recently. Last third was cream and baking spices. A bit of youngness showed and I let it go a bit too long in between puffs and tunneled. But a crack and relight got me going to the nub. Overall a good smoking experience. The stick was a bit of underfilled and I think because of that the ash constantly fell off before an inch. However the flavors were all there and it keeps me going back to this box constantly.
  3. Diabolicalpherpher

    Your last 90 days "go to"

    Last year: HUHC, JL2 Last 90: Montecristo media corona, HDM Epicure #2
  4. Final weigh in -2.4kg from start. Didn’t help that I was gluttonous yesterday with fried chicken, halo-halo (Pinoy dessert), beers, and all you can eat hot pot.
  5. This was my redemption stick from the tent peg #1 I tried to smoke earlier. It was from a psp offer from our host. Cold draw was perfect with a hint of barnyard. First third was cocoa and milk coffee. Also a sense of relief that it is smoking so much better than my previous plugged cigar. Second third was more cocoa but now a hint of baking spice, so good. Last third was Bitter chocolate and a bit of wood and leather. All is right in the world. Happy St. Paddy’s!
  6. This #1 was not meant to be... this was a clearance 6pk from our host. The wrapper had a similar hue to the yellow from the montecristo box but the others I’ve smoked from the 6pk smoked very well. I like the milk chocolate flavors I get from these sticks. I first drop it but not much damage except a little foot damage... Thought I was lucky until I take a cold draw and it’s tighter than a mofo. I feel the stick and it feels like a tent peg. But I can still pull air so I go ahead and light it. First few wisps of smoke tastes like milk chocolate. I fight on but trying to loosen the stick just made the wrapper crack. I would get wisps of smoke with milk chocolate but I realize I’m smoking a 49 ring gauge filler through a 42 ring gauge wrapper and binder... I realize now it was not worth it to continue to struggle, the whole sunk cost fallacy kept me going through half the stick. I go ahead and unfurl the cigar to find out what was the issue... A big rib was bunched just perfectly to plug the stick, right below the band. The struggle was real but it makes the good sticks even better. I went ahead and looked for my vindication stick right after.
  7. I see you are trying to thin the herd for the next 24:24.
  8. Because of the placement of the toilet paper holder in our bathroom, I take the toilet paper off the holder to dispense said toilet paper and fold it for use. I am refined unlike my wife who is a scruncher/wadder but thats another debate. After taking the toilet paper roll off, I place it back on to the holder which is the pivoting arm type instead of the spring loaded version. I had a habit of not putting the pivoting arm all the way back down which made my wife furious. One day I'm in the bathroom and was trying to get my toilet paper roll off but I had a hard time doing so. With a bit of force, I was able to lift the arm up and realized there were some weird plastic residue on the arm. Then I tried to lift the second toilet paper holder up ( that's right, we have two toilet paper holders, primary and backup ) but it would not budge. I realized then, what the residue was. My wife who fixes anything and everything with a glue gun, had glue gunned the pivoting arms shut. So I texted her to ask if she had glue gunned the toilet paper holders. I also asked her how we were supposed to replace the toilet paper once it was out. I did not get an answer but miraculously by the time I got home from work, the pivoting arms were free. Because of this, I do not forget to put the arm all the way down so I guess it worked out.
  9. I couldn’t tell you since I have never had the Delicias.
  10. Bought it as a clearance 6pk from our host. Never having had one, I didn’t go jump in on a box even though it was relatively cheap for a lonsdale. From my notes, a box at the time would have been us$169. 6pk was $49. Once the tissue was removed, the cigar showed a Mottled and Toothy wrapper. Punch cut to reveal a good cold draw with barnyard taste. 1st third was wood, cream, and sweet fruity under tones. 2nd third was wood wood and more wood with lilting cream and fruitiness. Last 3rd was more wood and toasted tobacco with hint of fruity sweetness. A bit of youngness still at the end so this could be rested even more. It smoked great except a bit at the end where it tunneled but the crunch squeeze and relight fixed the issue. However, I wasn’t feeling it in terms of the base flavor of wood. The fruitiness which I think some call it vanilla, was fine but the combination of the wood and toasted tobacco did not do it for me and it was the same impressions I had for the other four I’ve already smoked. I tried to like it from the get go and if it were not for the review weekend, these sticks were going to be forgotten. Can’t like them all I guess and I think that is ok.
  11. Diabolicalpherpher

    Jury Duty

    I was summoned three times but only got to be on the jury once while I was in grad school. One was for a federal court but I didn’t have to go in as I was not needed. Another one was a civil case for an auto accident but I was dismissed by a Nicolas Cage looking lawyer during jury selection. The third one which went the whole distance was a case of three attempted murders with gang enhancement. The defendant was going around his hood asking people where they were from. Apparently that’s how they go around protecting their gang territory and if you answered wrong or looked like you were from another gang, they shot you. He was arrested by a cop doing exactly that and found a handgun under his seat. A guy was shot earlier with similar scenario and the police attributed it to the defendant since the gun matched the caliber slug taken out of the guy. The guy who got shot survived and there were two others in the vicinity so they charged the guy with three counts. And since they could show he was affiliated with a gang, they slapped the gang enhancement charge. In the end though, we did find him guilty but I was on the fence about the other two counts. However the way the law was written, I had to find him guilty for the attempted murder of the two bystanders who were technically not harmed. I actually enjoyed going through the whole process which took two weeks. Got to see the real inner workings of the judicial system. However, it also made me aware how much bias there were in other jurors during deliberations. They insinuated stuff as facts and tried to convince me that they were.
  12. This was from my first 24:24 box purchase, a psp/hq offering. Still remember the ‘You have yourself a box :)’ like it was yesterday. And lord knows how many more times I’ve read that phrase along with the other reply of ‘Sorry, it’s all been sold’. Probably won’t be the last either. Cold draw: grass/hay. A little tight but it was not a problem. 1st third was all honey and coffee. 2nd third: honey disappeared and turned to grass and biscuits. Last 3rd: strong coffee and fruit cake. Tasted like fermented sweetness with some coffee bitterness. Burn was great and it was another enjoyable smoke from the box.
  13. Diabolicalpherpher

    FOHrensics: Beverages and CIgars

    1. Water 2. Coffee 3. Rum 4. Whisky
  14. This was a PSP 6pk that I got from our host. Cold draw: sour earthiness. Very easy draw 1st third. Strong coffee, earthiness. Lots of thick smoke production. The burn was a little wonky at first. 2nd third: add leather to the flavors from the first third. Burn was quite nice now, as you can see. Last third: add nuttiness to the previous flavors. The burn took a wrong turn for the worst and had some tunneling issues. The other sticks were fantastic and had no burn issues. However this one did, 2nd third was great but was fighting during the last third. You win some and you lose some.
  15. Diabolicalpherpher

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Had to try one...

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