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  1. Any suggestions for buying or smoking in Lisbon?
  2. This is what I am using with great success. Also works well in fridges and deep freezers if you keep a lot of meat stored and travel.
  3. Stayed at a great Air bnb property near US Emabassy and 10 mins from Hotel Nacional Listed as “ocean front apartment”, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, balcony view on 4th floor. $51/night. Very clean and would stay at it again. Operated by Yoan
  4. $50 donation made earlier in Feb. Always fun helping a stranger and thanks for hosting a fun way to help.
  5. From a powertrain perspective, we are definitely not in a slump. Ford is producing naturally aspirated engines with 90-100 hp/L and Infiniti has sedans producing 133hp/L both with very respectable fuel economy and peak performance on pump gas all while offering great warranties. Many common OEMs offer engines with 600+ hp for under $100K. Supsension technology is great with many OEMs offering sophisticated magneto-rheological damping technology that can adjust at very high sample rates (kilohertzs). Diesel engines are starting to offer performance numbers typically only found on earlier over the road haulers.
  6. Traveling to the following places and would love some recommendations for cigar shopping: Helsinki, Finland Tallin, Estonia Riga, Latvia, Zagreb,Croatia Rome, Italy. St Petersburg Russia Also if you know any great restaurants, I love trying new food!
  7. Their press release mentions only 8 LCDH in the Asia pacific region.
  8. For those that have traveled to Cuba in support of Cuban people. What activities and documention was requested upon re-entry into the US? Id like to travel there next week and currently plan on staying in an Air BNB, meeting with small business owners to discuss life in Cuba and benefits of free market, democracy etc.
  9. Headed to Mexico City in the near future and curious if anyone has had a recent experience at the places mentioned above
  10. I’m also interested in knowing. Anyone been there in the past 6 months ?
  11. I see why the LCDH was suggested to skip. Inventory is limited, anything with age isn’t for sale and they have mostly empty boxes. Duske Duske was much better!
  12. I will chsck them up when I visit, what do you like about the stores ?
  13. I see there is a LCDH in Hamburg but am curious if there are any other shops I should check out? Looking to buy a box or two. Also, any recommended lounges or shops in Bremen? Any recent duty free shop visits in Hamburg?

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