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  1. Pennsylvania in addition. Support is bi-partisan here (like Florida), tobacco growing and the giant mail order catalog/online industry have a lot of sway.
  2. Pisses me off as a Yankees fan. Plenty of better options out there including people like Muelens who have strong ties to the organization. But the Boones are arguably the premier three-generation baseball family, so his level of exposure to premier managers and coaches runs deep. I wish him the best of luck as a fan but I just don't know what to think about the new Steinbrenners and why they keep the god awful Brian Cashman.......
  3. Have 2 of these left in the humidor sitting. I just never seem to remember to light this one. Thanks for reminding me about how great this Boli can be.
  4. Yea, my dad was always one of the more progressive parents when it came to that sort of stuff. I will be forever thankful to him for it. I also learned a few new words during Aerosmith’s set. Steven Tyler was being pelted with bottles and screamed a few F bombs and some really graphic threats.
  5. Hells Bells It’s A Long Way to the Top Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap of interesting note, my dad took me to see them live when I was 16 because he wanted me to see all of the legends while they could still actually rock. His plan started at age 4 when he took me to see Guns and Roses and Aerosmith together during their hey day and I’ll be forever greatful of his forethought of bringing me to shows, even when I wondered why.
  6. Since the Cohiba Talisman have started hitting the marketplace, has anyone seen of or heard anything else on the Punch or Partagas 2017 ELs in recent months?
  7. Great chat, Rob and crew. Love hearing how things are going around the world. The La Flor De Cano Casanova ended up with pepper (mostly black), some leather and a dark chocolate/nuts mixture that came after the first few minutes. Pretty enjoyable stick, albeit not worth what the secondary market is costing nowadays.
  8. A great team but my guess would have been the 1989 49ers....they dominated the playoffs (126-26 outscoring of opponents), were undefeated on the road and went 14-2 on the season, those 2 losses were by a combined 5 points.
  9. I've been able to confirm that it's happening in Miami and Chicago quite a bit. Check the zip code guide at (https://ribbs.usps.gov/zone_charts/documents/tech_guides/InternationalServiceCenterZoneChartTechnicalGuide.pdf) to see where your packages come through. I just think that the new administration has stepped up federal oversight and a lot of the folks working at these places are now hyper-empowered compared to where it seems like things were heading just a few months ago.
  10. Reminds me of year after year double digit percent increases in purchasing 1 million plus tons of rock salt at work. After awhile, you become numb to commodity price increases. At least we were able to institute reverse auctioning which instantly saved us/taxpayers 15-20% across the board. I bet distributors, retailers and consumers would love a break at some point but I doubt Senor Castro and the powers that be would be down for it .
  11. Awesome. Thank you for clearing it up. Gotta love Cuban quality control.
  12. If it's popped up over a dozen times in different places, it probably merits something. In addition, if a person just google searches Juan Lopez Belux, no information pops up. With the amount of fakes and jerks out there, it makes perfect sense for us to share info on non-isolated events, that's how we can help each other. Otherwise, it's just condoning the behavior that collectively costs us millions of dollars and even more hours of heart burn every year.
  13. You'd think, but you can't please everyone. I just found it perplexing that it came up on Instagram, then looked at other shots of it over the past few months. There's no history of it existing (there is a JL Benelux tho) and no rumors of it as a pending release. My buddy and I did a pretty solid search and found nothing. This will at least create something that folks can search if they do run across it. It's not even a hey, is this real, it's a hey, does this even exist?
  14. It also wouldn't surprise me if the JL Benelux had a bad batch of labels get out. But you'd think the wholesaler or shop would have caught it during QA.

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