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  1. Not to start an age-old fight, and I hope no offense taken, but this long-in-the-tooth Saka post that temp is irrelevant when it comes to cigar quality is hogwash Temp is very relevant. Just as relevant as RH.
  2. I also use them and the rip-off mounting plates. Really simplifies things. Toss in as many of those suckers as one can fit and forget about it. (as long as one is within a temp controlled space, anyway)
  3. Line your coolerdor bottom with as many 320g packs that will fit, then get a few of the 320g pack mounting kits and do the same on the sides of the coolerdor. The system will react reasonably quickly to opening and closing of the cooler and stay stable for years. Best to keep it in a room that is temp controlled.
  4. How many cigars are you keeping in your tupperdor? How many Boveda packs?
  5. Relative to the other things in this increasingly messy world that can promise an hour of no-strings-attached bliss (of which there are very few, if any), I say a Cuban Cigar is still quite affordable.
  6. In light of the forthcoming results of FOH mold study .... Interesting quick read. 1914 cigar mold study.pdf
  7. @PigFish Thanks for the detailed reply. I also found their little video fascinating in the realm of "cigars," as it shows that one of the real big (high end) appliance guys out there is thinking about it ... and if they are thinking about it, then hopefully the idea will start to permeate down through the more moderately priced people. Heretofore, I've only seen thoughtful consideration for fine temperature and humidity control in the world of laboratory research (aside from your work). Attached is a fine example. To say these units are expensive is an understatement. I have a question (s), however: Since your medium of interest (cigars) have a relatively long hysteresis (rather than, say, a cell culture for which the attached unit is designed whose rate of change to the environment can be very, very fast [functionally instantaneous]), why do you maintain such a high sample solution and cycle rate? Going by the RH waveform inflections, I see roughly 10 minute cycle periods? (eyeballing) Is this a function of your sampling resolution or a desired performance based on a return-to-setpoint time target? Obviously bounce exists in all measureable parameters as a function of the resolution of the data and performance of the "closed" system, but why not stretch out the resolution as a function of the hysteresis of the medium? I know you mentioned in your videos that your rate of mechanical failure has been zero, so I suppose it is a moot point, but I am curious. LIT-HeatedHumidifiedIncubator70027003.pdf
  8. Great. Thanks for the info. If I could get the thing to run at my desired RH, I'd pick up a couple. But inability to do so is a deal breaker for me. Too bad, because it is a quite attractive item and I like many of the other features. Time to start delving into environmental chambers, haha.
  9. FYI - interesting "airflow" video using false sides/backs:
  10. Thanks for the reply. It appears the unit has a lower limit of 68% RH. Do you run at that? If you attempt to push it lower does it "trip out" or just push an error code and try to work itself back up to 68%? Ideally, I'd like to use the thing for my "smoke soon" stock and run it at 60-62% RH.
  11. I did a quick search on the model number and it did not bring up much, so I thought I'd ask: Anyone using (or know of anyone using), one of these: Liebherr ZKes 453 temp & humidity controlled Humidor? (link: https://home.liebherr.com/en/alb/household-appliances/floor-mounted-appliances-for-households/compact-devices/humidor/humidor/details/zkes-453.html ) Concept seems sound (and in-line with @PigFish concepts [I wonder who holds the component patents...], sans the data logging capability. It would be interesting, if one were so inclined to mess with a ~$3k appliance, to hack into the controller and rig some data output capability). But anyways, input from anyone who has first or secondhand experience with this unit would be much appreciated.

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