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  1. Worst: 1. Mendoza, Argentina 2. Any small airport where you don’t speak the local language. Best: 1. Any airport w/ CLEAR
  2. Anyone know what the anticipated production will be?
  3. Here are some pics for anyone interested, ran into one last week.
  4. That is about right re the price. Exactly right re the quantity of cigars
  5. Believe me, I’m trying real hard to talk myself into itBelieve me, I’m trying real hard to talk myself into it! I have about six hours until I have to leave for the airport.
  6. I can usually talk myself into just about anything, however I think this may be a bridge too far. But I do have another 8+ hours...?
  7. Cigars: Mostly Dips, PL's and VR's these past few weeks. Music: Lots of Steely Dan since Walter Becker passed, guess I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. Reading/TV/Cinema: Sports when I'm not working Beverage: Been into Spanish Whites a lot this Summer, we import a great Albarino. Or IPA's - but always end the evening with Bourbon. Hobby: Working, Smoking and Drinking
  8. Thank you all for the input, I decided to just buy two boxes, can't pass these up as the prices are good. What's the worst that can happen ?
  9. More of a quality of ingredients concern on my part.

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