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  1. hababa

    Worst Airports?

    Worst: 1. Mendoza, Argentina 2. Any small airport where you don’t speak the local language. Best: 1. Any airport w/ CLEAR
  2. hababa

    .....a month in

    Anyone know what the anticipated production will be?
  3. I suspect we are in a lot of the same groups!
  4. Here are some pics for anyone interested, ran into one last week.
  5. hababa

    Group Buy? 🤔

    That is about right re the price. Exactly right re the quantity of cigars
  6. hababa

    Group Buy? 🤔

    Believe me, I’m trying real hard to talk myself into itBelieve me, I’m trying real hard to talk myself into it! I have about six hours until I have to leave for the airport.
  7. I can usually talk myself into just about anything, however I think this may be a bridge too far. But I do have another 8+ hours...🤭
  8. Cab of Punch DCs another 150qt marine cooler
  9. Cigars: Mostly Dips, PL's and VR's these past few weeks. Music: Lots of Steely Dan since Walter Becker passed, guess I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. Reading/TV/Cinema: Sports when I'm not working Beverage: Been into Spanish Whites a lot this Summer, we import a great Albarino. Or IPA's - but always end the evening with Bourbon. Hobby: Working, Smoking and Drinking
  10. Thank you all for the input, I decided to just buy two boxes, can't pass these up as the prices are good. What's the worst that can happen 🙄
  11. More of a quality of ingredients concern on my part.
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