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  1. I think they believe they are selling the real deal and they're not trying to scam anyone BUT when you have a fistful of allegedly 60 year old cigars in a ziplock with no bands, no box, no identifying material of any kind, you start to have a lot of available room to not be getting what they think they're selling.
  2. Christmas special?! Where can that be seen?
  3. I love the show. There is a new season on iTunes for those of us in the US. Seems to be the only place to watch it.
  4. They might have a cutting fee but just so you're aware, the lounge can only fit 2 people maximum. It's a very small space with two chairs and a bunch of stacked boxes of stuff.
  5. My experience there mirrors mbflash. When I went by last year the "bargain" was a $95 RyJ that was about the size of a petite corona allegedly from 1959. It's worth mentioning it had no band or identifying material of any kind and was pulled out of an old ziplock bag when it was shown to me...
  6. In December of 2016, my wife and I came back from Cuba through Miami with 12 bottles of rum and no one batted an eye. They didn't even weigh anything. They DID however, look in the duty free bag to make sure the receipt was in there.

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