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  1. It's like a horror film. Alien. Exploding is probably the best thing for them. I'm not a big fan of croquetas at the best of times. Even in Spain, I'll order them on the first day at the beach and the first one or two are great, they're hot and crispy/crunchy and the whole "great to be back" thing. Then they cool down and the final eight are a chore. Croquetas in Cuba, at least from state-run entities, are a different ball game. I was on La Rampa very early one morning and a breakfast place opened up. "Grand", I thought, not expecting much from a state-run kiosk. Just about anything
  2. There is a box just gone up for auction. https://www.bondroberts.com/product/view/4375/Vegueros_Especiales_No.2__1998_Semi_Boite_Nature_Box_of_25_cigars I smoked one of mine not too long ago. Very nice cigars when they're on.
  3. Set up a place setting with 9 glasses of different shapes. Leave all of them empty for the duration of the meal. First course, cold soup of a mystery vegetable and no seasoning. Main course, the cheapest cut of meat you can find (source animal doesn't matter) raw on one half, grey on the other, separated by a generous strip of sinew, with a side of a tiny yellow tomato (leave stalk on for garnish). Dessert, chocolate mousse mixed with cigar ash and raspberry coulis (important: use battery acid as a base for the coulis). During the meal send someone out with some money to br
  4. I hope they don't mail out the dinners.
  5. Habanos are saying long filler. I like the Picadores. Looking forward to trying these. http://www.habanos.com/en/noticias/por-larranaga-galanes/
  6. Dublin Airport has two tobacco sniffing dogs. Waffle and Obi. They took over a couple of years ago from another dog called Frankie. I'm on first name terms with Irish Customs and Revenue sniffing dogs! I don't let them ask questions that I don't have answers to.
  7. For a couple of years now I'm at 3 check-in bags of 32 KG each, in and out, with 2 10 kg carry-ons, plus a case of duty-free whiskey. Cuban customs don't seem to care at all about duty free purchases coming in. Though don't take my experience as advice. I sometimes put one bag into the other on the way home, so only 2 check-in bags. Still, for the last few years I've been red channel coming home every time. I just declare everything and I'm lucky that I meet nice, understanding people. Ashtrays now go in check-in leaving Havana, they have become more strict there in the last 4 - 5 y
  8. Here are some more of mine. You can see three different engraving styles right there. I've put the rest away for safe keeping.
  9. It's real. No worries. That style of lettering was common about 3-4 years ago when I bought the one on the right. I wanted one with some green for St. Patrick's day. You can see that the lettering is very similar to yours. I'm not a big fan of the lettering to be honest but it is real. Since then they have found somebody to do the engraving a little bit more like it used to be 6 - 10 years ago. Here is a picture of the ashtray sales counter at the Nacional , February 2020. You can see a few styles of lettering in there.
  10. Some of them were cleaned up, painted and moved to various locations around Habana Vieja. There are a few outside the Almacenes de San Jose market, by the harbour.
  11. Yes. 2010. Charles de Gaulle airport. Like Gojira, it doesn't happen to me much anymore!
  12. Came across this this morning. A tobacco factory on the corner of Dragones y Industria. Just around the corner from the Partagas factory. I'd guess about 1900. Fabrica de Tabacos y Cigarros - Flor de Tomás Gutierrez In the middle, and it's hard to make out, it says "Sucesores de Juan López" So it looks like Tomás Gutierrez bought out Juan López at some point before 1900. The funeral carriage in the foreground is on tram tracks but railway tracks are visible just in front of the building, going to the railway station which was where the Capitolio is now, until they m

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