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  1. There is too much of a gap between the top row of white squares and the top of the band. Other than that they're perfect. On the serious side, there is a real issue happening on social media these days. People are posting up images of Cohiba bands. The fakes, like above, are easy enough to spot. However most people are also calling out real ones as fake. According to Facebook groups, hardly anyone has ever bought an authentic Cohiba. It's the default, easy, position, call "fake" when there's no skin in the game and say something about the bottom of the Indian head logo being slightly
  2. The highest hammer price on BR so far is $16,505 for Cohiba Sublimes Extra as part of the Christmas event. https://www.bondroberts.com/product/view/3358/Cohiba_Sublimes_Extra_Colección_Habanos_2008_2008_Book-shaped_Boîte_Nature_Box_of_20_cigar So there's a way to go. I've seen that box of Yquem. It's a strong price, there's no denying. Best of luck to the winner. The box is perfect, I first saw it about 15 years ago. I valued it for the previous manager about 10 years ago, April 2011 (I have to say a little less than the current bid). And I can confirm it has never left the base
  3. Yeah it looks like a real pain in the arse to say the least. It certainly looks like a hurried decision to make the day a holiday, a business day for some industries. It should have been decided months ago or else announced for commencement next year. I think most people would have been understanding. Best of luck is the only other thing I can say I'm afraid! I'm unfortunately aware, recently, of what it's like to have important business rules change with 24 hours or less notice. It ages you.
  4. I get you now. I'm surprised to be honest that the process that enacted this holiday at 1 day's notice (congress?) or some team behind the process, wouldn't have thought of the impact on your industry and others like it. I'd be surprised that this Saturday will count as a rescission day. Having said that, that doesn't help you or your clients. And from experience, I know that 1 day won't do to update most software systems or even processes. I agree with you 100%, more notice should have been given. As for what the holiday is commemorating, and that value of that, debating that will j
  5. June 19th is on a Saturday this year. Does this holiday mean that your industry and the systems (internal and external) required for you to do business, legally cannot work? Or at least, will be required to behave differently to a normal Saturday.
  6. I agree that 4-6 days notice of a new holiday is a bit short sighted to say the least. I worked in the banking industry for a long time and understand the mayhem that might cause. New holidays should have at least 4-6 months notice. Having said that, I am a mod here and I hate hiding or deleting threads. Please keep it respectful of each other and all "others". Also steer clear of US-specific politics. Every country has holidays and every country has idiot politicians. It is not the fault of slaves, or commemoration of the end of slavery, that businesses have 4 days notice of a new holida
  7. It depends on the type of lighter I suppose. The action of the one in the video looks like the valve between the tank and nozzle is opened in the same action as getting access to the nozzle. With other lighters that's not necessary, the nozzle can be available without opening the gas valve. The pressure in the tank, if there is gas in there, should keep out debris though. Still not sure if it's the gas pressure or the butane itself that is cleaning the nozzles. I've always used a can of compressed air and that works quite well. I'll try butane next time.
  8. Tinned pear halves in juice (not syrup) with a sliced banana and a couple of scoops of salted caramel ice-cream. Perfect. Zoom calls with friends were awkward and a bit weird as really only one conversation works at a time and we're all sitting there looking at each other. Everyone is looking at everyone for the duration. It is weird. Zoom calls with friends and poker works much better.
  9. Yes, look out for it next week. I'm just fixing the branding on the box, "Chateau Yque..", nearly there.
  10. They smell fine, faint tobacco, no mustiness. They are a little on the "hard" side. But better on the dry than damp side of things. I'd be very surprised if his house ever got much below 55 %RH. I keep my humidors at 60% - 65% anyway, so they won't have far to go, but I'm in no rush.
  11. I got a bottle of this in Havana in February last year. To be honest, I don't remember it well enough to give a good tasting description. I do remember it being "spicier" with some more heat on the throat than the regular 7 year old. Interesting to try though. Let us know. I took the image from a still of a video as I was pouring some to "Los Santos", I must have been trying to impress someone.
  12. My mother went down the country last week to rummage through the belongings (now ex-belongings) of her recently deceased brother, a catholic priest, so no offspring that we know of. She found a pile of boxes of cigars, mostly dry-cured Dutch stuff but there was one interesting box. 1977 Hoyo Margaritas, still sealed. Last night she got the first visit from me in a while after she told me what she had. I unsealed the box last night to have a look. Of course, these cigars haven't seen a humidor in years but I knew the house my uncle lived in, it was always damp, he was too c
  13. Regarding diseases, parasites etc. that affect tobacco in Cuba, I see Black Shank mentioned and Blue Mold. But no mention at all of Tobacco Mosaic Virus or Weather Fleck? Then there’s Tobacco budworm (Heliothis Virescens), Broomrape (Orobanche Ramosa) etc. Gilberto Torrecilla Guerra and Eumelio Espino Marrero wrote a book in 1999 called: “El Tabaco Cubano – Recursos Fitogeneticos” “Cuban Tobacco, phyto-genetic resources.” Gilberto Torrecilla is or was an agricultural scientist at one of the “Estación Experimental del Tabaco” in Cuba. I’m not sure which one. I see Eumelio Es
  14. The font on the factory and date stamp is wrong. The "Transitorio" stamp is sometimes visible under the warranty seal, sometimes the stamps overlap. This happens. However, all three boxes have the stamps applied with the same level of "incorrectness". The chances of that happening are so low as to make it not really possible. Interesting attempt by the faker. Show the transitorio stamp as an extra level of authenticity but then, in his earnestness, getting the placement perfectly wrong every time. If the original poster had posted just one of the boxes, it might have fooled
  15. "Mother" by John Lennon. It needs the full-length version. One of the best songs and performances ever. I don't like Paul McCartney post-Beatles at all. "Live and Let Die" could have been decent. It could have been one of the best Bond themes, except for that "What does it matter to ya.." fake reggae BS in the middle, ruining it.

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