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  1. If you have 90 mins to spare, this could be worth a look. City-dwelling professional photographer with no farming experience buys a farm and moves out with his wife. No grapes but lots of everything else, California fruit crops and livestock. It is beautiful to look at, he was a wildlife photographer. Many aspects are somewhat "glossed over". For example, where he got the investment to get started and how income from the farm is going, that is, without tourist income, free labour from students and proceeds from this movie. It was free on Netflix but I think it's cheap enough still on Appl
  2. It'll be interesting to see how this goes. I think the "Solera" is stated clearly enough on the label but US labelling regulations can be quite strict. Up until about 15 years ago, Irish whiskey that was 100% pot still was labelled "Pure Pot Still" and that makes sense as "100%" generally means pure. "Pot Still whiskey" in Ireland means whiskey made in a pot still (obviously) but also must be from a mix of malted and unmalted barley. There are a couple of other requirements and allowances but they're the two main rules. About 15 years ago US regulators (not sure which body but m
  3. Apparently the "2" in the name is due to this release being the 2nd Regional for Brazil. https://tudosobrecharuto.com.br/el-rey-del-mundo-serie-b-n2-e-a-nova-edicao-regional-brasil/?fbclid=IwAR1Af7AK6gp3DSCHe8xUr_wIzuqF6xG6ZN17zWxw7RQo0BA3RGAvJJJZjfM#sim I didn't know that ERDM wasn't available there.
  4. Talking to some Cuban friends yesterday. They say that starting on October 1st, the 9pm - 5am curfew will be lifted. Bars and private businesses open with 50% capacity. Interstate travel open with some restrictions for buses and cars. Beaches and pools open with 30% capacity. They are not too happy that from November 15th, no PCR test required for travel to Cuba. That does seem like an odd decision to me.
  5. Thanks Nino, I got it sorted out yesterday. Good article here on how sending remittances electronically to individuals is, currently, sending money to the government. The government gives a digital version of those dollars to the recipient, not actual dollars. It is digital currency that can only be spent in Cuba in the MLC stores. Where the actual money goes, well we all know the answer. This article sums it up well. https://havanatimes.org/opinion/remittances-to-cuba-the-problem-and-the-solution/?fbclid=IwAR3NJQLeUfqly-h3d1qDOqxUY-gCCWLZY-RmLJU1UVKiInVU9sPdJPyY2lE
  6. With the sites I have been looking at, Fonmoney etc. It looks like it is only possible for EU residents with a Euro bank account. I'm having problems with even this, the site is not validating a recipient's AIS - MLC card, so I cannot continue.
  7. Dr Evil's family therapy speech about his childhood is still quite funny.
  8. Thanks for sharing that. Interesting stuff and I'll be watching how it goes. For a few years now I've been looking at Ethereum as a means of providing "trustless" transactions using smart contracts. A means of guaranteeing completion of terms of a contract without the necessity of the parties involved even knowing each other. It is being used by a growing number of industries, and I can think of a number of uses. I've been hitting a few stumbling blocks, user acceptance, gas fees and a good walkthrough of a current use. The code wouldn't be much of an issue. That looks straightf
  9. @CommanderJWBond Sorry for the delay on this, but I took notes! The Añejo is a little too sweet, very fruity, but rough on the finish. Quite like the Perla del Norte Añejo. The 15 year old has maybe spent too long in the wood. It's quite woody, touching on bitter for a rum. Almost clove flavours on the finish. Some people might like it but not for me. The Gran Reserva is very nice, not too sweet, a hint of apple, not quite apple but something in there has something that's in apple too. To be pretentious, it reminded me of green apple skin. If I was to buy another bottle I'd
  10. I came across a new Cuban rum range recently. Launched by Spanish distributor Beveland. “Doble 9”. Kicking the weekend off with a vertical tasting of these three with a Quai d’Orsay Capitolio.
  11. I apologise. I misunderstood. I naively understood that "opposite" would be used as a reference to the same measurement, as the post you quoted referred to "deaths". Again, apologies.
  12. To get back to the question of employer mandates. In most places, employers have a duty to ensure the safety, health and welfare of employees at work. So is there more risk from getting the vaccine or from contracting the virus? In the Republic of Ireland, 6.4 million doses of vaccines have been given and no deaths from vaccine. There was one reported in Northern Ireland in April and that man was over 90. Also this was at the very start of the vaccination campaign. I spoke to a few doctors about the vaccine - blood clotting issue and was told that now that there is an awareness
  13. This is where data can be misleading. Saying that 98-99% of Israeli Covid deaths are among the vaccinated is not true. However it is true that, in Israel, more vaccinated people that not (56.3% as of a couple of weeks ago) are testing positive. But this is because the vast majority of Israeli adults are vaccinated and there are still some breakthrough cases. It ignores the fact that the number of overall cases and deaths in Israel has dropped dramatically since vaccinations began. Fact check here https://apnews.com/article/fact-checking-644288348135 Today's Covid news from
  14. Not Cuba related but, for me, kind of. This picture taken by Peter Turnley for Newsweek of a man looking for his missing sons during the war in Kosovo. I first saw it at an exhibition in el Museo de las Bellas Artes in Havana in November 2015. Peter Turnley, having spent a lot of time in Havana (he still does), was one of the first foreign photographers, if not the first, to get an exhibition there. After we went to the exhibition, Rob Fox and I went to the Hotel Parque Central to meet someone. The photographer himself, Peter Turnley, was sitting the lobby doing some work. I can't re
  15. Travel seems to have opened up and suddenly there are people around who want to meet up. Pints and cigars with college friends from Scotland last night. Pints and cigars with school friends from Luxembourg tonight. Drinks and dinner with a friend from Cuba who's visiting family in Ireland, tomorrow night. Lunch, drinks and cigars with college friends from Boston on Sunday. My liver's out of practice.

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