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  1. Smoking a Punch Super Robusto from 2006. It’s smoking slowly as it’s slightly overfilled. I don’t get a lot of smoke but the flavours are there. I’m uncertain if this is classic Punch or not. It’s a cigar. Is it a good cigar? Yes. Is it a great cigar? I don’t think I could argue that. ...have many more so will probably leave these another 14 years or so.
  2. How long would cigars last outside of proper storage without affecting the cigar? Let’s say there are no humidity or temperature controls, how long would a cigar hypothetically last?
  3. I feel like I'm definitely in the minority here, but I love the series. ...haven't had a bad one. I particularly liked the Hoyo and HU, but can't fault the others. The price on the RyJ seemed prohibitive. The others were unique sizes that couldn't be found in regular production. If I want aged RyJ Churchills, I'll just buy a box and age them. I have the patience.
  4. This was one of my favourite cigars. I'm sad it was discontinued. I've only got a half dozen left or so.
  5. I’m obviously in the minority here but I love ‘em all. I wish I could help you but I’m keeping what I’ve got.
  6. What a great thread bump. I must admit that one of my own personal embarrassments, or regrets, is when I make a bad cut. Is there anything worse than starting a cigar with a bad cut!?! Insightful info here. Thanks for sharing, however long ago it was.
  7. Marzipan and cherry bombs. I haven’t had a cigar quite like this before. It’s probably the best Saint Luis Rey I’ve ever smoked. And yes, possibly better than the SLR DC. I had oodles of smoke and the draw was perfect. I didn’t want this cigar to end. I’m sorry I only picked up a few singles; I wish I had a box. ...still gun shy on SLR after the Pacificos. This will go down as one of the most memorable cigars I’ve had this year if only for the unique flavours. 93/100
  8. Yeah. Remarkably fast given the size. Your observation is keen. I dry boxed it for two weeks and the under filled roll was likely a contributing factor. I smoked it like a banshee too. The flavours were outstanding.
  9. Yes. Very different profile. This is more classic HU profile. And no, it is not the Mag 56 reincarnated.
  10. Coming in at a girthy 56 rg and 7 1/8” long, the HU Super Magnum is just that: super! I have to admit that I was extremely intimidated smoking this. A cigar of these dimensions is a commitment. You need time, which fortunately I have due to social distancing measures. It was actually a perfect day to tackle this beast. The Super Magnum is all H. Upmann. If you like the brand profile, you will absolutely love this cigar. It is so smooth young. This is a masterpiece of tobacco blending. Unfortunately the roller didn’t quite get the roll right as you can see from the pictures. I had burn problems right into the last half. How does that even happen with such a premium cigar? Hints of biscuit, cream, cedar, cardamom, and cinnamon. Smoke is plentiful and intoxicating. I’d argue there’s a slight under fill as the draw is light and easy. The burn is not ideal. Medium in flavour and strength. Strong ash. Lasting impression is the smoothness of this blend. This is easy breezy good smoking and a slam dunk. Total smoking time: 1 hour 35 minutes. Habanos SA created another fantastic LCDH double bander. I am a fan of the LCDH smokes and this is no exception. 93/100 (docked 1 mark for the poor roll). It will improve with age and so will the scores.
  11. I think this thread is proof that double banders are good for Habanos SA! 🙃
  12. Voted and then checked. Got that totally wrong.

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