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  1. I grabbed a Bances Tubo from the local Esso store back in ‘90. That brought me into the cigar world. But in 2011 it was a Davidoff Mille series 1000 Cuban in London that changed my world. If all cigars were like this, I wish them all on you. It was the holy grail to me.
  2. Has anyone seen these yet? ...saw one supplier but they must have been snatched up pretty quickly. I’d love to hear some reviews. It’s an appealing release to me.
  3. Ha! Do you remember those old days when you could get your taxi driver to buy the local bundles for 1 CUC!?! They were never for sale for tourists...always the locals. But damn they were fine for a CUC! At the end of the day, it was still Cuban tobacco.
  4. I was there five days ago. The prices were so sh*t that I jumped into a cab (not even an Uber), went to Festen & Hartman, back to the airport, and still saved money. The booze is only reasonable if it’s on sale, otherwise you really have to justify and want that rare bottle of whiskey for it to make sense. There’s the usual deals on swill like Fiddich and Livet, but who does duty free on stuff like that?
  5. When I read some of these gripes I wonder if they are legitimate. I travel a lot for business and pleasure. American airports are a joke, but they still aren’t the worst. You sort of have to laugh at some of the 1st world complaints. Sadly, Havana gets my vote for various reasons. Best for me: Singapore.
  6. It was a robusto. It is/was an excellent one too.
  7. If you have first hand experience with shipping CC’s to Bali, would you please send me a PM? Thanks in advance, Jay
  8. It’s hit or miss down there. I’ve been when PSD4’s are the best you can find, and I’ve been there where there’s an over abundance of the Cuba regionals, EL’s, and rare stuff. You know how Cuba is just never know what you’re gonna find. I’d send your mules with a long list and the usual instructions.
  9. God needed a day of rest. Can’t we have a break from all the consumerism and smoke/enjoy what we’ve got! 😂
  10. Smoking a Dumas right now. ...first I’ve smoked of the Linea 1935. Wow! Loving it. It’s like smoking a rocky road icecream. I like the size. It’s very well rolled. Beautiful, dark wrapper. Excellent draw. Everything you would hope for at this price. Smooth, creamy, and balanced for such a young cigar. I’ll have to give kudos to the wife for such a good Christmas gift. Too bad it wasn’t a box and just a single! 😢
  11. Reminded me of an overpriced Romeo No.3, to be honest. I find Romeo No 1-3 harsh.
  12. I haven’t read any reviews so it’s interesting that you say they haven’t been that positive. I honestly didn’t like the one I smoked. A few years of age can completely change a cigar, however.

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