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  1. Carlo13

    Most recent box codes for:

    Behike 52 UAO NOV 18
  2. Carlo13

    Sancho Cristo

    You got yourself some PSP Monte 4’s for the price of Sancho Panza Non Plus ($119). You should consider holding on to them, buy some Non Plus down the road......
  3. Carlo13

    Sancho Cristo

    This pic are the Non Plus from the March 10th-11th sale (depending on time zone). Comparing the image to your box, looks like you got yourself some Monte 4’s in a Sancho box, not a Non Plus with a Monte band.
  4. Carlo13

    Sancho Cristo

    You might want to let the prez know. He can’t be expected to check every box, but maybe he has a box of Non Plus kicking around for you. I’m excited to see what I get when they arrive......
  5. Carlo13

    Sancho Cristo

    Was this purchased from FOH? I bought a box of Non Plus from 24:24 which I’m waiting on.... wondering if I’ll get some monte 4’s instead lol
  6. Carlo13

    Warehouse Showdown

    Should I send the email now for the Connie 1?

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