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  1. I like these a lot. Current box is ULA JUN 14 and it’s a winner.
  2. I would surmise the 898 box format is the best for aging. No way to know for sure though.
  3. My oldest FoH box STA MAR 09 in 50 cab. Wonderful cigars!
  4. I leave all 6 of mine plugged in. Here is data for a month for one, but they all are very close to this:
  5. CB: you need some better space optimization:
  6. I have a feeling that the last JL2 50 cabs bear the marking ORA ABR 14.
  7. @JohnS My recommendation:
  8. ULA SEP 14 Are these pretty much sold out everywhere now? Just an amazing experience, these.
  9. I would say these are likely the exact same factories. Both are great.
  10. I can only prove this by sticking your nose into a few cabs I have that for whatever reason this ammonia smell can reappear later. Two examples I have right now are: BCG (50) TEB DIC 07 SLR DC (50) EST DIC 07 No way to explain this, but the smell unmistakable.

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