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  1. Isaac

    Cuba November 2018

    First trip to Cuba for me. Cant wait to meet some people here
  2. I have wondered which might be better. Alex or La China.
  3. Ive seen the side of the box being 50,000 boxes. Also, from pics from various people, there have been a great deal of construction issues.
  4. Are the psp/HQ stock meant to be smoked fresh? Considering they have oily wrappers, I find that keeping the wrapper lit can sometimes be problematic. I have less issues with the lower graded Cigars. How long do the higher grades have to rest till they are relatively ready? I do understand people buy PSP for aging stock, but I prefer the color over the lower grades and find it hard to wait.
  5. Isaac

    PDX Oregon Herf 4/30

    Would be interested in going, but the next few weeks are kinda tough for me with work.
  6. Isaac


    I’m in Portland!!
  7. Isaac

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    La Puntilla. Smoking one now. Rest are in the freezer and will be stored for a minimum of six months.
  8. Isaac

    Newcomer (Newbie) Q&A

    Why do people shrink wrap boxes for long term ageing? Is it the same as vacuum packing the box? How will the cigar vary from those that aren’t shrink wrapped?
  9. Isaac

    Best young CC

    I find R&J Short Churchills, HDM Epi 2, and Robaina Famosos all smoke well young.
  10. Isaac

    1 Box from Cuba

    If it were me I would ask for sir Winstons, or grab two boxes of Cohiba Talisman for the price of one everywhere else.

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