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  1. You have box codes from the Upmann factory or the Cohiba factory. What would you choose?
  2. Im with you on that. My flight is booked for March. Who knows if it will happen.
  3. I do want to say that I don’t wanna come off as a stingy guy. I enjoy good company and don’t mind giving out in herds etc. but I suppose that last party left a sour taste with general parties.
  4. My girlfriend said something that had me thinking enough to get your opinion. We have a little July 4th party. I was debating bringing a pipe, over cigars as perhaps not everyone is a fan of the smoke, and the pipe would smell a bit more pleasant. My girlfriend suggested cigars, as they are much easier to smoke all around. She goes on to mention, “don’t forget to bring some in case other people want to smoke”. Now the last time I did that, I had people smoke a quarter stick and put them out. I don’t have any dummy/pass out cigars. Why should it be my responsibility to supply other people with cigars? Cigarette smokers don’t bring an extra pack in case others want to smoke. Just feeling a bit jaded after the last party we attended.
  5. Ill echo most of the previous sentiments. I was on the Norwegian Pearl headed to Alaska. The room could fit about ten people sitting. It seemed that the same eight cigarette smokers had basically taken up camp in that room and would actually tag each other out in order to maintain control of the chairs. The ventilation was rather piss poor, and you would leave smelling of cigarette smoke. Good luck trying to have a waiter/barback come to that room, despite it being right next to a rather large bar and piano area.
  6. You may try to lock it, but the memories and stories remain!!
  7. So you thought!! It shall rise much in the same way as Lazarus.
  8. Tampa and Ybor city. I have never been to a city more welcoming. You can smoke indoors and outdoors, in the appropriate places. Ybor is pretty much a free for all.
  9. They look ugly as sin, but smoked one now and flavors were spot on without any burn issues.
  10. Mind you, none of the other 300 cigars experienced any of these issues.
  11. I would agree with you there The container is hardly ever opened, as I have probably only opened it 4 times in six months.
  12. I need a bit of help. I have a weather tight tupperdore that holds several trays of customs. Now in this container I have three 320g boveda as well as about 5 60g 65% boveda packages. I have approximately three hundred customs in this container. The only cigars that have wrinkling are my 109s. Temperature has always been between 68F-70F. Despite having the 65% Boveda I’m currently at 69% humidity in the container. None of the other cigars seem to show issues. 1st pic is when I brought them back from the island. Second pic is 6 months later.
  13. Almost a year worth of aging. Still packing a punch. Nice coffee and chocolate flavors coming through

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