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  1. Isaac

    Cruise Ship Cigar Lounges

    Ill echo most of the previous sentiments. I was on the Norwegian Pearl headed to Alaska. The room could fit about ten people sitting. It seemed that the same eight cigarette smokers had basically taken up camp in that room and would actually tag each other out in order to maintain control of the chairs. The ventilation was rather piss poor, and you would leave smelling of cigarette smoke. Good luck trying to have a waiter/barback come to that room, despite it being right next to a rather large bar and piano area.
  2. You may try to lock it, but the memories and stories remain!!
  3. So you thought!! It shall rise much in the same way as Lazarus.
  4. Tampa and Ybor city. I have never been to a city more welcoming. You can smoke indoors and outdoors, in the appropriate places. Ybor is pretty much a free for all.
  5. I need a bit of help. I have a weather tight tupperdore that holds several trays of customs. Now in this container I have three 320g boveda as well as about 5 60g 65% boveda packages. I have approximately three hundred customs in this container. The only cigars that have wrinkling are my 109s. Temperature has always been between 68F-70F. Despite having the 65% Boveda I’m currently at 69% humidity in the container. None of the other cigars seem to show issues. 1st pic is when I brought them back from the island. Second pic is 6 months later.
  6. They look ugly as sin, but smoked one now and flavors were spot on without any burn issues.
  7. Mind you, none of the other 300 cigars experienced any of these issues.
  8. I would agree with you there The container is hardly ever opened, as I have probably only opened it 4 times in six months.
  9. Isaac

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Almost a year worth of aging. Still packing a punch. Nice coffee and chocolate flavors coming through
  10. If you’re looking at the hotel the entrance is on the far right side of the building. Basically when you enter the parking lot, before you make that left turn the shop is right there.
  11. I usually wear a fedora during the winter months and switch to a panama during th summer. I’ll also wear a Yankee baseball hat durning baseball season. This is the hat I’m wearing today.
  12. I’m going to stock up on regular production Vegas Famosos Romeo & Julieta Short Churchill’s and Chuchills Diplomatico 2 H Upmann Mag 46 and Mag 50 Lots of customs!!!!!
  13. I need a bit of education about box codes. Now Im sure we all know the number is the year of production, and ideally you want a lower number, which means there is age on the cigars. Now the question I have are those of you chasing manufacturer box codes. What are the codes out there and what factories do they represent. Are certain factories more sought after than others, and why? At this point in my hobby, I'm just happy receiving boxes, but Im sure there will come a time when I am looking for specific factory codes.
  14. I knew keeping this old Royal Typewriter would come in handy.
  15. Im using these, which I would say are some of the better ones Ive seen.
  16. Thanks!! I bought it some ten years ago. I hardly use it, and it was actually boxed with my last move. I received some customs and I remembered I had it. I’m pretty thrilled with the results.
  17. Isaac

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I had a twofer today.
  18. Im going to be heading out there and would love an attempted meetup. Not sure what the group has planned, but if at all possible, I will be there one of the days.
  19. “Best cigar in the world!!!”-Paul that being said I really enjoy them. I tucked away three boxes.
  20. Isaac

    Cuba November 2018

    First trip to Cuba for me. Cant wait to meet some people here
  21. I have wondered which might be better. Alex or La China.
  22. Ive seen the side of the box being 50,000 boxes. Also, from pics from various people, there have been a great deal of construction issues.
  23. Are the psp/HQ stock meant to be smoked fresh? Considering they have oily wrappers, I find that keeping the wrapper lit can sometimes be problematic. I have less issues with the lower graded Cigars. How long do the higher grades have to rest till they are relatively ready? I do understand people buy PSP for aging stock, but I prefer the color over the lower grades and find it hard to wait.

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