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  1. 3 years of CC’s now, with my first cigar only about 5 years ago, so I’m just entering intermediate school so-to-speak. At the advice of others, I’ve been employing the “buy more than you smoke” technique since starting CC’s, as a way to build up some age. I’m happy to report that I’m finally about to turn my first corner in the process, and will likely have little use for the term “mongrel” very soon.
  2. ETP May 17 Lusi. ’Twas a good day. Yard duty with a chainsaw and mower resulted in very little bloodshed, and our post lady handed me my first 50 cab of Lusis. Plenty to celebrate tonight. Cheers!
  3. This beautiful box arrived today, from our host. I’m in awe....and so excited I completely forgot to snap a pic of date code. Edit: Code is ABO Jun 19
  4. Where there’s big money to be had, some will circle, like vultures. But it also sounds like there’s an open door for cooler heads to prevail. At the same time, many of us in the US bemoan the loss of yet another local B&M...seems to me they would welcome such legislation. As usual, this is more complex an issue than it seems.
  5. You’re too nice I fixed it for you.
  6. I had a similar thought when I first put it to my lips. Luckily it smoked better than indicated by the bitter wrapper. While I wouldn’t call mine fireproof, it was certainly slow to respond...high moisture content I think. Taste was good but not excellent, some cocoa at first, but mostly wood and some spices.
  7. The bar has been seriously raised with this one, can’t wait to indulge over the holidays. 🎉🥃
  8. Catastrophic isn’t what you want to hear. Stay safe and heed warnings, my friends.
  9. Is this just a copy and paste thing? I’d like to save it for future reference too...just an excellent guide.
  10. One of my favorite robustos when they’re on, I’ve been patiently waiting for Prez to give the all clear with some quality offerings for over a year now, since he declared them no bueno in mid 18. Your experience supports this I guess.
  11. I can totally appreciate your passion here, but it wouldn’t work for me. Every morning, right before I embark on a fresh day of cat-hearding - aka “work”, I open the humi and pick out a few boxes to stick my nose in. If a sneeze comes on, I consider myself fortunate, as this bodes well for my future. To each his own when it comes to motivational practices. 😁
  12. Well, he could be a Habano, and it looks like he wants to be friends.
  13. I recently shelled out roughly 45 a stick for a box of new, highly acclaimed RE’s. I’m glad I did, but I doubt all of the circumstances involved will repeat themselves soon. So

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