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  1. From an Islandboy who’s only experienced the magic of Elk a handful of times, I wholeheartedly agree. Some 30 years back, in the fine town of Crested Butte, I had one of the most memorable meals at a local place, can’t recall the name but they were well known as a birthplace of the micro-brewery movement with their Red Lady Ale. That much I remember. I had the Elk steak, which came adorned with a healthy dose of grilled onions and mushrooms. Every bite was heavenly. A few hours later, my newlywed partner was lethally exposed to the aftermath. I farted all night long the most pungent odors of the meal of the decade. It’s something we talk about to this day. Back on subject now. Bacon is the bomb, but beef is easy peasy.
  2. Grilling some beef filets as we speak, easy as pie to have some great meat. I love me some Duroc pork chops, but they require more preparation, which equals less time kicking back with a fine Cuban. Yep, I’m lazy. Beef it is. Now bacon.. that’s a no brainer.
  3. Pretty different musical eras here. I listened to Black Sabbath in the late 70’s (high school) as much as I listened to Led Zep. Never considered them “metal”, wasn’t even a thing then. Metallica came on board in the 80’s, giving birth to “metal” as far as I know. “Metal” seems to be largely a generational thing, just not mine. Sabbath it is.
  4. I’ve been led to perceive that going for a swim in a muddy river there results in certain death....if not from the fangs of a deadly snake, or the jaws of a croc, then from a hungry wayward shark. Fact or fiction?
  5. Anything by Jas Sum Kral, and Casdagli (started out as Bespoke). Two relatively new players that have turned heads lately..
  6. Just in from our host with the trifecta of Salomones is complete.
  7. The best Cohiba I’ve had by far was a single Behike 54 gifted to me, but they’re too rich for my blood to be my favorite, unfortunately. That would go to Lancero.
  8. Just minding my own business, relaxing with a wonderful Sancho Panza beli after a long day under a warm, moist blanket of fairly gray skies and tropical humidity...and this happens. I just had to share the surreal beauty. Oh, and here’s the cigar😊
  9. Thank you, Captain obvious Let’s just hope we’re right.
  10. The deep history of 007 films broke through more barriers to help create breakthrough stuff like Star Wars among others. Classic chicken before the egg stuff. Bond by a mile.
  11. Got several go-to studs going, but a box of LMB Jun 17 Partagas E2’s stands out. My dud has to be a SGA Mar 17 box of ERdM Choix Supreme. Smoked a handful so far, they’ve all got an off putting “stink bug” taste to them, quite contrary to the great tastes I read about in reviews. I’ve buried the box in my humidor with high hopes I’ll rediscover them in 5 years and they’ll be great.
  12. I’ve found out the hard way a few times that it’s too easy to ruin a cigar right at the start by removing a band early. The bands stay on for me.
  13. I thoroughly enjoyed Cigar #1 on this fine Sunday morning, paired with some Maui Coffee Roasters Chocolate Mac Nut coffee. Here are my notes: Cold aroma: Leather, Hay, Sweet tobacco Draw was great, just on the tight side of perfect. Cold draw flavor was quite vegetal. 1st third: Chocolate, Cedar, Capsicum, and just a slight indian spice wafting around. Delicious start. 2nd third: More of the same, with mushrooms joining the vegetal base. Quite savory, not a lot of sweetness. Final third: The same flavors become more edgy, a sign of youth methinks. There’s a sourdough sharpness in the picture. Strength ramps up to full. While mouthfeel suffers slightly from the sharpness, the aroma becomes magnificent. This was a really nice cigar, only time will tell if I’m on point with my pick. Good luck gang!
  14. I’ve been enjoying evening cocktails quite a bit lately, thinking about making a change by doing some day-drinking this weekend 😆

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