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  1. The quality and accuracy of readily available hygrometers is pretty dismal in my experiences. I’ve experienced the same thing you are. I’m willing to pay hundreds of dollars for an accurate device, but have yet to find a reasonable candidate.
  2. Looks like Bruce needs to crack a smile himself a bit more often.
  3. On the plus side, the occupants don’t have to wear their aluminum foil hats anymore.
  4. Not sure, but I don’t think I see a single woman in the photo. That certainly seems to have changed big time to present day.
  5. 4 months of waiting, went through the 5 stages of emotions thinking it was a loss. then Boom!, they’re here. Super excited now. I’ve become a fan of these with just a touch of those baking spices with a hint of citrus.
  6. Not real comfortable having to see my own face in a meeting, but I do appreciate being able to read into the nuances of facial expressions that are only revealed in a Zoom meeting. A new form of body English has been unleashed.
  7. Nice! If you’re both careful and lucky, the band will slide up just enough to cover the puka (that’s a hole for you non-Hawaiians).
  8. There’s a great joke in there somewhere, that starts out with “eight catholic priests are at a bar,”.....
  9. My 2016 box of Esplendidos is about as good as it gets in my humidor right now.
  10. It was a long and winding road, but worth the wait. I picked up a few recent production 3 pack Siglo VI tubos a few months back, hadn’t had one in years. The flavors and richness blew my slippahs clear off, just had to spring for more. No downtime required, as far as I’m concerned.
  11. I’m arguing the same for Bolivar Gold Medal, as I’ve yet to see one in the wild. Since Boli Libertador is my top pick, I’m betting Gold Medal would be in the top 3 if they were available.
  12. So, here’s the backstory on this one: In my capacity as a Project Manager and Construction Consultant, I’ve been putting a renovation project together for a prominent restauranteur here in Lahaina, who, like so many others connected at the hip to the visitor industry, is completely shut-down amidst the stoppage of tourism and growing uncertainty. As a savvy businessman, he wants to utilize the unexpected downtime to make much needed repairs to his historic building's failing infrastructure, but the standard timeframe (pre-Covid) of the entire process for issuance of proper permits that will allow this is 6 - 8 months (it’s in a zone complicated by historic district and shoreline management area rules). This is almost unthinkable as he needs to open back up soon and get his employees back on their feet, or else. Meanwhile, the building sits idle. My team of permitting consultants and I had a Zoom meeting with our Mayor’s office 2 weeks ago, to present our plans and plea for expediency with the County permit process. Not asking to skirt any rules, mind you, just that the highly bureaucratic process be hastened in any way possible. The meeting left me feeling sick to my stomach, and effectively squashed all hope that our local government might be capable of even a smidgen of empathy. That evening, I lit up a fine-ass Siglo VI, and penned this: The Man in Charge A rule that applies, or a rule applied, the first one takes some effort to discern. I spoke with a man in charge today, he seemed oblivious to my concerns. I presented plans and proof of my integrity, on pages for review, with borrowed gold, I hired men, to present my point of view. 6 moons and several days ago, this same man came to me, he said our world had met with disarray, in just one night it seemed. “A silent plague, much worse than death, is floating in the air, sacrifice your friends and all you’ve worked for, don’t dwell on your despair”. The science sound, my heart in pieces, I complied for the good of all, I watched in helpless fervor, my clients and colleagues fall. My only wish, as I lay fallow, is to prepare for days less dire, to green my pastures, to fix past problems, with repairs overseers do require. To the man I asked that my wish be considered, and my plan not be denied, I suggested that sacrifices should be made by those on every side. Instead I’m told, in words so cold, there’s little they will try, for they are loyal to the flaws of rules, that they choose to just apply. “It is what it is”, exclaimed the man, as he brushed my plea for help aside, I now see the sacrifices, are to be made by just one side.

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