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    Mountainbiking, Vegetable Gardening, Rescue Animals, Stargazing, Transcendiary Cigars. And Beer of course.

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  1. Nice review! HU2 is a recent favorite of mine, sounds like you got a bit of a dud. But your description of the whiskey sent me on a hunt today, and I was successful! Can’t wait to try it.
  2. Islandboy

    aussie accents

    I absolutely love listening to Jim Jefferies. His accent plays a big part in his humor. Guess it also helps that we think alike.
  3. Islandboy

    Pulp Fiction...

    Just so happens my name is Brad. And, yes, I have a big brain. Check it out.
  4. I couldn’t wait...I lit into one of my P2’s on Saturday. It was fantastically tasty, with a super long finish!
  5. Congratulations! The only shops that have cigar humidors here are the Tamura’s Wine and Liquor stores. Locations are Lahaina, Kahului, Wailuku, and Kihei. Best selection of sticks are in Kahului and Kihei. Unfortunately nothing real high end, but they always have a few that are fairly good. Enjoy!
  6. Islandboy

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    My first P2....won’t be my last. Beautiful long finish.
  7. Islandboy

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Siglo VI....Aloha Friday!
  8. The handful that I’ve tried I’ve enjoyed, and in the case of the LE, they seem to offer an amped up version of the marca. I find Capuletos, for example, to be richer and fuller tasting than the other RyJ’s I’ve had. Wether or not there is value in the pricing is completely open to debate. I’m not independently wealthy, so I lean towards - No. But they’re fun to try once in a while.
  9. Will do. The aroma is tempting me to try one ROTT. Box code is TEO Jun 18, so they are quite young.
  10. Love it! But I’ve gotta ask, since he’s obviously speaking Aussie....what time is he saying he’s on? Some sort of a break, I reckon (see what I did there it’s contagious)
  11. Nice! Good pro-tip, I’ve noticed this with certain cigars when paired with an IPA. Cigars from elsewhere, of course
  12. Finally. Been meaning to get a box of these since I started with CC’s a few years ago. These look and smell over the top. Forgot to include date & code....but from 24:24 about 3 weeks back.
  13. Cool! Big Mahalo to the entire FoH crew for all you do to make this such a great place to hang out and have some fun.
  14. Islandboy

    What’s in your dry box?

    It’s finally improving with Fall/Winter around the corner, whew! There were a few days about a month back that were so bad, my cigar would light and burn pretty normal for a bit, but by the halfway mark the taste would turn acrid, and it would just get progressively more plugged from the ambient moisture. Good point with the NC, I’ll try that next time.

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