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    Mountainbiking, Vegetable Gardening, Rescue Animals, Stargazing, Transcendiary Cigars. And Beer of course.

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  1. Islandboy

    Thanks IslandBoy

    It was a treat to meet up with Mike, Dana, and the gang. We scored with some great Maui scenery and weather, even if I did promise them we’d see a hurd of turtles out in the water as per usual....and I couldn’t even find them a single one 😆. What a great way to spend an afternoon, and talk about generous?....I now get to try my first Alex and Juanita customs! Aloha Gang!
  2. Islandboy

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    Yes, exactly. So I think when there is a mixture and not enough of one or the other to clearly call it, it’s safest to just go with “clearance”.
  3. Islandboy

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    I think it’s often related to a visual grading designation.
  4. They say timing is everything, and it seems so right now. Not being a great study of history, I admit to knowing little about the personalities listed in this comp, and thus had little intention of participating. Then I spent the day yesterday helping my parents prepare for a downsizing move, mainly sorting through 60 years of accumulated stuff to decide what moves with them and what goes elsewhere. This book caught my eye: My stepdad has been a fairly well acclaimed artist for decades here on Maui, and has accumulated a collection of books on the subject over the years that is vast and wide ranging. The majority of his collection will be donated to Friends of the Library. But happening upon this book, the author immediately beckoned my attention - so home it went with me. I decided to pair this well written short treatise on the virtues of painting as a pastime with a relatively young Sir Winston (MOL Jun 17) and three fingers of some damn fine Bourbon. And what a unique treat of a pairing this was. The book begins with several pages of an incredibly well written argument for taking up painting as a healthy antidote to the mental rigors of every day life...keeping in mind that every day life for Sir Winston Churchill was anything but ordinary. The cigar starts out extraordinarily tasty, as one can expect from such a fine smoke. Sweet cedar, toffee, baking spices, and a touch of almond extract. Such a treat. This is perfectly complimented by the Col. E. H. Taylor Rye Boubon, which has bright flavors of caramel and honey on a backbone of oaked goodness. It turns out Winston Churchill discovered and took up painting at the age of 40. This quickly became an important outlet for a completely different type of mental stimulation than he was accustomed to, and became a necessary diversion from the darkness of war that surrounded him and consumed his daily attention. Far from being a commander and architect of such a high-stakes and challenging endeavor, I can certainly relate to the need for meaningful change ups in one’s life in order to achieve some sort of balance. About halfway through the cigar, changes develop. The sharper notes of cedar soften into freshly baked bread, along with a more intense combination of honey, caramel, and of course the wonderful baking spices that really help define this cigar. At one point in the book, Winston Churchill asserts that taking up painting as a pastime mid life requires a certain Audacity. In the excerpt below, he describes his very first experience of putting paint to canvas: In the final throes of the cigar, a slight bite enters - a sign of youth no doubt - but the main flavors remain pleasant to the end. The Sir Winston is quite complex with slight changes throughout, yet remains very simple in its impeccable balance of flavors. A beautiful cigar that was perfectly complimented by a unique sample of the wisdom and wit of the man himself. Cheers!
  5. Look at the date again, only this time think European. Took me a bit too.
  6. At least it appears to be a real Cohiba...maybe.
  7. I think you’re referring to the Edmundo Dantes, which aren’t Montecristo.
  8. My elderly mom and stepdad have decided to downsize. Escrow closes in 3 weeks. For the next month or so of weekends, I expect to be doing a lot of the heavy lifting - both figuratively and literally.
  9. Islandboy

    Dry boxing questions

    I don’t disagree, I find generally the cigars stored at 64% taste and burn fine....after 6 months to a year in the humi. Anything more recent seems to benefit from a little dry boxing time.
  10. Islandboy

    Dry boxing questions

    I’m no dry boxing guru, but FWIW I simply take sticks out of my humidor at 64% and place them in a box that's sitting in the air-conditioned room at roughly 58% for up to a week. In my experience, this seems to usually have a positive effect on taste and burn, but does little to cure a tight draw. If a cigar is plugged (welcome to the world of CC’s) I doubt that a week or even a month at slightly lower RH is going to have a significant effect. This is where the PerfectDraw tool comes in handy.
  11. If you’re gonna be a fat Bastid, you may as well be a happy, contented one
  12. I know what you mean. But hey, it’s temporary. Before I know it, half the year will be gone and I’ll need to start working on qualifying for Fat Bastid 2020.
  13. Yes, and hairy legs
  14. I’m big guy at 6’4”, and my toes hanging 10 on my scale give away my size 15 feet, so I’m used to being a bit of a clydesdale among my fellow featherweight mountain bikers. But the perfect storm of no exercise for months/stressful work schedule/copious amounts of food and booze over the holidays had me at a new and shocking record high. Your announcement for this couldn’t have been better timed. My strategy is as simple as it gets: Ride my bike, eat veggies and fish, ride my bike, eat smaller meals, ride my bike, drink less booze, ride my bike, eat dinner earlier, ride my bike, try not to break my bike. 120.6 kilos at weigh goal is to be south of 108 mid March.
  15. Stay focused Gents! I’ve dropped 4 kilos since weigh in, but then I broke my bike on Friday....because I’m a fat Bastid! Thankfully there’s a thing called 2nd day air. Let’s shed some weight!!

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