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  1. Nothing like pulling your lighter out of a pineapple’s arse to impress your friends.
  2. This incident appears in the movie “Wasp Network”, which I stumbled upon on Netflix recently. It’s a pretty good watch, I can recommend it, especially to this crowd. But, depending on how factual it portrays the events and circumstances, there appears to be more to this incident than the article above suggests (as usual).
  3. 898 on a Friday night. What a perfect vitola, hard to imagine it fading away. Happy Aloha Friday!
  4. I spent a few days there mountain biking...right about 11 years ago. Amazing experience.
  5. Entering the final 3rd of what has been an outstanding Esmeralda, with some Four Roses Single Barrel for good measure. Cheers!
  6. This may come in handy on Mars, but other than that, count me out.
  7. H Upmann PSP awesomeness from our illustrious host...and some dark and oily Sancho Panza Belicosos.
  8. Agree with Esplendidos and Sir Winstons being tops. I also think Lusitanias aren’t far behind, if the Partagas profile agrees with you. Another sleeper in the DC range is RAG. I’ve yet to meet a RASS I like, but RAG is a completely different animal with its graham cracker element.
  9. I’m not familiar with beads, but FWIW, I know here in Hawaii, where ambient humidity is higher than average, it takes 62% Bovedas to achieve a steady 65%-66% in my humidors, so it appears there’s a fair bit of variability with them depending on conditions.
  10. Hmm...perhaps it was licorice I was tasting. It was some dark, concentrated sweetness that I found really kinda ruined every stick for me.
  11. Just one man’s opinion here - it’s your birthday, fire one up, chances are you won’t be disappointed.
  12. Based on my experience, which may be skewed by having had an off box, it’s a totally different blend that barely resembles an HU. I smoked through a 2014 box over the last 4 years, finally smoked the last one recently. The whole time, I was waiting for the taste to come around to something H Upmann-like....never happened. Every stick over the years was consistently the same with a strange stone-fruit element dominating - didn’t care for them at all. And H Upmann is one of my favorite Marcas. It was either a bad batch, or it’s a blend that doesn’t play well with my palette.

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