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  1. Very nice boxes, from what translates to...the house of batshit? 😁
  2. While Optic’s enjoying his morning cigar and coffee, I’m just getting started on Friday evening. Gotta love this place! Aloha Friday gang!
  3. Should've left the driving to your butler.
  4. This one’s not even close for me. The Mac is polished pop, the Floyd is far more meaningful and sophisticated musically. I would have gone with Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma over Rumors.
  5. I’m with @wineguy for similar reasons. The 80’s were all about college and dirt biking - at least one of which I excelled at. Good times. In the 90’s I mistakingly concluded I should grow up, so I sold my beloved highly modified Honda XR500 and bought a set of golf clubs. It took most of the decade to realize what an idiot I had been.
  6. This may have been the most enjoyable box to open, ever. The presentation...the aroma...oh my.
  7. With all the lawyers on the forum, I’m sure we’ll have a clear answer to the question in no time.
  8. Although I think the variables involved make it a bit more complex, I’ve arrived for the time being at a similar conclusion to the OP’s. The biggest current example being that I find my 2018 HU 2’s much more enjoyable than the HU 2 Reservas I have. The Reservas are very smooth, but lack character and, well, flavor. Like the OP, I’m also going to inevitably find out about the effects of age on my collection... hoping for the best!
  9. Worked all day to help with installation of a whole-house AC system in my house. By this time tomorrow, we’ll all be cool as a cucumber. Up until now only the master bedroom and the humidor room have been air conditioned. Priorities man, priorities.
  10. I consider a petit robusto a short smoke, and my current favorite is a QdO 50. Elegantly tasty.
  11. The incendiary things on Twitter...and the twats who tweet them. Oh and the cigar, if you can call it that, is definitely Cosho.

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