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  1. I must be the only guy on the forum who finds no practical use for the CoSho, mainly due to it’s size. To me it's over as soon as it begins, lacks any depth of flavor, burns hot and irregularly, feels too much like a cigarette, and you have to smoke it like a joint. They do look kinda cool though. Carry on.
  2. I taste it more often in a few of the lighter NC's I enjoy, Illusione Epernay for example. But tea is what differentiates Trinidads from most other CC's IMO.
  3. Based on several posts, El Prez apparently excels at this. While I wouldn't want to be Rob (that would just be creepy), I do envy some of the meals I've seen, especially the stuffed squid Ayala.
  4. I find it a bit interesting that despite the results indicating a significantly higher scam rate than many expected, a few of those answering yes are questioning the integrity of those who responded with "no". Let me just say to those doubters, while it took a healthy sense of skepticism and a fair bit of research, getting scammed hasn't been very hard to avoid.
  5. Glad I read this, as I’ve also had pretty poor results with mine so funny taste though. Turns out I’ve been far too aggressive with my tool, shoving it all the way in. I guess I need to take a more delicate approach. Same goes for my PerfecDraw
  6. Nope. I never jump right into anything until l’ve done a fair bit of homework, and luckily I have a good BS meter that keeps me from listening to the wrong people.
  7. Cohiba H Upmann RyJ Bolivar Montecristo
  8. Islandboy

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I’m enjoying the same bourbon tonight, very nice!
  9. Those are naturally occurring spots in the tobacco leaves long before the cigar was rolled. Probably caused by a long gone pest in the fields. Pretty common. Anyone telling you it's mold, or plume which is just another word for mold, is doing you a disservice. Water spots show up as greenish blemishes. So not that either.
  10. Islandboy

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2016 Sir Winston. I'm just bathing myself in the aroma.
  11. Thanks. I forgot to officially time it, but it was a nice, slow burner, and I was savoring it, so I’d guess very close to 2 hrs.
  12. I could have missed it, but I haven't seen this come up on 24:24 yet. It's pretty much a European release, my sister picked some up for me while in Berlin a few months back.
  13. I'm interested in hearing what comes through for others with this cigar. It still seems pretty incredible to me how the core flavors of the marca are there, blended so well with this completely new element of concentrated currant.
  14. This is Hoyo de Monterrey’s latest LCDH release, the Escogidos. It measures 49 x 7 ⅛”, just a half inch shorter than the Double Corona, a size known as Pacos. I had my first one a few weeks back and it was quite enjoyable. The Hoyo review weekend is the perfect excuse to dip my grubby hands into the box again. Appearance and aroma are beautiful. The chocolate brown wrapper has a silky sheen to it, with a smell of fine tobacco and new-car leather. I purposely picked one that had a little give to it, and draw is spot on. There were a couple of solidly packed sticks that I passed on - I only hope they’re not plugged. Within the first few puffs, I’m greeted by a couple of classic Hoyo flavors - toasted graham cracker and cream. Smoke starts out a little thin, but steadily increases. A little further into the first third toasted coconut appears, and the cigar is now tasting very much like the best Epi 2’s I’ve had. And this is where things start to get really interesting. I start getting the same dark fruit flavor I experienced in the first one. Raisins, wow. This soon becomes a bowl of raisin bran with creamy milk. Not only is this cigar delicious, it may actually be providing fiber. The dark fruit flavors along with the graham cracker keep evolving, becoming more concentrated. I honestly wasn’t expecting this complexity, it’s quite stunning, and much better than the first one. It’s actually tasting like a 3 year old RASS now, with graham cracker in the mix. Yeah, picture that. At about halfway, the concentration of flavors continues, and marzipan enters the picture. The total package just transported me back to my childhood and to New Zealand where my family spent a month. There was a raisin biscuit in the stores, with a sweet, flaky crust, and a currant paste on the inside. I’m there, eating one. Absolutely gorgeous. I’m being blown away by this cigar and it’s vibrant flavors. Very un-Hoyo like flavors, I might add. As I enter the final third I have to slow my pace a bit, as a slight bitterness creeps in if it gets too hot. Slowing down eliminates this, bringing me back to nirvana again. And so it goes. This cigar was stunningly good, right down to the nub. Top 10 experience for me, the complexity is impressive. I give it a 94 right now. Not sure how it will change with age - not sure I want to find out. I highly recommend getting your hands on one. Cheers!
  15. Islandboy


    Now, about that fire...

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