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  1. Nice review...of a really good cigar imo. Got a fiver when they came out, only have one left because I couldn’t keep my hands off of them.
  2. Some recent arrivals, all nice 2020 stock, the first 2 from our host.
  3. I’ve definitely had a bright, crisp fruit flavor like apple from SLR Regios - even apple strudel. Never from RASS...that’s all stewed prune to me, and despite several attempts, we just don’t get along. My next pick was QDO 54 with its lighter nuanced profile, although I don’t recall ever pinpointing apple per se.
  4. This evening I chose a Cuaba Salomones - aptly coded LGR Dic 17. Very pleasant really...nice subtle balance of peanuts, hay, cedar and cocoa. Cheers!
  5. Sticking my nose in a box is one of the great pleasures I’ve come to appreciate in my short 6 years of collecting cigars, and nothing compares to the pungent uniquely Cuban aromas that come from a box of Partagas 898’s. The smoking experience that follows is equally satisfying.
  6. Surprisingly, the pandemic has had a very strange effect here on Maui - starting a year ago, anyone with money suddenly wants to relocate from their CONUS city dwelling to here. As a result, the housing market is through the roof, inventory at an all time low, and high-end residential projects are booming. As a project manager working for a GC, my head is spinning on a daily basis. An evening cigar really comes in handy in times like these.
  7. Don’t know about the rest of the world, but in the US this currently sits on the threshold between being funny and being true...
  8. Agreed, recent Mag 50’s have been pretty amazing.
  9. Easily it was an absolutely heavenly La Flor de Cano Grandiosos 2013.
  10. The Turmeric tonic is almost fluorescent orange and long gone (tastes quite good though)....that’s definitely my evening Maui tonic you’re looking at
  11. Yeah, these are a bit underrated, me thinks - and they really seem to age well, in the short term at least. At 4 years old, this one had a bouquet of flavors that simply weren’t there in the beginning. I also just had a MAR box land, so really looking forward to seeing if there’s any noticeable difference. I doubt it could get any better than last night’s cigar, but at the least construction should be impeccable.
  12. Par for the course in US social media, everyone is conveniently placed in one box or the other by a vocal minority. There’s so much more to the bigger picture, and collateral damage impossible to foresee. We each take our best shot at improving the immediate future, somewhat blindly, and deal with the consequences, sometimes personally. That’s my take. Carry on.
  13. LMB Jun 17 PSE2...I can always count on these to deliver the goods, this one is exceeding my expectations. Cheers!
  14. My oldest Lusis just turned 4. Based on the last couple smoked, in the last year they got a bit creamier and developed a totally unexpected beautiful vanilla element.

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