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    Mountainbiking, Vegetable Gardening, Rescue Animals, Stargazing, Transcendiary Cigars. And Beer of course.

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  1. BBF, JL2 & Regios are smoking well ROTT for me.
  2. Islandboy

    24:24 THURSDAY

    Interesting outlook. None of my E2’s are UAO and they’re absolute crackers. Can’t even imagine them being any better.
  3. Islandboy

    24:24 THURSDAY

    Oops...too late.
  4. Islandboy

    24:24 THURSDAY

    Same boat on La Trova. My second choice in this whole line up would be PSE2.
  5. Islandboy

    24:24 THURSDAY

    I’m hoping the QdO’s AND the Sancho Panzas distracted everyone from the La Trovas
  6. As with cigars, I like a little mongrel in my peanut butter. Always crunchy, never smooth.
  7. Interested in the opinions of those in the know on this as well. I really like the mongrel taste explosion of my year old HU #2’s. I’ve also got a handful of HU #2 Reservas that are on the complete opposite side of the spectrum...almost too smooth. I’m having a hard time imagining the regular sticks mellowing out that much in 5 or 6 years. In fact, I’m kind of hoping they don’t.
  8. Islandboy

    Could you have a Rat as a pet?

    As much as I love, no. But I give both Beck and Di credit for making it look enjoyable. Can rats be spayed/neutered?
  9. Islandboy

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Serious accomplishment, congratulations!
  10. Islandboy

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Enjoying a smooth transition into the weekend. Aloha Friday gang!
  11. This kinda sums it up for all of us, haha....
  12. Revisiting an old college favorite, back when “swing like a monkey from a coconut tree” had profound meaning 😆
  13. Islandboy

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    The first one from my first box - MSA Dic 17. Fantastic, just love these flavors. Need more.
  14. I second that the QdO is too young, won’t taste anything like it should.

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