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  1. Well, after avoiding it for over 2 years, finally got Covid 3 weeks ago. Mild flu symptoms for 3 days, no fever, but it definitely took the wind out of my sails as far as my exercise routine. And comfort food crept back I took a few steps backwards. But all temporary, established some very good habits thanks to this comp, and I’ve started picking them back up as I emerge from the funk.
  2. I don’t think the new pricing has really sunk in to my brain yet, the reality being that it’s unlikely I’ll ever buy Cohiba or Trinidad again, but I’ll take a La Trova or Esmeralda over a Siglo VI or CoRo most any day. So I voted for the long just won’t be me making that happen.
  3. Man, I had a Caldwell “The King is Dead” last night from a sampler I received - it was quite a unique taste treat. I was getting mocha, baking spices and vanilla, then I looked up some tasting notes, and there it was: Whopper candy!! May have to go back for more on this one.
  4. “For fullest enjoyment, these cigars should be stored in a humidor”. They forgot to add “and never set fire to”.
  5. See now that would be how I’d describe Epi 2.
  6. OK, I’ll start the confusion process, since no one else dares I’m not a good judge of strength, as nicotine doesn’t really affect me noticeably, so I’m coming strictly from a boldness of flavor assessment. The only thing I’d say is I find recent Mag 50 to be bolder than anything in tier 3. That’s it.
  7. Another fan of Casdagli DOTW here. Not into the sledgehammer-peppery NC’s at all (My Father, ‘I’m looking at you), but I do like my NC’s earthy and full of interesting aromatic flavors- that’s Casdagli all day long. My other favorite in the category is God of Fire by Carlito - Carlos Fuente Jr’s finest work IMO. I know the GOF by Don Carlos is blended to be a bit milder, but I don’t find the Carlito peppery myself, just wonderfully complex in its full earthy flavors.
  8. I completely agree with this, which is also to suggest I think there will be opportunities for the average Joe that come out of the current situation. Like many here, I spent the last 5 or so years building a nice collection of Habanos stuff, and it was fun while it lasted, but I don’t think that market environment will ever be the same. It seems the shortage has opened some doors for enterprising individuals to make Farm rolls and Cuban customs fairly attainable, which suits my palate just fine. Only time will tell if this is a lasting paradigm shift.
  9. I’m having a good look at the photo, doing my best to imagine’s not working.
  10. I have to respectfully disagree with this. How is trading cigars for cigars different from trading money for cigars? It’s an agreed upon exchange of property and the full ownership of such. Now if one of the parties in a trade truly took advantage of the other using deliberate misleading information on value, that’s definitely shameful behavior for a BOTL to engage in, IMO.
  11. I mean, I don’t think any of us truly know what a certain cigar is going to be worth 2 years from now. I would’ve never guessed the current situation 2 years ago.
  12. As others have already mentioned, the RH numbers you’ve shared, both the assumed average being a bit high, and the fluctuations wreaking havoc, are likely contributors to this. I’d venture to guess the majority of us here stick to a 62-66 range, rarely does anyone prefer higher.
  13. I prefer the N1 over the N3, and I prefer the N3 Rosado over the N3 Maduro.
  14. Not into the new packaging at all....I'm finding myself increasingly disappointed by EL’s and recent limited releases, and the fancy packaging just seems completely superficial with an intent to distract attention from the fact that the contents are mostly mediocre. I want artisan cigars first and foremost, couldn’t care less what they come in.
  15. What a fantastic new favorite. Never seen it here before yesterday when I was in Costco, four bottles left on the shelf, quickly looked up a few reviews, grabbed 2 bottles. Glad I did, best tasting Gin I’ve had.
  16. Hidden behind rubber slippers....hmm, sounds like a Hawaiian was involved in the planning.
  17. Nice! Nothing like a bright green Mojo to impress the ladies, haha. I remember having bar ends back in the day...I actually find myself missing that extra hand position on climbs every now and then. I look forward to their comeback 😆
  18. I’ve stuck to my plan to eat healthier and ride my bike regularly much better than I thought I would by now, but there’s definitely some splurging on the weekends happening - I’d give myself an 8. Results are a mixed bag. I would’ve hoped to have lost a bit more weight by now, but I can honestly say I feel better than I have in a few years, my occasional heart palpitations are completely gone, and I have more energy and focus - I’ll go with a 6 here...maybe even adjust it for age up to 7. And now for some Keto porn. This has become a pretty typical homemade lunch for me during the comp - grilled Chilean sea bass with herbs, steamed broccoli, some borlotti beans, all on a bed of spinach.
  19. Been a mountain biker for over 20 years, proud to say at 60 I’m still doing the climbs and hitting the trails like a kid, albeit not quite as fearlessly as I did in my 40’s. I spent most of that decade doing Xterra off-road triathlons, all on my trusty 2000 Cannondale Jeckyl, one of the more innovative full suspension rides at the time. I did some crazy shit on that bike. The frame finally cracked, got the front half mounted on the wall as a hat rack these days 😁 I’ve had an Ibis Mojo HD3 for about 7 years now, love this bike. Kinda stopped riding last year for whatever reason, but I’ve been on it 4 times a week now since the end of January, just now feeling like my climbing legs are back under me. Bought a gravel bike about a year ago, figuring I needed to start my transition into my 60’s with a more tame option. Stayed with Ibis, got a Hakka MX with carbon wheels. Immaculate piece of machinery but I‘ve pretty much hated the 3 rides I’ve had on it to date, hahaha. I’m still a hard core full suspension dirt rider at heart, hate riding on roads. But I just need to expand my gearing with 2x, so the hilly lightly travelled road on the backside of West Maui can be managed, which was my loose plan when I bought the damn thing. Had some amazing adventures on this beast, with its Lefty front suspension strut. She was a head turner, and tough as nails. Good luck with your project bike. Ride ‘em if you got ‘em!
  20. I’m impressed with the El Laguito series too. Definitely a bit young when you get into the second half, can’t wait to see what these are like with several years down.
  21. Lazy Saturday morning C&C, with a 2019 Carlotta....really impressive how these and the N1’s have evolved so far.
  22. Damn...I read the post heading and thought we had a new source for cigars

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