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  1. Well, after avoiding it for over 2 years, finally got Covid 3 weeks ago. Mild flu symptoms for 3 days, no fever, but it definitely took the wind out of my sails as far as my exercise routine. And comfort food crept back I took a few steps backwards. But all temporary, established some very good habits thanks to this comp, and I’ve started picking them back up as I emerge from the funk. 



  2. Man, I had a Caldwell “The King is Dead” last night from a sampler I received - it was quite a unique taste treat. I was getting mocha, baking spices and vanilla, then I looked up some tasting notes, and there it was: Whopper candy!!

    May have to go back for more on this one.

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  3. OK, I’ll start the confusion process, since no one else dares :D

    I’m not a good judge of strength, as nicotine doesn’t really affect me noticeably, so I’m coming strictly from a boldness of flavor assessment. The only thing I’d say is I find recent Mag 50 to be bolder than anything in tier 3. That’s it.

  4. Another fan of Casdagli DOTW here. Not into the sledgehammer-peppery NC’s at all (My Father, ‘I’m looking at you), but I do like my NC’s earthy and full of interesting aromatic flavors-  that’s Casdagli all day long. My other favorite in the category is God of Fire by Carlito - Carlos Fuente Jr’s finest work IMO. I know the GOF by Don Carlos is blended to be a bit milder, but I don’t find the Carlito peppery myself, just wonderfully complex in its full earthy flavors.

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  5. 50 minutes ago, Cletus said:

    My son uses my wife's '96 GT Karakoram as his daily commuter.  He wanted me to remove the sweet bar ends but I had to veto that request.  It's a little small for him hence the ridiculously high seat tube.  Steel is real.

    My mountain bike looks suspiciously like @Islandboy 's bike, though Colorado's got slightly taller mountains than Maui.

    Nice! Nothing like a bright green Mojo to impress the ladies, haha.

    I remember having bar ends back in the day...I actually find myself missing that extra hand position on climbs every now and then. I look forward to their comeback 😆

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  6. I’ve stuck to my plan to eat healthier and ride my bike regularly much better than I thought I would by now, but there’s definitely some splurging on the weekends happening - I’d give myself an 8.

    Results are a mixed bag. I would’ve hoped to have lost a bit more weight by now, but I can honestly say I feel better than I have in a few years, my occasional heart palpitations are completely gone, and I have more energy and focus - I’ll go with a 6 here...maybe even adjust it for age up to 7.

    And now for some Keto porn. This has become a pretty typical homemade lunch for me during the comp - grilled Chilean sea bass with herbs, steamed broccoli, some borlotti beans, all on a bed of spinach. :hungry:


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  7. 7 hours ago, Spaceman Spiff said:

    AoC El Laguito Novedosos Custom - i have to say, I am way more impressed by these than I expected to be. I will certainly be getting more!

    I’m impressed with the El Laguito series too. Definitely a bit young when you get into the second half, can’t wait to see what these are like with several years down. 

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