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  1. We’ve all been there. Well, not really, just trying to make you feel better, heh heh. Thanks for the review, it’s timely as I just recently picked up a box of these. After hitting the “purchase” button, I read a bunch of reviews on FoH that indicated these were notoriously under filled. I’m hoping for the best - they certainly smell heavenly.
  2. Welcome Phil, better start making room in your humidors now that you have the taste of blood from 24:24. Being the Islandboy that I am, every past visit to Vegas has resulted in sensory overload, but luckily I have a co-worker who frequents the place, and happily brings me back Opus X specialties from Casa Fuente. I’m a bit jealous you get to experience that.
  3. This. I trust only my palate, and its ability to recognize artisanal talent that resonates with me. I embrace the mystique within. I couldn’t care less about the purported integrity of the origins of raw materials involved.
  4. Nice to see a sunset after nearly a week of rainy days. Such is life in the tropics at times during rainy season. Cheers gang!
  5. Everything about this screams fake, I’m afraid. And the bands are very bad with a close look. As just one example, look at the varying spaces between the top row of dots and the gold border - not only does one row of dots not have any space between the border, it’s actually half covered by it.
  6. Sounds like they’re in the “sick period” that I experience in years 2-3 with so many cigars. Haven’t sampled one out of my bundle this year...sounds like I should wait another year or so. Thanks for taking one for the team.
  7. It’s painful to look long enough to confirm, but I do believe those are classic budgie smugglers he’s sporting.
  8. MUP Oct 17 Fundie on a Saturday night, chillin to Doobie Brothers “Taking it to the Streets”. Aloha gang!
  9. I have a box of great looking Picadores that have all been duds so far - no taste, and every one has had burn issues. I keep going back to it as time goes on, hoping for a miracle, but they now have 5 years on them, and still nothing. It’s a bummer because I know they’re probably really tasty little buggers normally, but this experience has kept me from buying another box.
  10. This sounds really good, I love anything where lime and rum are involved. And lord knows I can use a little culture in my I bought all the ingredients today. I was pretty surprised Tamura’s had all the minor ingredients exactly as called out, and they had some 15 yr El Dorado - something I’ve never seen there before. Ready for lift off. So....what are we calling it? a Habana Mike?
  11. Haha, surf Reddit and watch cat who in their right mind would do that?
  12. ETP Mar 16, from 24:24 about the second-to-last time they were up. I’ve been waiting patiently for the 5 year milestone to crack into the box, and today’s close enough for me. Very nice so far, smooth and creamy.
  13. I’m pretty sure that if I had started my appreciation of Cuban cigars back when @PigFish did, instead of only 5 years ago, and I built my collection then the way I am now, I’d feel the same way....and I’d be quite content sitting on the pile of absolute gems I’d now have. So in this respect, I totally agree with Ray’s perspective. But it’s a different era for Cuban cigar lovers, with different options for those like myself who seek variety. The passion for the cigar hasn’t changed, just the rules. And in adapting to these differing times, one can’t deny that RE’s and LE’s, and perhaps just as importantly, LCDH’s are part of the mix, and many do offer a slightly different take on a Marca that is otherwise unavailable. That is, if one can get over the cost premium. People tend to focus on value, and I can’t fault that. But when it comes to cigars, value is so subjective it rarely factors for me. And this is odd given that I’m not at all independently wealthy. But I’m betting that my quest to experience quality and variety in this hobby is not unlike most, and for me, having the opportunity to smoke 2 or 3 ok cigars only to find the 4th one to be absolutely amazing and perfectly enhance the moment is priceless. Some RE’s and LE’s are crap, but some are amazing and unique tasting. Many vetted suggestions have been made, which definitely weeds out some of the riff raff. I say go for it.
  14. I’d had a few previously that I thought were quite good, but I plucked an Esmeralda from the box a few weeks back that was simply sublime.
  15. The twang is strong with this one. Happy Aloha Friday gang!
  16. FWIW, The Habanos website offers this generic description of LFDC, and I assume it applies to regular production, although Eligidos does not appear in the line up at this time: At a medium price level, Flor de Cano cigars offer a good balance between flavour and aroma. Today all Flor de Cano are Tripa Corta, Totalmente a Mano – short filler, totally hand made – Habanos composed of Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta leaf.
  17. Nothing like pulling your lighter out of a pineapple’s arse to impress your friends.
  18. This incident appears in the movie “Wasp Network”, which I stumbled upon on Netflix recently. It’s a pretty good watch, I can recommend it, especially to this crowd. But, depending on how factual it portrays the events and circumstances, there appears to be more to this incident than the article above suggests (as usual).
  19. 898 on a Friday night. What a perfect vitola, hard to imagine it fading away. Happy Aloha Friday!
  20. I spent a few days there mountain biking...right about 11 years ago. Amazing experience.
  21. Entering the final 3rd of what has been an outstanding Esmeralda, with some Four Roses Single Barrel for good measure. Cheers!
  22. This may come in handy on Mars, but other than that, count me out.

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