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  1. First cigar of the new year, it’s a winner. Setting the tone nicely. Happy New Year gang!!!! I’m finding the ERDM Tainos to be a beautifully versatile pairing cigar, equally at ease with Breakside Wanderlust IPA and Four Roses Single Barrel
  2. A rare moon bow for my birthday. Enjoying a Boli Tesoros when this suddenly appeared in the nighttime sky.
  3. I really enjoy both of these cigars that @99call did very well to describe, but it seems you pretty much answer your own question in the OP.
  4. All solid smokes there in my book, nice hook up. Enjoy!
  5. I’m a fan of early samplings to get a baseline as they change. That said, the first stick from my OER Feb 20 box was waaaay too young. But at least I know.
  6. Not CC, but perfect smoke on a blustery wet Hawaiian day - AF Anejo 48, from one of my first box purchases back in 2014. They went completely flat in years 2-4, but have turned into something worth waiting for in year 6. Cheers! Keeping with the theme, as the wind and whiskey keep me from my chores, but the sun attempts to shine through
  7. So sorry to hear of this, please accept my condolences.
  8. I’m speechless and owe my postal carrier a Christmas gift....I knew these were close, checked tracking first thing this morning, it said they were delivered at 7:34 am. Went outside to find the 2 packages at my door, delivered....on Christmas morning! Wow. Speechless.
  9. UAO Dic 17 on this tropical Christmas Eve. Cheers gang!
  10. Found the gold at the end of the rainbow on my ride today. It made for a slick ride down.
  11. ULA Jul 15...sublime. Today was a good day, I turned this... ...into this Let the seasoning begin!
  12. Wow, enjoying an exceptional ESL Feb 19 Mag 50 this evening. It’s a flavor packed HU experience so far. Cheers!
  13. From a week’s worth of hunting-gathering. I think I finally found something sitting on a shelf collecting dust here on Maui worth reporting. I’ve seen Midwinter Nights Dram mentioned on this forum, but never seen it in the wild, until I spotted this solitary bottle today. And I went back for a second helping of Uncle Nearest after tasting it for the first time recently...I'm really liking it.
  14. I learned that if 2020 were a drink, it would be a colonoscopy prep. Thankfully the sh*tshow appears to be winding down.
  15. Just another reason for your so called “friends” to slip you a Mickey to get to your Behikes.
  16. UEB Dic 17, from our host. First from the box, mighty fine cherries and cream with a nice Cuban twang. Lovely.
  17. It means the cigars you receive will “mostly” be the cigars you ordered....with a few Nicaraguans usually in the mix. That’s been my experience, at least. Wait a I the only one?
  18. About midway through my first single, I knew I was destined to pay the piper. I must say, presentation is a bit over the top for my tastes. Funny, looking at the photos I now see a few sticks with strange spots on them, didn’t even notice this looking at the cigars. Gotta check this out when I get home.
  19. Nice review! I happened to have my Christmas sampler stick last night as well, and found it quite interesting compared to the 2 previous examples I’ve had the opportunity to smoke. The 2 previous sticks matched your review to a tee - very light and delicate in the flavor department, almost too light. But the one last night had a very distinct nutmeg spice component that built as the cigar smoked down. It was almost uncharacteristically rich and flavorful based on my limited experience with these. Hoping to find more like that in my boxes.
  20. Esmeralda from the Christmas sampler, a delicious start. Cheers!
  21. Nice review! I’ve now had all 3 of the EL’s you listed, totally agree that the Propios is the weakest performer, and just not the right size for me. The Senadores and Supremo were both very good, but I found my Senadores just edged out my Supremo, probably just because I found its taste profile a tad more exotic and interesting.
  22. Farming is a difficult way of life to begin with....farming in Cuba sounds absolutely brutal.

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