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  1. Nice review! I’ve now had all 3 of the EL’s you listed, totally agree that the Propios is the weakest performer, and just not the right size for me. The Senadores and Supremo were both very good, but I found my Senadores just edged out my Supremo, probably just because I found its taste profile a tad more exotic and interesting.
  2. Farming is a difficult way of life to begin with....farming in Cuba sounds absolutely brutal.
  3. I received a modern version as a freebie a year ago...took me a bunch of googling to finally figure out what it was for. You’re right, it hasn’t changed much.
  4. Having experienced all 3 of the current QdO’s, I’d say this is mostly a different animal in comparison. I didn’t do a review because I came to the realization a few years ago that I basically suck at picking out specific flavors. Rather, I just recognize when there’s a finely balanced depth to the aromatic experience, and this cigar has it for sure. It’s that depth of flavor and spices that sets it apart from the others. Who knows what it will become with downtime. Yep, that’s the deck of my house in West Maui, it’s a humble abode that just happens to be in a great location, just a few miles from where I grew up. As a working-class shmuck born and raised (and schooled) here, I’m very fortunate to be a homeowner in one of the most expensive places in the US. Most of my high school classmates left the island long ago to pursue the dream. I’ve just followed grandma’s advice and kept my nose to the grindstone ?
  5. This is the star of the Christmas sampler show so far for me. Wonderful aroma, like warm cookies of some sort.
  6. Nice review. I had one from the Christmas sampler the other night and was very impressed. Flavors reminded me of a really good Monte 2, but even richer.
  7. It’s Aloha Friday! Or maybe it’s Saturday. Either way we’ve earned some time in our comfy chair. Cheers gang!
  8. I take a few pre-light puffs, mostly to check draw, as I rarely get much flavor indication this way. I tend to pay more attention to the correlation between the pre-light aroma (nosing the stick) and flavors/smells once lit. Generally, the more pungent the stick, the better the flavors are. I’m not really privy to the science behind this, but I’ve noticed olfactory input is really what allows taste to happen. Try holding your nose while drinking orange juice - can’t taste a thing. It’s the same with cigars for me - the aroma is everything.
  9. Yep, saw this documentary several years ago...great story, and I definitely dig his music and eclectic style.
  10. On Thanksgiving night I had a La Trova and an Esmeralda back-to-back. Granted the La Trova had a couple years on the latter, but La Trova definitely won with a bolder taste profile IMO.
  11. And now for something completely different... I was gifted two of these, from a (semi) celebrity charity golf tournament here last weekend. I’ll leave my opinion of the wisdom of having such an event right now out of it. But the cigar is actually pleasant and tasty - definitely not your average NC. I think it said Honduran wrapper and filler, with Indonesian binder. And not exactly inexpensive I see. Here’s my pet peeve with it though - the band is annoyingly close to the end as you can see, so I went in for early removal. Damn thing wouldn’t budge, and I couldn’t locate a seam at all, so I took the semi-surgical approach and started carefully tearing it away. Turns out it’s glossy paper on both sides, and there’s some level of adhesive on the entire backside. ???!! Needless to say, bits of wrapper came with it. Lovely. Details people, details.
  12. Damn dude, that’s the open bar of my dreams! Happy Birthday!!
  13. Aloha Friday gang! Time to kick the feet up and chill.
  14. Honestly...I’ve pretty much stopped paying attention to grading altogether at this point.
  15. How refreshing it is to read someone’s opinion on a complicated matter of importance and actually agree with the sense it all makes.
  16. Yeah, tubos have been a bit of a mixed bag for me, but they’re just so handy to grab & go. In my experience, the more full-flavored cigars seem to do better in tubos, but I do think tubos are meant to be more of a long-term storage option, as flavors seem to take longer to develop. Not sure if this because the fermentation process is slowed, but it kind of makes sense being they’re not exposed to oxygen the way other storage methods allow. One notable exception are Siglo VI’s, they’ve all been quite rich tasting even young. These Mag 46’s definitely have a different aroma at cold than my boxed sticks, I may have to let them sit a few more years.
  17. Took a chance on some 2016 Mag 46 tubos to accompany my latest purchase, glad I did - they all appear to be well-stored and of great quality.
  18. Partying tonight, ‘till the neighbors are annoyed.
  19. I’m guessing it’s something a female would say. My apologies to all the females reading this.
  20. I have a cat who walks around licking the you both might be onto something here.
  21. Boxes #124 & #125, and believe it or not, this is my first ever purchase of PSD4’s. Can’t wait to try one.
  22. I remember as a kid here on Maui, the long-gone Pineapple Hill restaurant was famous for having green sea turtle stew on the menu. Of course, their numbers started dwindling decades ago, partly because the tiger sharks found them quite tasty as well, and they’ve since been protected.

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