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  1. I’m afraid nothing surprises me these days where people are’s gotten to that point.
  2. Not to mention basic maintenance, which I can tell you will be in the millions annually.
  3. The good news is customs are more readily available than ever outside of Cuba....the bad news is they’re no longer cheap, but hopefully this means more $$ going into the pockets of the farmers and rollers.
  4. Gross...ludicrous...cold...reckless. Words I would use to describe this.
  5. Friends of Huberto - then name the monkey......Huberto!
  6. Thanks John! Well done! I’ve always loved this song, never really tried to play it though. I’d need to get used to the quick chord changes, but as is typical of Paul’s acoustic guitar work, there’s a great rhythm to those changes.
  7. How did you make it work? I’m dying to see this, but I got nothin
  8. Argh...can’t get the video to play on my Mac. I’d love to see this, anyone have a suggestion?
  9. It’s the first from my young box, some would say way too young, but if tomorrow never comes, at least I experienced honor of Habana Mike. Aloha O’e my friend.
  10. I can only imagine the professional consulting costs just to pick out that color, followed by the committee meetings and debates to approve it.
  11. Same’ll be a “no time like the present” stick in honor of the man, for sure.
  12. I love my Esmeraldas partly because of the flawless construction and perfect burn when young. Never had an issue with one.
  13. Wow, I read the thread title and my brain was in complete denial, insisting I was reading it wrong. It’s still inconceivably tragic news. This will definitely leave a hole in our universe. Condolences to his loved ones, as I’m sure there are many.
  14. Haha...I love how El Prez’s story goes from 0-60 in about 3 seconds.
  15. Sad news, I’ve seen that face on his “Cuban Cigars, Culture and Lifestyle” blog.
  16. $6 a cigar...soon to be known as the good ole days. You can still get them now, for a little while anyway, but they’re $20 - $23 a stick. I’m enough of a fool for that toasted hazelnut to pay the piper. Looking forward to getting a few years on them.
  17. Damn, this is me, at 60. Maybe not so much hating going to the doctor - after all, I did request a check up with a dermatologist a few years ago, knowing the lifetime of sun exposure I’ve foolishly subjected myself to, and with his sharp eye, he’s successfully identified 2 spots of stage zero melanoma on my back that have since been removed. Needless to say, he’s not just a dermatologist to me anymore, he’s now my dermatologist and a helluva guy, and he has me come in every 6 months for a full-blown exam. But I do have high cholesterol and moderately high blood pressure (although the latter drops pretty quickly with exercise), and my doctor has suggested I be on statins. But I just can’t bring myself to accept being on a medication like that for the rest of my life. I assured him 3 years ago I would bring it under control with diet and exercise....easier said than done, as confirmed with follow-up bloodwork. But turning 60 in less than stellar shape at the end of last year has been a bit of a wake up call so far, and thanks in part to the extra motivation provided by the Fat Bastid Competition, I’ve at least started the process of seriously establishing some much needed changes in diet and exercise. And it helps tremendously that after just 5 weeks, I can already feel some of the positive effects of my efforts. But I do recognize, after reading stories like Ross’, that I need to make it stick this time. I’m grateful that Christine (and you, Rob) wanted to share this information with the FoH community.
  18. Lately I’ve been filling them with farm rolls and Nudies.
  19. Just catching up on this latest discussion here, have something I really want to share before we move from this depressing subject back to the original depressing subject. My little sister just shared with me the “almost final” version of a documentary that my BIL’s 18 year old nephew has worked on since he was 14. He’s quite obviously a prodigy in his own right, if nothing else, for being acutely aware of just where earth is heading, and why it’s unlikely society is willing to change course. But he’s an incredible filmmaker as well. I can’t share the film, as it will be released very soon in it’s final version, but here is the film’s website, it’s called “Eden’s Last Chance” I’m a pretty jovial, glass-half-full fellow, but this film left me sitting there stunned by the end. Literally couldn’t move for about 10 minutes, except to wipe a few tears from my eyes. And as if the challenges aren't immense enough for today’s youth, we now have to watch the unthinkable happening in Ukraine.
  20. Eww...not sure what to think about what I just read...hoping the author is just blowing smoke up our arses.
  21. I was hoping for more, considering all the mountain biking I’ve been doing (and forcing myself to do), but I’ve got some good momentum going. I just have to remember that I’ve been slowly trading some of my fat for muscle in the last 4 weeks. I’ve also been pretty good about eating healthier for the last 4 weeks, and I definitely feel the results of that in my energy, mental clarity, etc. I have to say that my digestive system has had to get used to all of the legumes I now wife, on the other hand, has not adjusted well to them at all.
  22. Bonus points if they end up in the neighbor’s yard. Triple score if it’s a Cohiba band.
  23. I play this game where I chuck ‘em in the ashtray, then see where in the yard they mysteriously show up months later. I swear those things have wings.

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