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  1. That’s beyond ingenious. Gonna pass this on to our local truss shop.
  2. New Sunday morning favorite from the vault - 6 year old Cuaba Exclusivo. Recently dug this forgotten box out, wow - vanilla and baking spices galore!
  3. Got lucky at my local liquor store today. My money’s on barrel 44 in warehouse H.
  4. Something that lasts about 2 hrs and makes me say “dayum!” out loud. I think I just described a Bushido, gonna go with it.
  5. Yeah, hurdles would go something like...ouch!....ouch!....ouch!!!...ouch!!!...🤣
  6. Found this on Reddit....they’re concerned about the mold.
  7. I’m with you. There was a reason the ancient Greek athletes performed in the nude.
  8. Glad to hear you’re home’s to a speedy recovery.
  9. Haha, I’ve had the same thought....but I doubt that’s how the brain actually works once the goal is met.
  10. I wouldn’t say I hold out for anything, but I definitely have been doing regular checks for Esplendidos, Sir Winstons and Party 898’s. They’ve all been spotted recently, but man you’ve gotta be both lucky and quick these days!
  11. As seen recently at a resort here. Perhaps it’s the latest ploy by the anti-tobacco crowd to rid the planet of a few smokers in spectacular fashion.
  12. This^^^ Factory/date code font is wildly inconsistent and a huge red flag.
  13. 3 more favorites of mine are Juan Lopez #2, H Upmann Mag 54 and RyJ Short Churchill.
  14. I know they’re not readily available, or at least not inexpensively, but I haven’t had anything quite as unique as a Punch Mantua in some time. I can’t really describe it from memory, but there’s some very pleasant aromatic spices that I’ve never experienced before in a cigar.
  15. From our host - a beautiful box of PCC aged Monty 2’s, and a couple more boxes of Taino RE’s....because (x) is never enough.
  16. Aww hell yeah! Got one of these just before Boy Scout camp, blasted the just released Aerosmith “Rocks” tape all summer. Good times.
  17. I say we name them John and George.
  18. Now that they’re 5 years old, I actually do get the stone fruit flavor. The problem is it’s all stewed prune, not my thing.
  19. I’ve got a sleeping ¾ box of RASS that’s now over 5 years old. It’s my second box, I thought maybe the first box was a dud. I’ve given it my best shot to understand the hype, but I’m beginning to think they’re just not in my wheelhouse - which seems strange since everyone and their brother loves them.
  20. Brought to us by the same marketing firm that brilliantly instructed us all on shampoo bottles to “Lather, Rinse, Repeat”.
  21. A couple of absolute crackers from our host.
  22. Pink Floyd and an Escogido - pretty close to perfection there, both absolutely brilliant. I scored 2 boxes from the initial release, which have sadly proven to be notoriously tight rolls. Time is helping though, and the last one I had was mind-blowingly delicious - far more flavorful and interesting than my HDC’s. I’m definitely stocking up on the more recent offerings.
  23. For the question at hand, I’d take VI over IV...for both flavor profile and size preference. FWIW, I’d take IV over CoRo, and Espy or Piramides over VI, based mainly on flavor profile.

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