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  1. I’ve only had a handful of cigars aged beyond 15 years, but I too have noticed a common flavor theme despite marca - like fine cocoa powder and a hint of apricot.
  2. Wow. Best Kenfessions ever if you could work a cigar and a drink into the saga. Not even gonna mention how easy it was for me, a nobody in the priority scheme, to get my Pfizer shots a few months ago on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Nope, not even gonna mention it.
  3. Timeless advice for the current age, especially the first part. I think I posted a very similar response to a very similar question about 3 years ago, shortly after finding this place. It’s amazing what a toxic, dark place social media has become in general, largely by design just to keep people engaged and enraged. That critical thinking class I took in college many moons ago has served me well.
  4. There’s something about the triple cap on La Trova that looks equal parts aesthetic and utilitarian.
  5. Mmmm...reminds me of a crawfish boil some locals took me to in Thibodaux, Louisiana some 30 years ago. It remains one of the best meals I’ve ever experienced. The gator knows I’m right.
  6. Happily, I get to do both as of 20 minutes ago
  7. I tried watching the olympics on TV once, I coudn't see what all the fuss was about, to be honest.
  8. My UEB Jul 17 box is definitely doin’ the caramel fandango right now - they’re outstanding. But this comes from a guy who has a perfectly good box of 5 year old RASS that I totally don’t get anything remotely tasty out of, so I understand the different strokes for different folks aspect of CC’s.
  9. Did Albert Berry really make the first parachute jump from a plane? Or was he just the first guy to live to tell the tale.
  10. Happy Birthday Diana! I think you should take the day off...right after 24:24 wraps up.
  11. I’m in the minority, I know, but that PL sounds absolutely perfect. Went Dip and PL.
  12. Great Marca and Vitola, anticipating good things here...
  13. Well then...guess I better stop pissing and moaning about receiving a perfect SOU box of PSE2’s in place of MAR.
  14. That’s a no for me. The Cohiba and Taino head embossed on the lid are at least centered from side to side on the box of fugglies on the left, but not even close on the sealed box.
  15. That’s just wrong... Shouldn’t it say something like “Necropost, to the dark side the path is”?
  16. The lack of reasoning boggles my mind.
  17. I’ll probably muck the answer up, given my simplistic good/not good palate, but yes, I think they are close, but also different enough to not be the same at all. Both have typical Partagas trademark tastes, but 898 seems to be the most pungent of the Partagas line, it has more Cuban twang than nearly every other current production stick IMO. Lusi is a more refined Party, whereas 898 is serious barnyard Cuban. Anyone else - feel free to add to this.
  18. Nice review...of a really good cigar imo. Got a fiver when they came out, only have one left because I couldn’t keep my hands off of them.
  19. Some recent arrivals, all nice 2020 stock, the first 2 from our host.
  20. I’ve definitely had a bright, crisp fruit flavor like apple from SLR Regios - even apple strudel. Never from RASS...that’s all stewed prune to me, and despite several attempts, we just don’t get along. My next pick was QDO 54 with its lighter nuanced profile, although I don’t recall ever pinpointing apple per se.
  21. This evening I chose a Cuaba Salomones - aptly coded LGR Dic 17. Very pleasant really...nice subtle balance of peanuts, hay, cedar and cocoa. Cheers!
  22. Sticking my nose in a box is one of the great pleasures I’ve come to appreciate in my short 6 years of collecting cigars, and nothing compares to the pungent uniquely Cuban aromas that come from a box of Partagas 898’s. The smoking experience that follows is equally satisfying.
  23. Surprisingly, the pandemic has had a very strange effect here on Maui - starting a year ago, anyone with money suddenly wants to relocate from their CONUS city dwelling to here. As a result, the housing market is through the roof, inventory at an all time low, and high-end residential projects are booming. As a project manager working for a GC, my head is spinning on a daily basis. An evening cigar really comes in handy in times like these.
  24. Don’t know about the rest of the world, but in the US this currently sits on the threshold between being funny and being true...

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