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  1. I love the unique flavor profile, been stocking up on them recently. I’ve had some with more than 5 years on them, and I actually prefer the youthful mongrel taste at about 2-3 years.
  2. I’m nubbing it now, can say this particular stick has been spectacular, with a nice evolution. Final third is a warm apple strudel with a beautiful cinnamon twang. Delicious in every way.
  3. This is really good, takes me someplace exotic. Aloha Friday gang!
  4. Not an original, and not very Hawaiian, but a nice version by Country Comfort, a band from Waimanalo in the 70’s. Check out their “Best of” album for some really good kick-back, jazzy/mellow Hawaiian music. Billy Kaui was a founder of the band and lead vocalist, sounding a lot like Box Scaggs. He passed way too soon, leaving us with only a few albums from these guys.
  5. It’s my duty to post some Hawaiian favorites Sorry for the lousy video on this one, this is John Cruz playing his latin-influenced instrumental Kahala moon:
  6. Yup, we seem to suddenly be back to warp speed here. Well done!
  7. I’m gonna visualize the cigar in question is Dad, not Mum.
  8. I’m in category 1-C, get my second Pfizer shot next week. There’s recently a surplus in Hawaii, so they’re pretty much offering to everyone at this point.
  9. Wow, turning WiFi off on my phone works brilliantly, thanks for the tip. It’s almost impossible to get around the site on my laptop these days.
  10. Thanks. Funny, I often think the same thing about yours, except that it kinda makes my feet tingle.
  11. I have to agree, of the 3, this was the best. Surprising too since it’s the youngest.
  12. I’ve not experienced the lone regular production stick, nor any of the discontinued ones, but I have managed to secure a box each of the Platinum Paises Bajos, Orgullosos Suiza, Britanicas Extra, and most recently, Inmensos. Most of what I read about the LGC flavor profile sounds great to me, but it sure seems like it takes years for it to blossom. Honestly, I’ve not been real impressed by the 2 Platinums/2 Orgullosos/1 Britanicas I’ve sampled so far, which probably makes my recently sourcing of yet another LGC offering seem a bit absurd. I just have high hopes that the slightly off-putting “b
  13. I blame it on all the demand you guys are creating. Knock it off.
  14. I hate to say it, but it was way better than the Sir Winston. Best cigar I’ve had in March/April.
  15. The blurry thing in the pic is a MEL Dic 16 Sir Winston. Cheers! After an amazing dinner of Kobe Flat Iron steak, an amazing after-dinner good.
  16. I like the dual discussion that has evolved here, with both focused on levels of mediocrity and value. Who knew Ben Affleck and RE/EL’s have something in common? I’ve certainly been chasing some RE’s lately, but mainly to have interesting options with some age, while the rest of my humidor gathers some age of its own, so I agree with most of what’s been said so far. And I know I’m in the minority with this, but I’m not afraid to say that one of my favorite vitolas is sublimes, or anything in that range. I’m a rather large fellow, so they don’t seem “huge” to me, and they present a 2 hr sm
  17. Given my love for HU Mag 54’s I’d give the size a shot, but I’d prefer to do without the price of the fancy packaging.
  18. 👍 Thanks for the tip, I’ll take a look at this. I’m usually pretty handy when it comes to mechanical stuff, but this one has eluded me so far.
  19. What can I say? I’m a sucker for some stunning sublimes.
  20. I really like the FoH lighter, but every single one I’ve had (got 4 sitting on a shelf) has only lasted about 6 months before suddenly not lighting any more, and for no apparent reason. I see the spark, I hear the gas, but no ignition. They’ve been surprisingly consistent in doing this. I’d love to hear of a solution if anyone has knowledge of a fix.
  21. Some reinforcements have arrived. I’m a little concerned that they have an under-filled vibe about them though. I’m currently going through an MUP Oct 19 box that’s unbelievably good, and every cigar is solid to the touch but draws perfectly. Upon arrival, these were just a bit squishy. Hoping it’s just a temporary "heating up in transit” issue. Anyone have any feedback on GLE Esmeraldas?
  22. You have a RAT problem!...a good one to have.
  23. Just starting into an AMO Abr 16 sibling of @inter4alia’s Esplendido above. Buttery smooth as silk so far. Aloha gang! The impeccable construction and razor-sharp burn is real. It’s blossomed into something elegant Finger-burning good!

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