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  1. I’m going to have to at least smoke one more real soon to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, heh heh.
  2. I haven’t had any luck with PG. I’ve been gifted a couple of Gourmet Series sticks in the past, and I almost think they were both dropped in a pool because they had a very off-putting chemical taste like chlorine.
  3. This will be short and sweet, as I didn’t take any photos of the actual experience. But it was too good not to share. Had my first of these last night, and I was pretty blown away. It was basically 2 hrs of bathing in the mesmerizing aroma of amaretto, toasted hazelnut and vanilla. I’ve gotta say, it’s been a while since I’ve had a cigar this good. It’s a behemoth, for sure, but damn was it amazing. And for the record, I only received these a few weeks ago. I’m almost afraid to see how age affects the profile. Aloha Gang!
  4. Saw something really cool in the dead of night a few weeks ago - a Moonbow! Conditions were just right, with the full moon low in the evening sky, and passing trade showers. A perfect compliment to the Pink Floyd I was listening to 😎
  5. I believe bias exists everywhere, and certainly in a magazine that relies on advertising money for its very existence. I agree that the CJ list is meant to represent new releases and that this will affect what makes the list, but I’ve been paying attention to the CA top 25 since 2016, and every single year since there have been exactly 3 Cuban cigars in the list - one in the top 5, one in the top 15, and one in the top 25. I can’t help but wonder what the statistical chances of this data array consistently happening year after year are?
  6. I have a hard time believing that any lawmaker involved in creating this law would look at these results and not think “well that’s kinda stupid”.
  7. Tapping in to one this Christmas evening, and this review is as spot on and detailed as it gets. Far beyond my abilities to decipher it in terms of individual flavors, but exactly what I’m experiencing. Glad I went “deep” on 3 boxes. 😆
  8. That’s crazy, the exact same thing has happened to me - yesterday my wife tested positive with minor cold symptoms, boosters and all. Good thing we’re stocked up on food, toilet paper, cigars and bourbon, aka “the essentials”,and we planned to spend the holiday break at home anyway.... At this point, I kinda figured it would eventually happen.
  9. I bought a box of these here on a whim, pre-Bond Roberts when Rob would devote a week or so of 24:24 to aged stock. 2 of the 5 sticks were plugged beyond hope, but the 3 that weren’t were absolutely delicious. I recall lots of fine cocoa powder dominating, a bit of apricot, and creamy as hell. You’re in for a treat if it isn’t plugged.
  10. I wouldn’t touch it if I were a vendor, it’s practically a no win situation. Anyone on reddit during the recent BBF mystery box offering witnessed the website sell out of them in minutes, and those who were left out spent the next 8 hrs crying like a bunch of teenage girls. It was embarrassing to watch.
  11. Several years back I signed up for a a year's subscription to CJ, thinking that being a Europe-centric mag, I’d get lots of Cuban cigar reviews. Turns out they looove their Nicaraguan pepper-bombs more than I ever imagined - most issues didn’t have a single CC in their review section.
  12. I imagine it will be an exodus of Cuba’s smartest and brightest, which will only worsen a bad situation for the people.
  13. The immediate clue for me is the way the gold taino head isn’t centered on its white background. This is always perfectly centered on an authentic band, and it’s usually the first giveaway.
  14. With my 60th birthday coming up at the end of the month, my wife surprised the shit outta me with a unicorn bottle of Willett Rare Release. And I found some Monkey 47, a new gin to try.
  15. There’s a bike I really want, but I have to buy a skateboard and a unicycle with it. Damn.
  16. Yeah, it’s not really a 109 like we know of, more of a torpedo with a blunt head. It’s on the left, next to an Alex BHK 54 and a Papo BHK 52. The 109 is definitely a different flavor profile than the 54....I really like both, but they definitely need some downtime.
  17. Yes, absolutely Like you, I dipped my toes in some of Alex’s offerings (109’s and BHK 54’s) and immediately went in deeper after smoking the first one. Went in for some Papo BHK 52’s last week, but have not tried one yet. I can tell you they smell amazing, definitely trying one soon.
  18. I’m ashamed to say that I only recently discovered David Gilmour’s 2006 solo album “On an Island”, can’t stop listening to it with a great cigar on the weekends lately...along with his “Live from Gdansk”.
  19. At least this one’s round. My wife bought me the square glass (first version of these, I think) as a novelty. Have you ever tried drinking out of a square glass? No bueno.

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