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  1. I have 3 boxes, all LGR Mar 19. I suppose it could just be a drawn out release, much like we’re seeing with ERDM Tainos and Punch 898? Everything certainly appears legit to me in the photos.
  2. Perfect timing and just what I want to hear, I’m days away from receiving a box of these. Thanks!
  3. Finally a no brainer for me...even sung the tune while reading it.
  4. Makes him hungry....reminds me of some stuff I smoked in college.
  5. I pretty much only have a cigar in the evenings, and club soda with gin and a lime is my go to. I switch to a finger or two of bourbon for the final third.
  6. Same response here, it always catches me by surprise. Guess I should ask for Friday off tomorrow, as things seem pretty calm right now. That’s bound to change now that I’ve said this...
  7. A post-worthy smoke tonight - LGR Sep 18 La Fuerza....fantastic!
  8. Fun things to do on the internet with a Cohiba humidor after you’ve smoked all the original cigars?
  9. We’re here for you man. If knocking your collection down to just 6 or 7 lifetimes will help, we’re here for you. 😁
  10. Since starting collecting in 2016, my plan early on has been to eventually arrive at a substantial amount of aged stock by purchasing more than I consume for some time. And this will also allow me to buy while I’m still working, and enjoy the collection in my retirement. I’m about halfway there, with about a 7 - 8 year stock given one cigar a day. I’m finally consistently smoking sticks with 3-5 years of age, which I consider a nice milestone. I’m mostly interested in stockpiling good regular production standards, but I’ve spent much of the last year throwing money at RE’s and other unique offerings - as a bit of a reward for staying gainfully employed and financially stable through the s*#tstorm. I love everything about this journey.
  11. At the risk of confirming I’m a fool, I think I paid 400 for my box, almost 2 years ago. Glad I did though.
  12. Kinda overdid it by pulling weeds for 7 hrs straight, which I blame on the last 4 weeks of rain. I earned an Esmeralda and a margarita, dammit. Absolutely loving these Esmeraldas.
  13. Yup, Maui Brewing Co is a few blocks north of me...I look out at S-turns surf spot, very near Polynesian Shores. Papakea is a mile or so closer to Ka’anapali. All in the same area. Cool that you recognize the place.
  14. Nice. How are the Orgullosos smoking? I haven’t dipped into my box since an early sample to determine a base.
  15. Saw A recent post suggesting that the original release Talismans were smoking really good now. That’s all I need to hear to make it a special occasion tonight. Aloha Friday gang!
  16. Very good info, thanks! My pet peeve is sitting down to a cigar only to have the experience devolve into a hot, charred-tasting struggle to enjoy. I have a box of BBF’s that are in desperate need of the squeeze you describe.
  17. I definitely have a story that fits the topic. My dad was a banker, but fortunately I dodged that bullet...for some reason I was drawn from an early age to being curious about all things mechanical and getting my hands dirty actually producing something tangible. Went to Oregon Institute of Technology out of HS, got an Associates degree in Diesel Technology, which just means I was a certified heavy equipment mechanic who had to pass a bit of college english and math. Came back home, got a job at Maui Pineapple Company - one of the Island’s largest employers at the time. After 4 years of working on large-scale agricultural equipment hands-on, I was put in charge of the maintenance shop, and after another 4 years, was put in charge of the Harvesting of over 8000 acres of pineapple crops. Did that for 12 years, but it was a mixed bag of stressful fun. Great to spend my time mostly outdoors on Maui, not so great when battling crappy weather at 4 am with acres of ripening fruit we can’t get to, and battling the antiquated union and its clueless powers that be. It was also during this time that Maui Pine had an eye on future executives and wanted to bring people up from within, so they offered to send a few of us middle managers through night school to get our business degrees. In one of the best decisions I’ve made, I took them up on it. Maui Pineapple Company was always a very good company to work for, as they really took care of their employees, but In my 20th year there I was sent to Costa Rica, one of several regions of rapidly growing competition from corporate behemoths like Dole and Del Monte, to observe pineapple operations there. I came back frightened and enlightened, having seen the writing on the wall, and I knew the 100 year old company I worked for was in its final chapter. As comfortable as I was in growing into and knowing my job, it was time to re-invent myself now, at age 45, rather than wait another 5 years when it would be forced upon me. Ugh. Meanwhile, I got to know a guy that I swam with at the local pool who owned his own business designing/manufacturing/installing high-end custom millwork for residential projects. He had been paying attention to where I had found myself career-wise and offered me a job, despite my having no prior experience in the construction industry. He apparently could see future value in my business and organizational skills, but he wisely made it a requirement up-front that I invest a year or so starting at the bottom (carpenter on the installation crew) learning the nuts and bolts. Long story short (a little late for that I guess), I took that leap of faith almost exactly 15 years ago, and couldn’t be happier that I did. At this point we are General Contractors doing both residential and commercial projects, and I’m a project manager and partner in the company. I’m so glad I made the change when I did, I imagine it would be significantly more difficult to re-invent myself now. Oh, and, Maui Pineapple Company ceased operations about 5 years after I left. Timing is everything.
  18. Wow, cool! Thanks MoeFOH and the rest of the FoH tribe. It was certainly an entertaining exercise for me, having contributed before, during and after varying amounts of alcohol consumption
  19. He says “Hey Don, how much do you think I can get for my spongy stogie on Bond Roberts”?
  20. Following highly exaggerated reports of the existence of a Cuban “hip socket” rocket, and after 3 days and nights of swimming through shark infested waters, Hector aka “Nino Diablo”, washes up on the shores of Aruba, and asks the first person he encounters....

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