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  1. The Church Bar about 2 blocks behind the Morrison (right across the river from Temple Bar) has a great outdoor section with heated umbrellas. My go-to for smoking cigars in Dublin.
  2. All quality being equal, I’m a sucker for aged Royal Robustos, but the Petit Edmundos are tempting too. Heck, throw in the D4s while you’re at it. You can’t lose, lol
  3. Had the exact same with a Mag50 this weekend, total bummer
  4. Happy Birthday Di! You rock, so hope you had a great one!
  5. San Cristobal Principes is what I usually offer those who are new to CCs and not heavy smokers of NCs.
  6. 1) Moscow Mules 2) don’t be afraid to break out the blender. If you really want to impress her on a hot day, a simple combo of 60% glass of pina colada followed up by a second batch of strawberry daiquiri to top off the glass. It’s easy and my wife and her friends all act like teenage girls whenever I bust them out.
  7. Congrats. Love the barrel stave ashtray too! Been on my short list for some time now, this might be just what I needed to finally grab one.
  8. Heading to the lake house for the first time in months tomorrow to enjoy just this. I’ll never tire of that setting. There’s just an added level of relaxation that goes with it.
  9. Not even close, shorts all the way. I like the MF, but the shorts are in a league of their own for the size format. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I have a business trip to Dublin I need to plan around that time. Let me know if there are thoughts of organizing a meetup in Dublin too. I might get creative with my schedule [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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