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  1. When I didn't see Nat King Cole in the top 35 and Bono there I quit looking.
  2. This has me very stumped. My first Cuban cigar was a D4 from 2014 and it is what made me fall for this side of the cigar world after enjoying non- Cubans for many years. Since that first D4 I have bought a couple boxes from 2014 and 2015 and had the same great experience as the first. Then things took a wild turn for me. Every D4 box I have bought in the last year was from 2016 (including CUNint). They have been crap. Gross. All green tinted wrappers to varying degrees. Not even close to the 2014/15 boxes. I am talking a struggle to get to the last third to even start to enjoy a little bit of the cigar. It has ruined the D4 for me and I will not buy anymore. I am not setup to age boxes and honestly I do not think even aging the 2016 boxes will bring them back to life. *sigh* But to answer the OP's question: H Upmann Royal Robusto from LUB MAY 14 - I am savoring each and every one.

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