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  1. Look at these little darlings Thanks Diana and El Pres
  2. Oh he will get hurt... the thing is he will just keep playing. That guy is superhuman. As far as the Eagles .. anyone's guess sadly.
  3. Thanks ! Fixed scrolling on iPad instantly
  4. The "books" humidor is the best... Wow what a nice piece that is.
  5. Nope.. I was good tonight. Bummer
  6. From El Presidente Petite Corona Punch Punch
  7. I've been looking at the same ...
  8. "TAD (tobacco acquisition disorder)" Exactly. I have a touch of that. SO when I was out tonight I bought two of the 10 qt Sterilites. If I fill those two, the two desktop tuppidors like pictured, and my wooden desktop humidor that hold my NC's. I will have plenty. And even then my wife may still apply an appropriate amount of the TAD repellent know as FIAT. (Foot In Ass Treatment) thanks for all the recommendations ! Here is the new whole box storage so far. Nice box of Cohiba Siglo 1 still on the way from El Presidente. About to start the "refresh page" syndrome as my TAD is acting up again as it nears 8:30 !
  9. So the 54 QT size Sterlite (I have a Wal-Mart reasonably close) will work to hold a bunch of full boxes and you don't need any additional cedar in there as the cigar boxes are cedar ? Or some of them ? Or am I wrong. Sorry if thats a dumb question but haven't bought that many full boxes ever.. These are my first as a matter of fact ! Just want to make sure Im taking care of them correctly. Thanks for all the replies !
  10. As far as Tuppadors go, I have used a nice one with a cedar tray in it for all the loose sticks El Presidente has supplied and it works out nicely. 4 of the large 62% Boveda packs and a digital hygrometer and I'm good to go. However, now that I've been slightly afflicted with the 24/24 bug, and the resulting symptoms are 4 full boxes (plus one I bought in Aruba), I might look for a bigger container to store the whole boxes in rather than unload into the cedar trays - again with the 4 bigger size Boveda packs. Some boxes are already here in zip lock bags, three still in transit. What would any of you recommend as a good container ? That seals nice I should say - and any good online vendors for such container. I really don't mind using these setups I buy online they way they are - But am also wondering if there is any advantages/disadvantages to keeping them one way or the other. Loose or in original boxes. Thanks for any input you could offer. My small mixed stick Tuppador

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