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  1. Picked up a stick to try in Saint Petersburg. They didn’t have many left, cost about $20.
  2. BCN new terminal is miles ahead of the old terminal, for what it's worth.
  3. Santiago

    Cigars are Chick Bait.

    Cigars (and whiskey) are unmistakably and unapologetically masculine, so as a part of a man's lifestyle it sends the right message. It's a good conversation starter too since others will notice the scent from nearby and therefore notice you. This writer isn't too far off really, but obviously:
  4. This is awesome! I had a blast playing my small part in the pass, looking forward to many more with this great group
  5. Not a huge deal, as everyone has noted, but good news nonetheless
  6. I’m going to pick up a bottle myself. Works great and dries almost instantly, I used some the other day on one of the quai dorsay
  7. Enjoyed some Quai D’Orsay Secretos and HdM Epicure Especial, that was awesome. Successful handoff
  8. Approved! Puts: Milagros Hotel Nacional Custom Piramide JUN 17 QdO Secreto RE Francia bought 2/18 RA Hexagon RE Francia bought 2/18 HdM Hoyo de San Juan Tubo bought 6/17 Partagas Serie E No. 2 MUR ABR 13 Cohiba Siglo I TOR DIC 16 Montecristo #1 JUN 08 Montecristo Especial #2 LAU DIC 15 Montecristo #5 PUR FEB 16 Saint Luis Rey Regios ORG DIC 15 Takes: Alex Custom Piramide May 17 Montecristo #4 BRU AGO 10 San Cristobal La Punta TOS MAR 17 La Gloria Cubana MdO #4 ETP MAY 17 Co Ro BMP OCT 16 VR Famosos SLE 16 RA Small Club POS MAR 07
  9. Wow. Where do I begin?
  10. My first from a recent 24.24 UER JUL 17 the other day was solid!
  11. Sounds like a 100% marginal income tax rate is in order
  12. The more things change the more they stay the same
  13. Two years after taking office, President Raul Castro widened the niche for private enterprise in Cuba's state-dominated economy. Capitalism came pouring in. Slowly at first, then gaining speed, spare rooms for rent became rental homes, which became boutique hotels. Backyard cafes became elegant restaurants and bustling nightclubs, backed with millions in capital from the prosperous Cuban diaspora in Miami, Latin America and Spain. English tutors started citywide private after-school programs. And the booming private economy reached into the Communist-led bureaucracy — paying off inspectors, buying stolen state goods and recruiting talented employees with salaries dwarfing those in the public sector. Eight years later, on the verge of leaving office, Castro has thrown the brakes on private enterprise in Cuba again, warning of the rapid pace of change and criminal activity. The decision has raised fundamental questions about the nation's economic path. The Cuban government proclaimed in August that it was putting a temporary halt on new licenses for bed-and-breakfasts, restaurants and other businesses until it could issue new regulations to control illegality. Entrepreneurs whispered about new regulations coming in a month, maybe two. But summer stretched into fall, fall into the new year, and six months later, Cuba's private economy remains frozen. The state-run economy responsible for 70 percent to 80 percent of GDP is stagnant. A once-promising worker-owned cooperative sector has shown little recent growth. Cubans are increasingly wondering when the private economy will be allowed to grow again, and, more broadly, how their government intends to deliver on promises of a sustainable, prosperous socialist system. continued at link
  14. Santiago

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    First Monte 2 from a recent 24:24. Beautiful smoke all around smooth and full bodied
  15. That’s an awesome, unique project. Well done

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