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  1. How's the situation on the ground?
  2. I thought that People to People was banned for individuals two years ago, but you could still visit Cuba under Support for the Cuban People. This announcement doesn't seem to change that bit, but the ambiguity and confusion is a strong deterrent considering the overall direction and tone of the current US policy.
  3. Thanks for the tips, I'll have to explore some of these spots this summer and hopefully add to your list!
  4. I've had good and bad durian. The good is truly the King of Fruits.
  5. Hoping to pick up a few boxes today at either Gavana or Casa del Habano in SPB, hope they're still in stock!
  6. I’d like to make the next one! Hope you all had a blast last week
  7. Picked up a stick to try in Saint Petersburg. They didn’t have many left, cost about $20.
  8. BCN new terminal is miles ahead of the old terminal, for what it's worth.
  9. Cigars (and whiskey) are unmistakably and unapologetically masculine, so as a part of a man's lifestyle it sends the right message. It's a good conversation starter too since others will notice the scent from nearby and therefore notice you. This writer isn't too far off really, but obviously:
  10. This is awesome! I had a blast playing my small part in the pass, looking forward to many more with this great group
  11. Not a huge deal, as everyone has noted, but good news nonetheless
  12. I’m going to pick up a bottle myself. Works great and dries almost instantly, I used some the other day on one of the quai dorsay
  13. Enjoyed some Quai D’Orsay Secretos and HdM Epicure Especial, that was awesome. Successful handoff
  14. Approved! Puts: Milagros Hotel Nacional Custom Piramide JUN 17 QdO Secreto RE Francia bought 2/18 RA Hexagon RE Francia bought 2/18 HdM Hoyo de San Juan Tubo bought 6/17 Partagas Serie E No. 2 MUR ABR 13 Cohiba Siglo I TOR DIC 16 Montecristo #1 JUN 08 Montecristo Especial #2 LAU DIC 15 Montecristo #5 PUR FEB 16 Saint Luis Rey Regios ORG DIC 15 Takes: Alex Custom Piramide May 17 Montecristo #4 BRU AGO 10 San Cristobal La Punta TOS MAR 17 La Gloria Cubana MdO #4 ETP MAY 17 Co Ro BMP OCT 16 VR Famosos SLE 16 RA Small Club POS MAR 07

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