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  1. These RA SS Serie Sevilla are a Spain exclusive, aged a minimum of five years, and come in traditional handmade ceramic jars made in Seville. They are limited of course but I'm not sure if they are individually numbered or have any box codes. The series goes back a few years. Two years ago it was a Romeo Julieta (tried one, didn't impress me), last year a Juan Lopez, and this year it's RASS turn. Yesterday I picked up two sticks at a local shop that offered singles for €13, as opposed to having to buy the whole jar of 19 blind. The jars are beautiful though, and plenty of availability currently if it seems worth it to spend the €400+ after tasting these. This one had a slightly cracked wrapper, so I decided to try it ROTT and leave the other to rest a bit. Considering these are already aged I don't feel too bad about going to town on it right away! Cold draw was light and balanced. Solid construction and a good looking cigar. I imagine Habanos selects the better-rolled sticks for this series, at least I'd hope so! Certainly a flavorful cigar right off the bat, smooth and a bit of nutty sweetness, almost caramel on the exhale. Right around the second third Mr. Allones started to pick up steam, in flavor and body. The smooth creaminess stuck around but throw an herbal touch of pepper and spice on top, and kick everything up a notch while you're at it. Glad I enjoyed a full meal beforehand. Final third settled down, still a strong cigar by all means but the flavors certainly melded together - a peppery honey bun shall we say. The second band turned out to be overly glued to the wrapper, which led to an unsatisfying appearance in that section but didn't ruin the flavor or experience. It's the price you pay to look sophisticated with multiple cigar bands, I suppose. Habanos knows best Total smoke time 1:20. Overall I'm very satisfied, even though I normally prefer the Superiores to the SS. I'll have to leave the second stick at my preferred rh conditions and see how it compares in a month or two.
  2. Just picked up two Ramon Allones SS Serie Sevilla at this shop. Friendly owner with a great selection and service.
  3. I approve! Gracias Nino! Spain is probably the best place to find CCs outside of Cuba, especially considering the prices.
  4. So American people are forbidden from spending money on vacations and cigars which 'support the Cuban regime' while the American chicken factories and Cuban government profit off this deal. Not surprised...
  5. Quite a complicated situation. Cubans will still get USD from tourists and remittances, obviously. If I'm understanding correctly and their USD only loses value when exchanged / deposited into their bank account, the logical path would be to spend the USD in the Cuban economy and simply never deposit it. Then, of course, Cuban government will crack down on that and the vicious cycle continues - see Argentina and their USD controls.
  6. Allowing the Cuban people access to USD is dangerous to the Cuban Communist Party. Unless the Cuban government is willing to let the market dictate the exchange rate USD will be mostly exchanged on the street instead of in CADACAs. At 24 Pesos to the Dollar the government is buying USD at half price or less! Cuban government will limit public access to USD any way it can in order to keep their racket going.
  7. Some of it might even go into their national cigarettes. I don't smoke cigarettes, but bought a pack from one of the tiny state shops in Havana a few years ago. It cost 5 CUP if I remember correctly, no filters on them. I imagine it's pure tobacco (lowest Cuban quality, certainly) since at that price it would be cost prohibitive to add the additives found in industrial capitalist cigarettes!
  8. ^ Let's hope they don't end up doing the same with their cigars!!
  9. How's the situation on the ground?
  10. I thought that People to People was banned for individuals two years ago, but you could still visit Cuba under Support for the Cuban People. This announcement doesn't seem to change that bit, but the ambiguity and confusion is a strong deterrent considering the overall direction and tone of the current US policy.
  11. Thanks for the tips, I'll have to explore some of these spots this summer and hopefully add to your list!
  12. I've had good and bad durian. The good is truly the King of Fruits.
  13. Hoping to pick up a few boxes today at either Gavana or Casa del Habano in SPB, hope they're still in stock!
  14. I’d like to make the next one! Hope you all had a blast last week
  15. Picked up a stick to try in Saint Petersburg. They didn’t have many left, cost about $20.

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