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  1. missed the SP non plus again wasn’t expecting them to hit that quickly. Anymore on the radar?
  2. I'm right there with you guys, I don't remember seeing it on the post either. Could it have been added after the post originally went live or maybe it was only in the carts and not in the post? I am about 95% positive it was not in the thread it self, the 5% was because I had a few drinks that day so who knows! lol
  3. Any RyJ belicoso or sancho non plus popping up anytime soon?
  4. Does PCC grade the aged stock as well or is it the standard Cuban mix from garbage to gold?
  5. RyJ Belicosos RyJ Exhibicion no 4 RDM Demi Tasse JLP Seleccion # 1 all PSP of course.
  6. How long do you all let them rest after freezing before smoking?
  7. What about CCs from Mexico? I picked up some vintage sticks from the partagas store in playa del Carmen. You think it’s necessary to freeze them? How long do you all let acclimate after freezing before smoking?
  8. were the mag 50s above the ones from last weeks 24:24 or will those be up later? Been trying for 2 years for a box of those but always seem to miss.
  9. I have one and it works great. the only issue I found was the length of the screw on the pressure relief valve needs to be trimmed. It actually extends into the case enough to touch your cigars. other than that they work great and I found was a size I preferred over the travel cases on the market today. Canoli
  10. Do any of you guys have experience with reviving dried cigars? I was organizing my tubadores (weathertight totes) about a month ago in my climate controlled storage shed and Last weekend I realized I had left the top off of one that had about 6 boxes in it. I caught it this last weekend and put about 5 @ 65% bovida packs so hopefully in a few months they will be back to normal. Do you think it will permanently effect the taste of these cigars after being exposed to 45% RH for a month? I noticed after a week they are still extremely hard on the inside but the wrappers seem to be softening up. The RH in the shed is about 46% so I doubt they got completely dried out but they are dry for sure. I don't know if this helps but all the boxes are PSP/HQ and were fairly new so I know they were wet to begin with, I just hope I did not turn these things in to garbage with my ignorance. Thanks, Canoli
  11. Haha not really. Rabidracoons break down was exactly what I needed to know for a weekend trip from Texas. Im planning one my self this year. Canoli
  12. Those PJ cases are fantastic. Thanks for the heads up.

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