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  1. Many of the fakes print shiny small print where the holograms would go At first glebe it looks right but on closer inspection it will be clear it's not a true hologram. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  2. Very sad indeed. He showed great passion for food and more recently BJJ, two thing that are a huge part of my life. I really enjoyed his perspective and the spotlight he brought to those things. He had struggled with addiction in the past so it wouldn't surprise me if he was depressed.
  3. The one on the left also appear not to be a true hologram. Its printed to appear holographic though.
  4. While we may be bad a picking individual cigars blindly I think we must also account for degree of similarity. For example I think many would perform well if the task was to put blind cigar into different groups of similarly flavoured cigars. For example I don't think I would mix up a RyJ and HdM blind or not. I might confuse and Bolivar Belicoso Fino and a VR Unicos blind though.
  5. Got my first order from 24/24 delivered today! A box of H. Upmann Half Coronas. For seconds they look damn good. Even caved and had to smoke one ROTT. A tad rough around the edges but still quite enjoyable. Can't wait to dig in after the have rested a month or two.
  6. When I first started using the website went to a topic it would automatically go to the last post in the thread read. For example if I had read to the middle of the second page out of 5. If I clicked the post again It would take me to the middle of the second page of 5. If I had read to the end of the thread it would take me to the end of the thread next time I clicked on it or until the start of any new posts. Now anytime I click on a thread read or not it goes to the start of the thread. This changed last time I logged on to the website. Is there a setting I accident changed?
  7. Props to Connor for sticking to the rules of boxing when in a real fight he would be able to take Floyd out in ~30 seconds.
  8. Both is actually the correct answer. In countries where eggs are required to be washed before sale they need to be refrigerated. In countries where eggs are required to be unwashed before sale they do not need to be refrigerated. See this NPR article : http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2014/09/11/336330502/why-the-u-s-chills-its-eggs-and-most-of-the-world-doesnt

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