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  1. The coolers are just so easy. Smaller spaces so you are not getting the wet or dry areas with bigger cabinets and no mess with temperature control (as long as storage temps are not crazy).
  2. I agree with Havana could be cigars have not acclimatized to new RH. Other possibility is you are having swings in RH and you do not know it. Do you have a hydro where you can track RH throughout the day (push type)?
  3. I am definitely interested to see which way you take this. From my experience it becomes infinitely harder to have to control for both temperature and RH. If you live in a colder climate or a basement that doesn't get much above 70F, and and a Pig mentioned an RH negative environment that is an ideal scenario for both a cabinet or a walk in.
  4. These are one of those cigars I'll start smoking right away and space it out over a few years, whereas most sticks I am waiting 3-5 years. Maybe I need to buy more because I rarely have any punch punch over 3 years old, all gone by then.
  5. I agree with everything said above. Assuming the temperatures are modest where you will keep the coolidor, they are the best route to go. I gave up my aristocrat some time ago in lieu of collidors, they are just rock solid and require little maintenance. I would not worry about fans. I would also consider going a little bit bigger, at least 100 qt. The cost is marginally more, and you will likely grow into it.
  6. Beautiful unit, and I agree with the sensor push, it is a little pricey but both the bluetooth and wifi hookups were great and the sensors were spot on.

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