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  1. Just pulled this from a cuban cigar facebook message board Gary Bohn 2 hrs 🔥🔥🔥 PSA Regarding Custom Rolls 🔥🔥🔥 For all of you that are curious how many Custom Rolled Cigars you can bring from Cuba. My friend just boarded the flight from Havana to Miami. He had about 100 Custom rolled cigars total on his person and in his checked bag. They confiscated all but 20. The Customs Officer told my friend that 20 was the limit. There was no discussion or negotiations on this. A sad day for my buddy.
  2. uscmd310

    La Casa Del Habano custom rolls

    God help me, I’ve got a sickness - for cigars yes I would roll the dice as well.
  3. The box came with a glass top, so i figured it would be safe.
  4. Facturas come with factory boxes. And those are always safe. Cuban customs USED to accept store receipts for custom cigars. Previously, I never had a problem using store receipts for large amounts of cigars, but now the game has changed.
  5. Some of the custom rolls Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  6. It's no longer easy to bring back tons of custom cigars. Cuban customs at the airport has changed since Trump announcement. Two friends had large hauls confiscated after the announcement. They are actively searching suitcases for American travelers once again. Anything more than 100 custom rolls is a real risk. I tried a cruise to see if it was different, and it was much more lenient. This could have been due to many reasons, 2000 cruise passengers going on and off the ship, everyone buying a couple boxes or more, not enough staff to handle that many searches, etc. But it was a pain in the ass and took up our whole day in Cuba, and I wont do it again. I did manage 500 sticks, so I can't complain too much. The cruise line didn't allow you to use your owns OFAC reasons, you had to choose guided tour, either through the ship or third party.
  7. uscmd310

    La Casa Del Habano custom rolls

    You are allowed 20 unbanded cigars out of Cuba. 50 without factura if they are in boxes, is the technical rule from Aduana. You take your chances with anymore. I've had two friends get confiscated on seperate trips. It's not an excise tax, it is confiscation. 100 should be ok though - just split them up between suitcases and carryons.
  8. uscmd310

    August Trip Report (Picture Heavy)

    The average bribe to get a box of BHK is around twice the monthly wage. So in American terms (and salaries), it's the equivalent of a $8k bribe to sell a box under the table OR play by the book and sell it for no bribe. You can't blame the shop workers for survival. You will never see a real open box of BHK in cuba. At least you enjoyed your cigars, doesn't matter if they are real or not.
  9. uscmd310

    Support for Cuban people

    The process is still easy and nobody cares if you go to Cuba. The changes have been just for show. I was just there Saturday, and will be returning January and March.
  10. uscmd310

    La Casa Del Habano custom rolls

    I just returned from Cuba Saturday. Yolanda is currently in China for an extended stay. her son lives there and she makes good money rolling for some cigar guys there. you can definitely place an order for certain sizes with certain rollers like Alex at comodoro or Reynaldo. You can find them on Facebook. Especially Alex, he spends so much time online he should just work for Facebook.
  11. uscmd310

    Encuentros Partagas - Havana Trip, Nov 2017?????

    Ad Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  12. uscmd310


    Without a doubt, Behike still contains medio tiempo. However it is not the same blend as first release in 2010. Especially so for the BHK56. With a limited supply of medio tiempo they had to alter (rightly or wrongly) amount of medio tiempo in the blend. We cut the "Behike" anytime we suspect a fake and its terribly easy to see as a rough, very dark(almost black) leaf. In my uneducated opinion, this 2010 blend is much better. The new ones are very watered down. This information is from the creator. You can also ask him yourself,
  13. uscmd310

    Travel Report 9/21/17

    Havana libre singles . 100 cuc over shop price is still a great price for bhk
  14. uscmd310

    USD to CUC 10% currency conversion penalty

    Its probably best to get casa owners to change. Most will do it. But they wont respond to that question by facebook or email. They're afraid of getting busted. So it's a bit of a gamble to go there with USD. My last black market exchange this week was 95 cuc to 100USD

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