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  1. Rob, did I miss the Montecristo Maltes ? 😩
  2. @Theophilus > it's been here. They took Tuesday off for the US elections. Don't forget the time change for the US not AUS.
  3. Hi Rob, hope all is well. When do you see the Montecristo - Maltes Linea 1935, 20's coming to finish the series on 24:24? Thanks and have a cracker weekend..🤪
  4. When I say 250 count, I mean something like this. My bad. I am talking box count.
  5. What size are you considering as "Large"? 200 - 250? I'd like to see one that has pull out trays for open box's on the top 1/4, pull out bin's for loose cigars middle 1/4 with a drawer for cigar accessories such as punch's, scissors etc..., and shelves on the bottom 1/2 for storing and aging.
  6. How about Montecristo Especials and/or box of A's non coffin?
  7. Public safety. At last count 87 boxes and a few hundred loose in 6 different humidors for the Cubans, non-Cubans, and brand. Usually have one a weekend with a different scotch each time. Looking for that perfect pair.
  8. I read an article about that very subject an the Irishman. How some of the stars had specific cigars they wanted and that they had a hard time keeping them in stock. The article also mentioned that so many scenes had someone smoking a cigar in it that they had to have a couple of guys watching for continuity when a scene cut and when is started up again,making sure the cigar was the correct length. They even had to have the stand-ins have cigars. Just found the article. It is in Cigar Aficionado. If you are interested type cigars-in-the-irishman in your search bar and it should be in the results.
  9. You break it open after you down a couple of glasses of Louis XIII Black Pearl Cognac that sold at auction last month for $13,500 plus fees.....
  10. @Derboesekoenig Yea. I went back and read it again after I posted. Seen that they were just mentioned so I removed the post. Thanks...😁
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELLOW AQUARIAN!!! Mine was the 5th. 56 but I feel, play, smoke, and drink like a 28 year old. The wife say's I act like a 5 year old.....We've been married 36 years, you think she'd know me by now. Fun fact: Accordingly, Aquarius is the most humanitarian astrological sign. Have a couple for me Rob. Stay healthy my friend. Tim
  12. So according to this article, the guys at the firehouse are feeling left out when I talk about knitting? Right....Maybe I feel left out when she talks about breastfeeding.....🤣
  13. Rob, Di and team, congratulations on 15 years. Lets wish for at least another 15 of good health, good friends, and great cigars! Well done! Tim
  14. @RDB glad she is ok. My mother was IN the hospital for a few tests because she had fallen a couple of times over the weekend. CT, X-Rays, everything comes back normal. We're told all is good. She can go home in the morning. Someone will be by to make sure there are no tripping hazards. 2:20am the morning of discharge; " Mr.. Tim we are sorry to tell you we just lost your mother. She coding and we were not able to bring her back. Sorry". So, if you believe in a god, thank him. Mother was 79. And according to the doctors, in great health.

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