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  1. Finally managed to pick up a yellow faced Breitling Emergency this week. Have always fancied one.
  2. I picked this up from my tailor just before Christmas, a very ostentatious treat to myself for my cigar lounge at home, absolutely wonderful to wear though.
  3. One of my favourite cigars, had one myself on Saturday evening.
  4. What I have noticed since having my cigar smoking room at home is that when i'm our walking the fog I power through a cigar. 45 mins for a Robusto. At home, relaxed, they take a lot longer and I seem to really savour them.
  5. The Mag56 LE is one of my favourite cigars, I think I still have two boxes in my humidor. So tempted to try one of these new blend and see how they compare.
  6. Apr14 Wide Churchill this evening Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Found a grail watch recently. 1976 Breitling Navitimer.
  8. RichUK

    Swisscave CLB-388

    Finally, the humidors are in place and the room is finished. Perfect year round indoor smoking now. Very impressed with the Swisscave’s so far. Put them in place, left them overnight and turned on the next morning. Has taken a few days for the humidity to settle, am starting at 65/65.
  9. Hoyo San Juan this evening Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. RichUK

    Swisscave CLB-388

    Slowly, we had major delays with getting the flooring we wanted. In fact only this morning did we get an installation date. Fingers crossed, room should be done by 16th Oct and humidors in place.
  11. When sailing a few years ago, I dropped a virtually freshly lit cigar into the sea. It was only a P2, but I was looking forward to smoking it so much.

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