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    Spending time between a peninsula in the north and one in the south.
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    Mountain biking, offshore fishing, bird hunting, and golfing.

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  1. From being the projected landing spot a few days ago in Jupiter to looking like it'll skirt past us.....keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. Sending the happiest of birthday wishes to you, Di! Brett
  3. Been there, done that. Daughters each had one when they were young teenagers. Let me say this, I appreciated that they only live a few years lol. The oldest had a couple ferrets after college. Let me say this.....I wish the ferrets lifespan was as short as the rats.
  4. I'd be suspect if it wasnt more than 10% missing 🤔
  5. Lately is been Partagas shorts and BBF for me. Just depends on how much time I've got to enjoy one.
  6. I'll usually smoke a couple cigars during a round. But like many others, I dont typically smoke my better ones due to the wind and laying them down often. I most often smoke NCs for that reason. Along with the fact they have wrappers, which keep them in better shape prior to lighting. As far as choice, I usually enjoy a Fuente anejo or Ashton aged Maduro on the front nine, then a Nub on the back.
  7. Nice draw and smoke until halfway. Then bitter harshness took over and I tossed the last third. SOM Feb 17.....won't revisit for another year.
  8. Let me ask a question I've not seen asked. I've got a small closet humidor that is 2' x 3' x 14' tall. Aside from the RH issue, is it recommended to circulate the air? I'm in Florida and the humidifier fan only kicks on sporadically due to our higher humidity. I'll open it every few days and a gallon of water in the humidifier lasts a couple months. So not a lot of air movement. I've got a small computer fan I'm thinking of leaving on 24/7 or on a timer. What are your thoughts on the additional air movement?
  9. Looks like Captain and I may be teaming up as we found out we are neighbors Backbone, what part of south Florida? I'm up in north Palm Beach Co.
  10. Count me in 🙂 I'll make sure to still be at my Florida home to be in the saltwater category. Should still be some sailfish around along with plenty of mahi.
  11. Just received my cab of Epi Especial that I purchased last summer on 2424. It was stored in the online humidor until I was able to store it. Was going to let them acclimate a month or so then try one. Couldn't wait, so torched one up tonight. Oh my, what a smooth smoke. First Cuban I've had with more than 3.5 yrs of age. Wow, what a treat! Slight cocoa, graham cracker and caramel. These have to be at their peak. Best Cuban I've had to date.
  12. I get down 3-4 times a year to Key West as my brother has a place there. I second La Liga booth on Duvall. Also stop by Firefly for the fresh fried pork rinds....delish. And the Green Parrot bar always has the best live music. Have fun.

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