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  1. First time having it, hope it lives up!
  2. I’d say today was a good mail day!!!
  3. TNT009

    H.Upmann Connossieur B

    No doubt, gotta work on my quick draw skills!
  4. TNT009

    H.Upmann Connossieur B

    Still kicking myself for not buying a box when they popped up here, cant find them anywhere!
  5. TNT009

    Holiday pairing?

    Maybe not if you go half nog and half booze(lol), thats the only way I see eggnog working....
  6. Wide range for me, but if it do or die time.... Give me- A Tawny Port BA Stout Single Malt (peatier the better)!
  7. TNT009

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Good pairing!
  8. Crazy thing was after the fight, ya ended up being friends!
  9. When you got bullied, you came back the next day and fought again, (without weapons)!
  10. Just looked and found cheapest at $1200, Good Lawd.
  11. TNT009

    high roller bourbons

    First time trying Blantons, so why not go big!
  12. One extra round of golf, and thats with another cigar!

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