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  1. Yup, that's why I said it was a god list.. I know I dump a lot on craft beers, guess its all relative !
  2. Cigars: Skinnies, do get them at all! Other: People that you can hear when they eat, scraping to get the last bit of yogurt out of container, sucking on straw to get last drop of slurp..
  3. All for something we will pee away..... Good looking list though!
  4. Bananas Foster or chocolate soufflé 😍
  5. Ive had my 2-tone Sub for 20 years and have not had I serviced yet (will send her in soon) and have dropped it on tile flooring several times and hasn't missed a beat. Im sure if I had a cheaper watch it'd be a wash!
  6. Connie B, followed closely by his lil sister the A!

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