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  1. Had great service 1 time the tip was almost as much as the bill, Crap service usually gets a tip on a napkin or a penny on the table depending on the mood I'm in, normally 15-20%, and I hand the tip to waiter/waitress busboys around here scarf it up if you don't
  2. Nice that is so cool, I remember cleaning out 2 of my great grandmothers and 2 of grandmothers houses out when they passed, the things that were found lol
  3. playindirty

    Flame Boss 300

    Awesome right up ,now if they made the probes connect wireless to the brains that would be even better.
  4. awesome will have to read threw some of those, thanks for sharing
  5. Nice bit of trivia , however totally different song then I was thinking when first saw this lol
  6. I have a weather tight ziplock container as posted in black , a cooler ,and i few rubbermaids all seem to work just fine

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