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  1. Had great service 1 time the tip was almost as much as the bill, Crap service usually gets a tip on a napkin or a penny on the table depending on the mood I'm in, normally 15-20%, and I hand the tip to waiter/waitress busboys around here scarf it up if you don't
  2. Nice that is so cool, I remember cleaning out 2 of my great grandmothers and 2 of grandmothers houses out when they passed, the things that were found lol
  3. playindirty

    Flame Boss 300

    Awesome right up ,now if they made the probes connect wireless to the brains that would be even better.
  4. awesome will have to read threw some of those, thanks for sharing
  5. Nice bit of trivia , however totally different song then I was thinking when first saw this lol
  6. I have a weather tight ziplock container as posted in black , a cooler ,and i few rubbermaids all seem to work just fine
  7. Mine doesn't mind as long as I don't smoke in the house, but will come out and sit on the porch with me , she will bring me home sticks once in awhile
  8. @reliefdvm @Danimaliaif she ends up going for it I will be taking course with her @PigFish nice scoot @Fosgate Good points , she knows a few that have died in mc crashes and a few that have been injured
  9. Thanks for sharing @Philc2001 , sound like he is steps ahead of mine and stays safe out there @PigFish Yes I am glad she came and talked to me first and didn't just do it ,and prefer her not to build walls up , and defiantly don't want her to turn to drugs
  10. @Jimmy_jack 2 boys dang I know the hell me and my brother put my parents threw lol @garbandz I will insist she takes it if she don't let up @DBNInc Nice on the bike ,it is all good ,sucks that your wife is getting beat up 2up @PigFish that is cool you raced she rode 2 wheels from 6-12 went down plenty of times early on then she got a 4 wheeler @lafabrica Oh she knows the drill on gear which she has maybe not the sportbike style but she has gear, yes rider awareness is a big part of it , the MSF instructors I had made countersteering a huge part of the course, I felt they went above and beyond on all aspects ,plan to if she does go for it
  11. @SpeedingGizmo she has been riding dirt bikes and four wheelers since 6 ,yes these are some of the points i remember well , it has been 15+ since I have taken the course so might consider taking with her. Stuff from the course has saved my ass more then once @cigcars in PA 18 is legal age except alcohol , yes it is a rush @Winchester21 the morons texting and driving is what truely scares me @DBNInc A year ago a close friend of the family died right in front of his driveway had been riding for 50+ years (i still think the whole truth is not out) and yes not are you going to but when ,the course is free in PA,will see if she brings it up again, I ride a 2012 HD Ultra Classic. you?
  12. Don't think this is going to work she bought a 2001 focus zxs at 16 we paid half of it, which she has done some work to, at 17 she went and bought a 2004 explore sport trac on her own, cash, don't worry i won't tell Thank you you don't know how good it makes me feel to hear a comment like this ,I'm gonna try not to be pushy ,she did tell me she did the online permit practice test and passed without reading anything ,thinking about handing her my packet from the course if she brings it up again (lots of bad scenarios in there) see above Thank you
  13. On her dime not mine she works full time so, and sport bike to boot
  14. My 18yr old daughter informed me tonight that she wants to get a motorcycle, seems like part of me is stoked and part of me is not happy at all , as I ride myself it is not her that i would be worried about it is all the morons out there, deep down I am hoping it passes over but at the same time I don't want to not do something she does not want to do. I don't think she really liked the idea of me asking to take the MSF course first then decide, I know she is 18 and legally she can do what ever she wants to.
  15. Welcome from PA , Being in philly don't know if you been there or not but check Widmers out if you haven't

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