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  1. Which is your favorite trini cigar? Just curious your always buying new stuff. Fun to watch actually. I value your opinion.
  2. John I just have to say these diaries are amazing. People can gain so much info before making purchases and also learning about new cigars. Thanks again Sir.
  3. Can some one start a new thread about stocks here. That would be really. I’ll so many super smart people and I know nothing about this.
  4. Does anyone have a side by side?? If so which one would you recommend and why. I want to get a 4 seater and put 3 seats in back for my wife and 3 kids. Just looking for recommendations. Also pics would be appreciated.
  5. Your a huge trini fan. Which is your favorite and why?
  6. Current weight today is 199 pounds. I feel like the fat is just melting off. I feel great cardio once a day for 30-45 min.
  7. Beautiful puppies plan on doing any work with them? Schutzhund or anything?
  8. What are the prices for cigar like that there?
  9. How was the padron 50th? Looks great. Always a good smoking consistent cigar brand.
  10. Steak teriyaki. 1. 1 pound sliced beef as thin as the butcher can slice it almost transparent. 2. cook some sushi rice and some sort of carb sweet potato. 3. Sugar free teriyaki sauce 4. Green onion chopped up. 5. Cook steak With pepper and garlic quickly ideally on grill or griddle no oils. Do not use salt as the teriyaki sauce has plenty. 6. combine everything and it should taste amazing. I don’t have pics but I’ll make tomorrow and post. Do this post hard training work out. Super easy and healthy.
  11. @Joeysmoke what is your favorite vitola? And why? Just wanna help you better. I love psd4. It’s a regular cigar And better with age.

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