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  1. Wertman

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Looks great. Solid smoke. Now for pics of the smoker??!
  2. Wertman

    24:24 MONDAY

    169 for epi2 is an amazing deal. It would be hard pressed to find any place else.
  3. Wertman

    24:24 MONDAY

    I think theJL2 is very much a big boy these days at least to any regular Cuban smoker
  4. Wertman

    24:24 MONDAY

    wow hdm at that price just nuts
  5. Wow the tanios is still there. I heard it’s a great smokes some good aging potential as well. Great job @cfc1016 so always know how to do amazing things. What a pass and only 1 member in. I can’t wait to follow this and see how the pass develops.
  6. Wertman

    JohnS' Smoking Diary 2019

    @JohnS thank you thank you. This is exactly what I was asking about is it possible to pin the thread. Thanks again.
  7. Wertman

    LCDH Grand Cayman

    Would one recommend old Havana cigars instead of the LCDH? I did go to the LCDH they were no very helpful to tell you the truth and would not let me take any pictures which was disappointing being the first LCDH I have seen in my life.
  8. Thanks yah it was a tough one. She died of lung cancer only 3 years after retirering. Crazy how you work your whole life and look forward to retirement only for that part to be cut so short. I had cancer last year and thought it was crazy going through that. I did amazing and I feel better than I ever have before. She unfortunately did not have the strength to fight. Chemo is just a hard thing some people do great and some people can’t seem to tolerate. This community of brothers and sister can’t forget our Canadian sister have been amazing. The way we rally around one another in need the fine if need is just inspiring. I am very humbled and greatful to have such friends. Thank you guys for all the love I sure need it.
  9. I really think the koda is a great idea. It seems assume heats up fast and really portable. With only 60-90 seconds a pizza you can really cook a lot of pizzas quick
  10. It’s a black stone griddle that I use as well that was the bottom. You should post more about this dough and your recipe just for others to try. Vito is awesome I watch him too. That’s what got me going. I was going for a pizza party but got a 20% off coupon from William Sonoma so my roccbox was only 400. Which is a steal in my opinion. I just love it
  11. Here is my roccbox in action
  12. Wertman

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Thanks yah it will be a cool idea I’m sure everyone would love it.
  13. I actually have a roccbox and love it. Also ooni is coming out with a portable pizza oven it’s actually only like 300 dollars or something. I like the bigger pizza oven idea but the roccbox is really low maintence and great for making family meals.
  14. For me I have a bunch of singles but my favorite is Monte PE or no2. Then PSd 4. Then hoyo no 2. Those are my favorite bands and sizes. Those are current production. I have not had to many aged cigars. So which cigars to age long term 5plus years is the big question for me.

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