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  1. Lol someone in the pass that did not let someone know about adresss change?
  2. @Elpresidente I do have one question a while back some members posted some reviews about customs they were given by you. Are these of the final blends? If so could you repost a consolidate? If not could there be any previews say by @JohnS he’s a great reviewer. Or maybe by the King himself @Ken Gargett
  3. It is a pretty good question. I would believe it’s all a matter of taste. For guys like myself with out the 10+ year stock I guess it would matter. But since HSA only has but a few small gauge cigars i would buy em up the smaller gauges especially the fundi. Just my two cents.
  4. I go to the gym 5 days a week doing arms one day chest back another and legs on Mondays and shoulders separate. I love doing arms and shoulders so I do them twice a week. Then running I do 3-4 days a week from 3-7 miles. I was running 15 miles a pop but lost to much weight. Nutrition is a tough point for me it’s hard to keep it in perfect check but I’m trying my best. Interested in doing easing about these programs
  5. Send them in bundles like that. Or with a ribbon
  6. Hey man, welcome this community is pretty awesome. We have had box passes aimed at helping you try cigars you wouldn’t normally be able to try. Also El Prez is wonderful and picking out sticks for the long haul. Sit back relax and enjoy the ride.
  7. Lol oh great not sure I know that the principe in TOS is a long sought after box and also the diplo 2 with a tos code is amazing
  8. I believe it’s the TOS box code. Has anyone had a bad experience with that box code????? I would find it hard to believe.
  9. @Elpresidente I can recall a while back you bragged about a shrimp recipe you had or made. It sounded good and was curious on howniiu made it.
  10. Looks great. Solid smoke. Now for pics of the smoker??!
  11. Wow the tanios is still there. I heard it’s a great smokes some good aging potential as well. Great job @cfc1016 so always know how to do amazing things. What a pass and only 1 member in. I can’t wait to follow this and see how the pass develops.
  12. @JohnS thank you thank you. This is exactly what I was asking about is it possible to pin the thread. Thanks again.
  13. Would one recommend old Havana cigars instead of the LCDH? I did go to the LCDH they were no very helpful to tell you the truth and would not let me take any pictures which was disappointing being the first LCDH I have seen in my life.
  14. Thanks yah it was a tough one. She died of lung cancer only 3 years after retirering. Crazy how you work your whole life and look forward to retirement only for that part to be cut so short. I had cancer last year and thought it was crazy going through that. I did amazing and I feel better than I ever have before. She unfortunately did not have the strength to fight. Chemo is just a hard thing some people do great and some people can’t seem to tolerate. This community of brothers and sister can’t forget our Canadian sister have been amazing. The way we rally around one another in need the fine if need is just inspiring. I am very humbled and greatful to have such friends. Thank you guys for all the love I sure need it.

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