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  1. Fundadores (said with a heavy cold) ?
  2. FatPete

    Cut to the chase....

    RASS RyJ Churchill
  3. FatPete

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    My first Fonseca No. 1 Razor sharp burn, floral aroma and had a sweet grassiness that reminded me of a Siglo III
  4. FatPete

    Grading Connie 1's and Coro

    Thanks for all the attention to detail & care that you take. We are really fortune to have a retailer such as you.
  5. FatPete

    Newbie from London

    Welcome to FOH
  6. FatPete

    For 2019

    +1 for the silver one
  7. This. Seems most likely to me.
  8. Time to play pass the parcel again-guaranteed to make you smile. 🌞
  9. San Cristobal El Principe Upmann Majestic RyJ Mille Fleur Partagas shorts BPC Montecristo No 5 RASS
  10. As a novice will be buying, my advice is buying standard cigars from a LCDH with a fractura, so there won't be any possibility of hassle at the airport. H. Upmann noellas are cheaper in Cuba than elsewhere and come in a nice jar! just my opinion
  11. FatPete

    24:24 MONDAY

    Had to go for the Distinguidos- I LOVE peanuts!
  12. I was thinking about what cigars to smoke in the coming winter recently. I usually like the El Principe, but the last few I had lacked the expected sweetness so I didn't want to continue the disappointing run. I was thinking of ordering some Hoyo du Marie, which I've yet to try, but then I remembered I had a box of Demi Tasse buried. Tried one last year and all I got from it was strong tobacco but with a lovely aroma. This competition nudged me to try one again, though with low expectations. El Rey del Mundo Demi Tasse is an Entreactos - a 30RG cigar that is a tiny 3 6/7" long. Maybe the smallest hand made Cuban, but I'm not sure. Smoking location was were they filmed a young William Wallace in the film "Braveheart" in Glen Nevis, Scotland. A cold but sunny day. Very sweet taste on dry draw. Slightly underfilled but draw was still good. From the moment it lit, there was this flowery perfume in the air. This floweriness was also in the taste, combined with a strong toasted tobacco with a little grapefruit and some light honey. Very nice. But it also packed a punch with a medium to full body. The flavours stayed the same but getting more intense as you went along. Towards the end of the cigar, the sweetness went, replaced by mild spice and occasional coffee on top of the tobacco backbone. I made it last half an hour and nearly burnt my fingers. I was very pleased with this cigar, and how it had changed since the last time I tried it a year ago. Maybe it will get even better with more age. I was regretting buying that box, but now I want another! 8.5/10
  13. JLS No 2 RASS Monte 5 Monte 2 Reyes Partagas Lusitania Ramon Allones Gigantes Hoyo Epicure No 2 RyJ Churchills Cohiba Lanceros I’d be happy with just these in my humidor
  14. FatPete

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    PSP Monte 4 ABO MAR 18 Tight draw, wrapper split, and plugged at the end. Still lovely chocolate to start with but rapidly went downhill. Only 3 weeks down so I expect them to get better in a few months.

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