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  1. What a lovely surprise! This is such a happy start to my day 😀 Thanks El Presidente.
  2. Hi Would there be any ERDM Demi Tasse coming up ? Thanks
  3. I think I can already see the snake of burning torches from my upstairs window..😧
  4. Por Larranaga Petit Corona LEP DIC 16 (NRW) The PLPC, a cigar much loved by many on this forum, but as yet not by me, is my nemesis cigar. I purchased one cab of 50 in early 17 while still experimenting with different marcas. A cigar that turns into caramel, and one that doesn't break the piggy bank, sounded good enough to me to spring for a whole cab for my first PL purchase. I remember eagerly lighting my first one up on a lovely summers day after 3 months rest, and then coughing and spluttering as the acrid tobacco hit the back of my throat. It got tosssed far away. Sampling them every 4-6 months have always been a decision I have regretted, and have never finished one yet due to harshness, though none have been as bad as the first one. A bright and cold autumn day dawned and I remembered this competition, so I went for a walk to see if this PLPC wanted to be friends with me. Like all of them from this box, this had a dull dry wrapper. I punch cut, producing a snug but workable draw. Sweet tobacco on the cold draw. First Third I got no taste to start with, then a strong taste of vegetables that have gone off and sour. Second third Some black pepper was sprinkled on the sour vegetables, and the familiar harshness bothered the back of my throat. Retrohale ? No chance. I would have chucked it at this point but hey it's a review. Last third A pleasant change-the sourness became manageable, the pepper more balanced, toasted tobacco revealed itself and it became mildly enjoyable. Conclusion: It's gone up in the ratings from unsmokeable to pretty awful, so I don't think we can be friends just yet, perhaps in a couple more years? (but only if that long awaited caramel hits me like a goods train on the first puff)
  5. These are my current go to staples, covering any smoking time that becomes available: El Rey del Munro Demi Tasse Bolivar Petit Corona RASS Partagas P2 RyJ Churchill
  6. Why do seasoned cigar smokers have such a difficult time in identifying cigars smoked blind ?
  7. 0-3 ha ha. Can believe the Partagas D4, though I thought it was too mild to be so, but scratching my head on the BPC-didn't get any Bolivar DNA in mine; thought it was a non plus or RGPC.
  8. For me it’s Test Cricket-especially the Ashes
  9. So difficult. I love all the other suggestions especially Dark Side of the Moon, but I can't forget the first time I heard "Awaken" by Yes, just blew my mind, from the Going for the One album.
  10. Enjoyed cigar No. 3 Nice and smooth, good burn. Under medium most of the way, with cream, roasted nuts, roasted coffee, and toasted tobacco. Don't think I have smoked many of these. Narrowed it down to 2..now to find a coin to toss...
  11. Mine was pretty muted, but I got similar tastes to you good sir. 1 of 2 for me as well.
  12. Drat! I got sourdough and black pepper so thought it was a P2 as well. This'll be a revealing competition!
  13. El Prez mentioned Belgrade as a smoking friendly place, just wondering what other places are left in the world like that following the smoking bans. This thread may help to plan my future vacations. I went to the south of France this year and also Berlin, and was pleasantly surprised to find that you could still smoke outside at your table in cafes or restaurants in both without causing trouble. Budapest however is a no no. What bars, restaurants or cafes have FOHers visited globally and been able to enjoy a cigar recently, either indoors or outside?

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