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  1. Wow, what a brilliant surprise, really happy now. Must thank Lisa, Diana, Rob and all the FOH crew.I'm so glad I discovered this place, it really is special place to be in the cigar world. 🙂
  2. FatPete

    Baby names help

    Fleur. I think that's a nice name and I have a friend with that name and she likes it too.
  3. Very entertaining read 👍🏻
  4. Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleurs MSA ENE 18 (RyJRW) The sun is out, so time for a picnic! I bought a hand Picked sampler of these last September. This is another first try of a cigar for me-El Prez says we should all have a box of these in our humidor, let's see. Good construction, nice oil in the wrapper, very sweet sugary tobacco on the draw, and the draw is good. Looking forward to this one . First Third Nice floral start, sweet, with subtle milk chocolate, but the chocolate goes after the first half inch, and the profile changes to ground coffee with a little white pepper. Second third Burn suffering from the dreaded under filling, taste is now toasted tobacco and pepper with little sweetness. Last third Having passed the bad patch and the necessary touch ups, the cigar has become medium full now with the tobacco/white pepper profile continuing, with the floral aspect returning on the fringes towards the end. Conclusion:I think it would have been nicer if the construction had been better, but it was still enjoyable with the "Fleur" aspect to it. Worth keeping a box on hand as it's well priced.
  5. Good review. It seems these take a long time to become a nice cigar. I had one in 2017 and it was my worst cigar of that year-tannic, ashy, strong and bitter.
  6. I guess I was being generous, and marked it up for its breadth of flavours in such a small stick.
  7. FatPete


    Looking forward to see the tempting goodies on offer
  8. Ramon Allones Petit Belicoso GUT SEP 12 This was the U.K. Regional Edition for 2012. A small torpedo, measuring 4.9" with a 52 ring gauge, which was just the right size for today's smoke on a cold dry day. Dry boxed for 4 days from 67RH Nice firm construction but the colorado claro wrapper was quite thin and already peeling off the foot. I V cut for a change, the draw was actually quite loose with no more than sweet tobacco coming through. First third Starts off smooth and mild, with toasted tobacco and hay. Stays this way for a while before black coffee mixes in. Second third Hay goes, black coffee stays, mixed with toasted tobacco flavour. Last third The cigar gets sweeter at this point, coffee fades replaced by nutmeg and a little white pepper. The best part of the cigar for me. Unfortunately the weak wrapper split at this point which made it difficult to smoke, so I had to finish it earlier than I would have liked. Conclusion: A quite different profile to my old favourite, the RASS, but nice transitions for the size of the cigar. Never quite reached medium body. It is still available for £60 per cigar in the U.K. but I think I'll pass. Score: 89 points
  9. Super review-I think it will straighten out as it ages
  10. Punch Punch TOR JUN 16 From humidor running a little high at 67RH so dry boxed for 2 days. 19C. I love these review weekends, gets me to smoke cigars that I don't reach for that often. This is true of Punch Punch as well. The Punch that I usually go for are the Coronations or Petit Coronations, the reason being that they come in tubos and are one of my "going away" cigars. Those have a lot of cedar & spice and it will be interesting to see how this compares. This cigar looks nice, no soft spots and there is a light chocolate aroma at cold. Draw is a little on the loose side, and yields a light cinnamon spice. First third Opening is very mild tobacco with a bready aftertaste. Soon after a mild spice appears, the cinnamon from the dry draw, as well as other sweet spices, mixing in with the breadiness. Strangely went out on me, but I do smoke slowly. After the relight, the flavours intensify, the bread is left behind, and it becomes a punchy (sorry) mix of cinnamon and mild paprika. The smoke has also turned creamy-can't ignore this devil. The lager goes well with it, like it would with a curry. The aroma is a nice spicy floral mix. Has that unmistakable Punch aftertaste similar to the Coronations. Not really a sweet cigar but very tasty. At the end of the first third, cedar appears in the background. Body is under medium at this stage. Second third What slight sweetness it had is replaced by a distinct orange peel flavour and astringency, and this is the dominant flavour now, with cedar and a little paprika . Not experienced orange peel in a cigar before, and different to the citrus you can get in a JLS2. As this third finishes, the orange peel fades, and a strong tobacco flavour takes over, with the cedar and maybe a little black coffee trying to poke through. Last third Tobacco, paprika spice and cedar dominates things now. Smoking medium full. The black coffee begins to win at the end, cedar goes away, tobacco and paprika are tempered. Those Punch aromas continued to make me smile. As can seen from the pictures, the ash held on well and the burn was perfect throughout. Conclusion: This was a complex and punchy (sorry again) cigar. Much more complex than the Coronations, but you know I think I'll still be buying those if I'm on the move-not as long but still flavourful. This I rate as a mean 90. Smoke time:1 hour 30 minutes
  11. FatPete

    Distilled or Deionised?

    I special order distilled water from my local chemist for £2.10 a litre. This is the 99% pure stuff as used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. I would avoid getting it at Halfords, just saying...
  12. Well I'm even more eagerly awaiting their arrival now !
  13. Great review again. When I first came across them I thought "How the hell can you get a decent draw or flavour out of these" but they always smoke fine & rich.
  14. Congratulations on your win ! Im going for a classy Partagas E2 box- you deserve it
  15. Partagas Serie P No. 2 (Partagas P2) MSU JUN 18 HQ from our host. Smoked inside as pouring with rain outside ; 2 days dry boxed from 65RH Silky smooth oily wrapper, a mid brown colour with good construction. Lovely cold aroma of chocolate and flowers Very easy draw Sweet tobacco on dry draw Band fell off before lighting ! First Third Honeyed tobacco to start, followed by some dark chocolate notes. Beautiful burn Wonderful smooth creamy smoke 🙂 Second third Honey and wood now, still under medium body. Dark chocolate notes continue. No spice so far in this cigar. Some sultanas now and then in some puffs, before the awaited Partagas spice just sends a tiny tingle of spice on the tip of my tongue. So enjoyable. Last third Up to medium body Sweetness dials right back and this third is all moderate paprika spice with slight leather. Very smooth. Burn has been perfect all the way. Conclusion: I've smoked a lot of recent P2s and they have all been great, this one I picked for the review being one of the best. I've replaced the D4 with the P2 in my rotation as I enjoy its sweeter delivery. Perfect burn, lovely flavours and progression makes this a 95 point cigar / just under 2 hour smoke.
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