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  1. Ramon Allones Specially Select ETP ENE 17 (RASLRRW) This is a RASS from a 50 cab, which I haven't sampled for about a year as my go to Robusto this year has been the JLS2. This RASS cab has been enjoyable & typically vibrant thus far. Dry boxed 4 days from 65RH. Good draw and good construction, with a nice smell of spice from the wrapper. First third Bitter tobacco with slight pepper to start-not what I was expecting. Plenty of smoke production. Thankfully the bitterness dissipates after a few puffs, perhaps caused by the way I lit it. Charred wood with slight black pepper takes over, and remains that way for the rest of this third. Burning a bit quickly I thought, probably the wind. Second third I can see where Rob gets the Guinness comparison, slightly like that but mainly charred wood and mild pepper continues. As this third progresses it has got smoother with less pepper, the Guinness is the main flavour and then it evolves into an aromatic smoke with hidden black coffee tones underneath the stout. Makes me smile now, enjoying this third ! (and making me want to have a pint of the good black stuff) Last third Dramatic change. Suddenly hit by cream, while all the other flavours dropped off. This cream lasted to the end of the cigar. Conclusion: An interesting ride. Most of my previous RASS from this cab and other boxes have been fruity, like dried dark fruits, with cream, but not a touch of that here. Interesting to see where it goes in the next year. 7.5/10
  2. I think these represent their marcas well, and will give a newbie an appreciation of the different sizes: Romeo y Julieta Churchill Cohiba Siglo V tubo Partagas D4 Montecristo No. 2 Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial RASS Bolivar Petit Corona Robaina Famosos
  3. Loved these guys, always had me in stitches and their reviews were spot on. I wonder what happened to them. After effects of the smoking ban maybe?
  4. Would there be any Secretos in 10s showing up ? Thanks
  5. I voted Upmann, not because I dislike it (hell my inventory tells me I've got more Upmann than anything else) but I don't like any of the Magnum series. Of the other marcas listed, I'm happy to smoke just about anything.
  6. Had one 2 years ago, so strong it knocked me on my arse, though do remember the nice black coffee note throughout. Time to revisit to see if has mellowed.
  7. I've a box of ESL JUN 17 Monte 1s resting in the locker, wonder if anyone has smoked any from this box code for comparison?
  8. Not yet mate, I've one stick I bought a few years back but never got round to it as I've been happy with the Coronations. What do you think of the Petit s?
  9. What bad luck ! It would have been nice to read a review on this cigar, never had one, to compare it with the Punch Coronations
  10. Punch Coronations tubo PUR JUL 16 (PQWRC) Dry boxed out of the tube for a couple of days from humidor 62RH 19C I'm down to my last 2 from this box, and up till now have never let me down. Let's see about this one. The construction of these have been flawless, and this is no exception. A nice oily Colorado wrapper which to the nose smelt of cedar, and was the same on the cold draw, which was good too. First third Took to flame readily. Cedar wood & chilli spice to start with accompanying a wonderful floral aroma which you get with these cigars every time. Smoke is quite dry, and there's plenty of it. Medium body Second third A little citrus tang appears mixing in with the cedar and spice. Medium body. Aroma of flowers and spice intensify. Some puffs are creamy, others dry. Volumes of smoke and a perfect burn. Lots of white dots in the ash as it burns-some say that's a sign of good tobacco, but I don't know. Last third Getting a cinnamon note, citrus has gone. Cigar gets stronger, medium-full Becoming more woody, drier, with the floral aroma becoming part of the taste too. I've never eaten flowers but I'm thinking rose petal cinnamon cookies at this point. Totally nubbed this cigar. So, in conclusion, you guessed it, I enjoyed this stick. I've never been fortunate to have any of the Punch cigars that have been cut over the years, but I'm glad we still have this and the Punch Punch. And I can't wait to try a Punch DC sometime too. 45m smoke time 8.5/10
  11. A Partagas D4 with a few years on can be quite creamy, a sour spiced cream. Another reliable creamy cigar for me is the Montecristo No. 1, this being more cocoa and cream.
  12. Bond. The marvel universe is too far removed from reality for me to relate to.
  13. Same here, tried 3 of the 50s and realised they are not for me. Yet to try a 54
  14. My favourite was la cocina de Esteban-nice fresh seafood with a garden to eat in and have a cigar afterwards listening to classical guitar playing. Wish I was back again !

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