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  1. FatPete

    Bubble wrap

    I think it's pretty inert but I remove mine. Wish i hadn't have as I had to put them all back when I moved house recently lol
  2. That wrapper certainly looks thick. There’s been a lot of discussion wether a wrapper affects taste, but surely a thick wrapper such as this always yields a poor burn?
  3. Yes, it's great to have a cigar that is good young without waiting to age them.
  4. Fonseca Number 1 This cigar was discontinued in 2012, but it came back and by all accounts has come back even better, and I must agree it is a classy cigar. Being a Fonseca, it comes wrapped in white tissue paper, with the band on the paper, so it is "naked" when you smoke it. The cigar I smoked for this review (UTL SEP 17) had wonderful flavours, great construction and razor sharp burn. It starts light and floral, with sweet hay and a little cream. The second third introduced some unsweetened coffee, and at certain puffs a little citrus. Body went up to medium, and there was a little dryness. In the final third, the sweetness returned as did the cream, and a hint of vanilla milk coffee. Took me over an hour to smoke, and given its modest price too, a definite winner.
  5. Romeo y Julieta No. 1-I had a fair few of these at the start of my Cuban adventures, but not for quite a while now. Used to love the tubes.
  6. The most important thing is to avoid dehydration. Take some rehydration sachets with you on holiday and only drink that for the first 24hrs, then slowly introduce bland foods like rice and toast. If that makes things a bit worse, stay on the fluids only, then try again next day. If still feeling sh@tty in 72 hours seek medical help. I would avoid Imodium etc unless you are catching your flight ✈️ home
  7. FatPete

    Video Review - Sancho Panza Belicosos

    These were already on my 2019 radar, but now I definitely want a box. Great review guys 😁
  8. Partagas P2 Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona Ramon Allones Gigantes Sancho Panza Belicoso Culebras some PSP BBF(only ever had clearance ones!)
  9. Sounds mouthwatering, especially the Reynaldos you described; I’d be very happy with a Monte/Cohíba cross, a Mohiba if you will.
  10. What a great write up of a lovely trip-insanely jealous! I hope to go maybe next year, mainly to try the customs. Never had one. Which was your favourite? Which regular production cigars do they most resemble? Thanks
  11. FatPete

    Quai d’Orsay

    The new 50s always sell out in a blink of an eye on 24:24. Can’t believe everyone is buying them to lay down for 3-5 years
  12. FatPete

    Budget Cubans

    +1 on the Cazadores-very dependable
  13. Did it move somewhere else in Havana, or to the provinces? Thanks
  14. Given that there is little choice in cigars over 2 years of age, just curious to know what folk were buying, other than customs, to smoke while in Cuba ? Would the humidity influence choices?
  15. Fundadores (said with a heavy cold) ?

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