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  1. Thanks. I certainly felt that the monte 80th had a more intense chocolate characteristic than the DE, and was beautifully smooth. From what you're saying the Leyenda would need quite a bit of time down.
  2. Hi NSX, How would you compare them to the linea 1935 Leyenda ? I've yet to try one, but like you I'm a big fan of the DE, and also the 80th Aniversario.
  3. Nothing too fancy: RyJ Churchill Hoyo Epicure No. 2 Partagas D4 Montecristo No. 5
  4. I think Churchill/DCs are the best vitolas of all-I love the extra time and the evolution you get with them. I like them all, but my favourite was the Robaina Don Alejandro before they were axed. My current favourite is the Hoyo DC, with its creamy cake profile and the RAG with its fruity element. The RyJ Churchill is splendid at times, average at others-so inconsistent, but when you get a good one it's a tantalising creamy Cherry and rosewater ride. These three are what I prefer to smoke on a regular basis. The esplendidos and Sir Winston are certainly great cigars but I think they are not wo
  5. Only seen one of the three and I think I remember that line, maybe
  6. Thank God for the great cigars that got us through this stressful year. My 2020 "crutches" so to speak were: Montecristo Number 2 Hoyo Rio Seco Partagas D4 Bolivar Petit Corona Hoyo Petit Robusto Have a happy festive season everyone!
  7. Really looking forward to your video review series... one of the Hs possibly Rio Seco as I put it in the hot category of my smoking this year.
  8. Your Regular Production Cigar of the Year (2017 - 2020 production). - Montecristo No. 2 Your Specialty Production Cigar of the Year (2017 - 2020 production). - El Rey del Mundo La Reina UK Regional Edition 2018. Don’t smoke many specialties, but was impressed with this skinny-nicely balanced and complex. Your Best New Release (2019/2020 production ) - Trinidad Esmeralda. A class act. Your Most Improved (2017 - 2020 production) - Montecristo No. 2. This has become overall richer and more creamy than before making a good cigar great. Your Mr. Dep

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