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  1. In general I prefer the size of the #1. However, with the JL I prefer the #2
  2. Thanks for the responses! Wow, Harvey, that's awesome. Would love to know who your Dad was. I graduated in '00 and '06. Moved back in 2013. Love this University and this town! Thanks Monkey, the Epi 1 is a go-to for me and the EE is just fantastic to me. Thanks again for the insight!
  3. HQ Fundys and PSP/HQ Punch DCs from 24:24. Can't wait!!
  4. Looking for some opinions on this one before I buy. Big fan of HdM so this one has my attention. Thanks in advance for any input.
  5. My current favorite is the Picadores but the JL2 and Connie1 are right there
  6. HU Mag 46 from 2005 in 2005. Still have 3 left. Not sure what I’m waiting for. Haha
  7. I too prefer the CG format but with JL I prefer the #2 to th #1.
  8. I joined this great forum a little more than a week ago and in that time I have purchased Boli RCs, 2 x H. Upmann RRs, and Trini coloniales from the 24:24 sales. My CC is on fire!!
  9. Thanks guys!! Really enjoying my time here so far!
  10. Hi all, I live in Auburn, Alabama a small-ish college town. Started working at a cigar shop while in undergrad and have been hooked ever since (~15 years). Some really great info on this forum that I've already read! Thanks for letting me be a part!! Andy

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