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  1. You can get the [Perfecdraw]( with their repair glue for $40 shipped w coupon Katman just FYI. Has great reviews, I just ordered mine tonight .
  2. How much did you pay down there and how does the quality of the ones I posted stack up? Do you really consider the quality "appalling"
  3. Very nice! I pulled the trigger, he is shipping first. Can't wait!
  4. Thanks for the help guys. I should make an introduction post in that section...I'm a bit of a rookie in the CC game, but am an avid non cuban smoker with a collection that seems to triple every month. I love getting involved in communities like these and hope to be a veteran soon!
  5. They're showing up on laptop and mobile for me. Here are direct links to a few
  6. Thank you very much for the reply, I did just post photos. I think the wrappers look pretty good, only 1 with a slight foot crack.
  7. Here are a few, purchased in Havana at LCDH in hostal conde de villanueva(Reynaldo shop):
  8. It seems you can't find these anywhere currently, does anyone know when the next production is coming? I have one offer for a box at $435 shipped which I am strongly considering, but would much rather get one from Cuntint for $380 and inspected. Opinions?

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