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  1. In light of the news of his passing, Tim Conway deserves mention. He was hilarious on the Carol Burnett show. One of the funniest Allen
  2. I know some of you were curious. A side by side comparison of a Sancho Panza Non Plus (left), a Sanchocristo or Montepanza (center), and a Montecristo #4
  3. Thanks Prez! I wasn't really bitching, just found it a bit funny/odd. I'll make arrangements with Di and then send them back once I return from next weeks business trip. Gotta love this place! Always the best service 🙂 Take care, Allen
  4. I don't know yet. I usually lay 'em down for a month or so when I get them. Allen
  5. Sancho Panza Non Plus. I need to dig out some Monte 4's and see how they compare.
  6. I got these today. See is you can spot whats wrong with these pictures. I'm sure they will smoke fine, but Habanos sa quality control is obviously lax.
  7. I've had this one for close to 30 years. Unfortunately it's chipped on the rim so I do not use it anymore. It just sits on a shelf in my office at home. It was a promo for a plumbing supplies distributor, Sexauer. The mug I use at work has a C=64 keyboard pictured on it. Allen
  8. 2018 has been very generous to me, I can only hope that 2019 follows suit. I do know it will find me moving to a new house in the February time frame. As for cigars on NYE... I'm guessing a short format cigar will be in order. The high temperature Monday is supposed to be 38°F (3°C) with wind and drizzle. Tuesday is supposed to be 21°F (-6°C) so chances are slim I brave the great outdoors to smoke a cigar that day either. No matter, there is always Scotch 😉 Allen Edit: The actual high temperature yesterday (Tuesday) was 19. I did brave the cold and smoked a yard 'gar. The cold definitely affects the flavor and smoke-ability of the cigar. I think it actually froze between puffs!
  9. I got to spend the day with my 3 year old granddaughter. Christmas through a child's eyes... nothing compares. Allen
  10. Recently I began reading The Bible (NIV) from the start. I'm on 2nd Kings at the moment, or about 27% according to my Kindle. I dropped off of Facebook a little over a year ago and have read about 40 books since. Most were of the SciFi or Fantasy variety. I decided I would take a break from that genre and reading the Bible seemed like a good idea. I do most of my reading while I am smoking my cigar in the evening. It's a good fit 🙂
  11. I just booked a week on the White River near Flippin Arkansas with my wife, son, daughter in law and granddaughter. It is my full intention to spend my days with a line in the water but not caring if I actually catch a fish. Ala Tom Sawyer / Huckleberry Finn.
  12. It's been almost a year and it is doing well. I got off of the pain meds around the three week mark (one of the conditions for driving to work). There were periods of discomfort while sitting at my desk. Getting up and moving around really helped. On the trip we stopped every couple of hours so I could walk a bit. But to be truthful, two hours is about all I've ever been able to do without needing to stretch my legs. One note: My doctor did not recommend flying at that juncture. There is an enhanced threat of blood clots after the surgery that dissipates over time. I was fortunate and my place of business accommodated my needs. I will state again that it was probably three months before I was able to sleep through the night. It would just kind of throb after a while, get up walk around and go for the next round of sleep. Benadryl helped a lot but tends to make me "fuzzy" when I first awaken. I had to endure 6 weeks of physical therapy when my knee first became painful (sudden). I attribute my speedy recovery to the physical therapists advice that if I did end up needing a knee replacement that doing the exercises BEFORE the surgery would make it easier to recover post surgery. All that being said, I am most definitely not looking forward to having my other knee replaced! Allen
  13. You will be good to go in 6-8 weeks. No problem. Just make sure and do the physical therapy as prescribed. It will be uncomfortable at first but a necessary evil. I had mine done the week before Christmas last year, was back to work after 3 weeks using a cane. I ditched the cane after the fourth week. I commute an hour each way, and did an 8 hour trip mid January with no major problems. The biggest problem I experienced after ditching the cane was sleeping. Benadryl helps. Good luck! Allen
  14. Yesterday, my father, son and a cousin enjoyed from a choice of Monte #5 or Trinidad Reyes. I picked those so that we weren't away from the rest of the family for too long. The weather was gorgeous, and the company was great. Family get togethers are always a joyous occasion in our clan. Earlier today I enjoyed a Chateau Fuente Royal Salute. Later, as the weather has held out quite nicely; I will spark a Partagas 898 and drink a dram or ten of Balvanie Doublewood Cheers! Allen

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