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  1. Lusitanias and fundadores [emoji7] Sent from my SM-N976U using Tapatalk
  2. If you're a whisky drinker I highly recommend Clase Azul Reposado. It reminds me more of a whisky sometimes with notes of oak, chocolate, and vanilla. If you want a truly smooth and beautiful tequila Casa Dragones never fails. And for every day, you can't go wrong with Don Julio 70 Anniversario Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
  3. Right after lighting I get a beautiful fresh baked bread with a slight fresh cut grass at the back end. The retrohale is absolutely sublime. The flavors stay the same throughout the 2nd and last third and I'm not complaining! It lasted me about an hour and 15 minutes, surprising for such a small cigar. Overall it was very enjoyable and I would rate it a 9/10. Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
  4. My second box and I’m trying hard not to finish this one off as well! I have a hard time keeping any of my boxes in my humidor full [emoji51]
  5. These are the first ones I’ve tried since they changed the bands. Pairing it with some Pellegrino and Breaking Bad. It’s still a young cigar and I can tell off the bat as I get some bitter notes. Luckily it goes away fairly quickly. Burn has been spot on throughout. I get some bread notes thru the retro but overall, I’m feeling pretty underwhelmed. I’d rate this example a 7.5/10
  6. This is my first time attempting to do a review so bare with me. It was pretty fun to concentrate and really distinguish what I’m tasting. I smoked the Juan Lopez no.2 from the holiday sampler after just shy of a month resting at 65%. This is the second no.2 I’ve ever tried. Smells of rich sweet cocoa at the foot. Pairing it with a black coffee 1/3 Sweet and a bit of cream with some sweet chocolate notes, between a milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Ash is holding up very nice along with a nice volume of smoke. Draw is in the Goldilocks zone for me, not too constrictive nor open, just right. At the end of the first third the burn started to get wonky but it corrected itself 2/3 Flavors have died down a bit. Floral notes have come to the forefront with very faint hint of cocoa and sweetness with some mellow smooth spice in the end. I had to relight it at the end of the second 3/3 Burn line has remained sharp throughout. The last third is starting to show its youth with some bitterness. The sweet cocoa cream has gone away and I’m just getting floral notes with some cedar. Thankfully, the bitterness and cedar goes away and some smooth floral notes come to the forefront. For a moment it almost reminds me of a QdO corona with a few years of age. After about an hour and a half, it starts to get hot and bitter and I put it out. Overall, I really enjoyed this cigar and will definitely be buying a box.
  7. I had a Monte no.4 from the 1960s for my birthday and I was totally expecting it to be bland but boy was I wrong. Had such elegant flavors and thoroughly enjoyed it. Cheers!
  8. I smoked 2 pieces of Robusto Grande, but it was a cigar exchange, not a purchase. They hide the origin of a mixture of tobacco, were You able to determine that is to your liking? I think there's an aged Dominican and Costa Rican tobacco blend... I’ve also only tried a few, the Divinos and I believe the far as I’ve heard, it’s a Costa Rican tobacco blend and they’ve been aged for 5 years. I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed each one and was probably the closest NC cigar to a Cuban that I’ve tried. So far, they have been consistent and of great construction. It’s funny though because I find myself hesitant to buy more at their price point, but will willingly buy blind on Cuban cigars at the same price point unknowing if the construction or flavor will be any good. [emoji1744]‍[emoji3603]
  9. - Atabey Delirios I gotta give it to Atabey...they’re expensive, but every time I’ve had one, they’ve been consistent!
  10. So far, my favorite top five of this year, off the top of my head, have been some that I’ve enjoyed for a special occasion and with good people. 1. Montecristo no.4 from the 1960s to celebrate my 30th this year. Wasn’t expecting much flavor to be left but, boy did it surprise me. Such elegance in the delicate flavors that it definitely helped make my birthday special. 2. 2008 Partagas Lusitanias...such a beautiful smooth creamy cigar with some nuttiness and just overall blew me away. Smoked this one also for my birthday and really made the night. 3. Por Larranaga Sobresalientes...had this one to celebrate one of my best friends birthday. Everything about the cigar was perfect. 4. Cohiba Behike. Can’t remember the year exactly, but I want to say 2015. I smoked this one on St. Patrick’s day with some of my best friends to bring in a good year full of luck. Absolute elegance throughout and didn’t disappoint. 5. Edmundo Dantés Conde 54....holy Sh*t! This one blew my socks away and I’m glad I still have one left.

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