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  1. JamesKPolkEsq

    Fat Bastid Competition Strategies

    Eat fewer calories. Run at least 5 times a week. No snacking! Edit: Here's an interesting a relevant strategy: http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/11/08/twinkie.diet.professor/index.html
  2. JamesKPolkEsq

    email of the week

    In all seriousness, if the cigars started out marvelous (you tried them before freezing them, right? That's how you know freezing hurt them?), they'll need a good nap to recover. Freezers dry things out quite efficiently (freezer burn, after all is just damage due to evaporation), so if your cigars weren't sealed perfectly (most recommend the double ziplock bagging), they'll have dried out relative to their original condition. They aren't necessarily a lost cause, the general consensus is to slowly re-hydrate overly dried cigars - resuscitate them over the period of several months. Personally, I'd take them out of their packaging and into a separate humidor / tupperdor with some 62% Boveda packs. There is no guarantee that they will ever make it 100% back (since the drying process will remove some of the oils from the cigars), but it's worth a shot since you already got em. Good luck!
  3. Great, happy to have a bit of motivation! 94.3kg and falling!
  4. Kareem was actually a really good dude, just a bit ornery with the members of the media.
  5. Usually something of nominal value that's of use and humorous. Riding crop is always good for a laugh 😂
  6. JamesKPolkEsq

    Green men and squid.

    Two types of people in this world : 1) People who know there is extraterrestrial life 2) People who can't do math
  7. Padron 1926 No. 35 Fuente 8-5-8 Sungrown Sobremesa Short Churchills Padron Panatela Liga Privada No 9 Toro
  8. JamesKPolkEsq

    best rums under US$50.

    Bump this back up, thanks again for the list!
  9. When I first started smoking, I was very interested in the best value cigars... A box of Padron long and skinnies at $2.50 each is tough to beat! As the price of NC has crept up, it has become challenging to justify spending roughly the same amount on NCs as CCs. I'd rather have the Partagas Shorts at $5 per than the Tat Noellas at $10...
  10. JamesKPolkEsq

    Breaking News: George Bush Sr RIP

    After seeing the pictures of him looking at Barbara in repose, it seemed like the light had gone out of his heart. While I had my objections to the man, I hope he rests in peace.
  11. JamesKPolkEsq

    12 Days of Christmas Sampler

    Totally normal! It can be a frustrating process to wait, but don't worry, it will clear...
  12. JamesKPolkEsq


    Aww jeez, so sorry your loss. Someone told me a quote some time ago that touched me in a moment of pain and brought a little light back to me : "When you are sorrowful look again into your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight"
  13. JamesKPolkEsq

    12 Days of Christmas Sampler

    Just received the sampler! Merry Xmas FoH!
  14. JamesKPolkEsq

    Online Dating Sites?

    I found my amazing wife on OKCupid. I told everyone "The odds are good, but the goods are odd". It was fun, but expensive to take women out 2-3x a week. I never had any issues finding anyone to date in real life, but it was fun to go online shopping for a new squeeze!
  15. JamesKPolkEsq

    query re computer thoughts???

    Getting a replacement keyboard and installing it is often trivial for this type of machine just FYI. Generally, it's a screwdriver type job (no solder required). Search ebay for the model number. My first recommend, though, would be to update the keyboard software. 1) Hit "Windows" Key on keyboard 2) Type: device manager 3) Open device manger by clicking on it 4) Find "Keyboards" on the list of hardware 5) Click on the ">" next to the keyboard icon 6) Right click on the keyboard (Usually called "HID Keyboard Device") 7) Chose update driver 😎 Reset computer It's free

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