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  1. Punch 898 Asia Pacific Regional 2018 UBM JUN 19 Bolivar Silver Jubilee Asia Pacific Regional 2018 LGR JUN 19 Ramon Allones Silver Jubillee Asia Pacific 2017 Regional. ASR JUN 19 H. Upmann Sir Winston EOS JUN 19 Quai d’Orsay No 50 MSA May 19 Quai d’Orsay No 54 TOU MAY 19 Cohiba Esplendido UAO JUN 19 El Rey Del Mundo Taino Regional Release Formosa BRO JUN 19 Trinidad Fundadores ARS JUN 19 Bolivar Belicoso Finos MSU MAY 19 Romeo y Julieta Churchill BUP MAY 19 Cohiba Robusto UAO MAY 19
  2. It's well past time to start taking catastrophic climate change seriously. I’d argue this is the more egregious offense by Australian politicians : https://www.vice.com/en_asia/article/8xwjmx/australias-climate-change-response-one-of-worst-in-g20-according-to-new-report We will continue to see more and more of these "once in a generation" climatic events as total atmospheric kinetic energy increases. Continuing to keep our collective heads in the sand is our greatest modern tragedy.
  3. Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders Runner Up Paul Simon - Graceland
  4. I worked in product testing for quite a few years - meeting the folks responsible for producing vape juice (quite a few) I would be extremely careful about sourcing it if I were ingesting it. I can only imagine what the seedier side of the business looks like (THC).
  5. Perhaps my favorite book, a must read. Just read the introduction and you'll be immediately hooked.
  6. PSD 4 Monte 4 Epicure #2 Siglo 2 Connie A Wide Churchill RASS PLMC
  7. They are almost as cheap as Bic lighters and they’re really durable.
  8. Monte Media Corona - seems like the unwanted stepchild vs the HUHC
  9. Took my wife out for a nice dinner (~$100) to distract her from several boxes landing on the same day 🤫
  10. https://whatweknow.inequality.cornell.edu/topics/lgbt-equality/what-does-the-scholarly-research-say-about-the-well-being-of-transgender-people/ This does not follow from the current meta research - see the above link. "We identified 56 studies that consist of primary research on this topic, of which 52 (93%) found that gender transition improves the overall well-being of transgender people, while 4 (7%) report mixed or null findings"
  11. It's for the mouthfeel. Why is nobody talking about the mouthfeel?
  12. I am throughly enjoying a box of PUR NOV 15 Monte Media Coronas. Cocoa, caramelized sugar and cafe au lait.

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