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  1. I've got a couple of stove tops for espresso, plus a couple of French presses which works for me. I'm an espresso or Americano feind but have to keep best beloved and/or occasional dinner guests happy...
  2. How's about a re-vist of the Partagas Serie E No 2?
  3. Can I just add that Head83 pretty much nails it but just to add my two-penneth: The best of Partagas for me are the P2, the D4 and the the E2. Head83's description of the E2 as the Siglo VI of Partagas is spot on and like the Siglo VI its a special cigar that demands time to savour its greatness. My "go to" for the last six years has been the D4. The D5 and D6 have never done much for me: the D5 is exactly what Head83 describes them as. Personally I'd rather wait until I've got the extra time so I can enjoy a D4. As for the Maduro 1 again Head83 gets the flavour profile exactly right. The way I would describe them is like this: its like Lindt 85%. Every day? No. But when you want it, nothing else will do.
  4. Here in the UK tipping is still allowed but more and more they want to make it part of the bill. If I tip, its always cash and goes to the server. What happens to it then I have no control over but I've tried to ensure that it gets to the person who provided that service. $200 meal. It was brilliant. The service exceptional.... what tip do you leave $30 (15% ) $200 meal. It was brilliant. the service disappointing....what tip do you leave. $0 ( and if they ask why I tell them. Quietly and politely but I tell them. If they don't know then how can they try and improve?)
  5. Moses sending off took real courage on the part of the ref - and hopefully will send a message not only to footballers but to his fellow ref's that cheating will not be tolerated. It would help too if the journalists and pundits would stop pussyfooting around the issue and stop calling it "simulation". Its not "simulation": its cheating.
  6. So, I'm thinking of purchasing my first bottle of Zacapa. Do I go for Zacapa 23 or the XO?
  7. The Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter is excellent all around and it gets a life time warrantry too. Its my 'general use' cutter. I've had this one for years and its still going strong. The only exception is a Colibri V-cutter I've started trying out on figurado's.
  8. You use it to clean brakes or anything else that has a build up of gunk. The great thing about brake cleaner is that it shifts the gunk and lubricates the cutter. Just a suggestion - quick, efficient, job done. If boiling water works for you that's fine too.
  9. I actaully saw this suggested by Bryan Glenn on YouTube but thought it might be of interest. Bear in mind that this works ONLY for cutters which are solid metal. If you your cutter has any plastic, leather, powder coated or other furnature, DO NOT use this method. My standard cutter is a Cuban Crafters Perfect Cutter and its machined from soild metal. To clean your cutter all you need is some standard brake cleaner and an asborbant cloth, kitchen roll or whatever. Spray your cutter with the brake cleaner, making sure to get into all the hard to access areas. Then wipe with the cloth. The brake cleaner will remove all oils and other residues, lubricate the cutter without leaving any residue and your cutter will be as good as new. As usual with brake cleaner do not spray it over the patio or near any painted surface because the brake cleaner will attack it. Brake cleaner is also more flammable than petrol so use it well away from any naked flames or other sources of ignition. If you cutter does have any furnature try isopropyl alcohol and a cotton bud (or q-tip) to remove any oils and build up and then use graphite lubricant to lubricate the cutter. Be sparing with the lubricant because of the danger of residue. I used to use this method on my Xikar Xi1 before I moved over to the Perfect Cutter. Cheers
  10. RIP Roger Moore and Godspeed. Some wonderful TV and some wonderful movies. And if I ever do get that Volvo P1800 it will be your fault. Thanks.
  11. When do you consider it worth dry boxing a cigar? Or is it something that you do as a matter of course? And how long do you dry box a stick for? Twenty four hours, or longer?
  12. ChampagneInHand pretty much sums it up for me too. I don't see the Siglo's and Maduro 5's as rivals as the both offer a completely different smoke, just as the Siglo's are not a competitor to the Línea Clásica. Just my opinion, of course.
  13. Riedel - 'nuff said really, superb glassware. Those O series glasses look like they will be very comfortable in the hand.

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